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Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.

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( Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault from a 2004 incident against Andrea Constand, a now 45 year old Canadian born female who says Cosby drugged then sexually assaulted/molested her. But before you say it’s just another conspiracy to bring down an African American role model, you should hear the evidence against Bill Cosby. Before you say he is innocent (because you like him) or guilty (because you don’t), you should hear the evidence against him. I have to say I knew Cosby would be found guilty.

So many Cosby show stars held Bill Cosby in high regard, even though he constantly cheated on his wife, set a bad example and admitted he acquired drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. We need to open our eyes because Cosby is not Dr. Huxtable.

Whatever you or I may think or believe, Cosby faces 10 years in prison for each conviction. That could mean 30 years in prison or three 10 year sentences all running concurrently (at the same time). Although his attorneys could launch an appeal, judges tend to support the decisions of other judges and juries unless new “smoking gun” evidence arises or critical procedures or laws were violated by the prosecution during the trial. Unfortunately while possible, that is not likely in this case so Cosby may be on his way to jail. Could the judge make the sentence probationary? Yes, but it’s more likely the court may try to make an example out of Cosby – especially in the face of the MeToo movement, the fact that over 4 dozen women accused Cosby and the fact that Cosby’s own deposition was used against him.

Cosby’s 1000 page deposition where he talked too much. Where was his lawyer to say “shut up”

Years ago in a deposition Cosby stated that he acquired drugs for the purpose of giving them to women he wanted to be intimate with. That deposition came back to haunt him. But there are even more strange elements about Cosby that you may not know. As a former detective trained in criminal profiling, I watched an old interview where Cosby spoke about Phylicia Rashad being on the Cosby show while she was pregnant. The interview will shock you and give many of you quite a different impression of Cosby.

Just as it is with Donald Trump, if that many women accuse you of sexual assault, you did something. If you admit you acquired drugs to give to women you wanted to be intimate with, you did something. If you readily and admittedly cheated on your wife again and again and again and again, you did something. Are some of the women lying? Probably. Are all of them lying? Probably not. But the MO (modus operandi or method of behavior) is eerily the same over and over again by Cosby.

Just one example of Cosby’s creepy behavior.

The irony is that Bill Cosby’s life has been the complete opposite of the Cosby Show. A daughter who ended up on drugs. A son who was killed mysteriously. What appeared to be a successful career. Then all of a sudden his character and image were destroyed and now he is a convicted felon. Are there other forces at work who found all of these women claiming Cosby assaulted them? Likely yes. Are there people in power who wanted Cosby destroyed unrelated to the issue of any of the women’s claims? Likely yes again. Bill who did you tick off that they would want to dig up your past and use it to destroy you ? Wow. The sad fact Bill is, just like with O.J., you were trapped by what you said and what you did.

As for Cosby’s opinion of poor African Americans, I cannot help but remember how he judged and put down so many boys and girls, though he made a lot of money and fame by perpetuating their stereotypes through the Fat Albert cartoons. And all the while he knew he had been unfaithful to his wife numerous times, that he was not really a role model and that he gave women drugs who he wanted to have sex with. I cannot help but say the word “predator” comes to mind.

The million dollar question is where was Bill Cosby’s attorney dream team? Cosby was found guilty on all three charges so of what use were his lawyers?

At 80 years old, if Cosby goes to jail for 10 years, he will likely die in prison as a convicted felon. His legacy is demolished. What will this do to the old Cosby Show episodes? How will it impact his wife who stood by him? She certainly did not deserve this. What about all those Cosby show stars who spoke out in his favor? What will they say now? What happened to the powerful Monique Presley who was his attorney? And why couldn’t his attorneys even get one charge dropped or reduced?

More Details:

While I do believe Cosby is guilty, a part of me feels sorry for him. Bill Cosby has sown the wrong seeds in the wrong soil and they have come up as weeds to bite him. Yet knowing the legal system as I do, I cannot help but feel a lack of balance and misplaced “justice” has occurred. Am I defending Cosby? No. But his life, the shame on his wife and the devastation of his entire family is a tragedy.

One thing we all can learn from this is that we all better watch what we say and even more watch what we do. Treachery and debauchery will catch up with us at the worse possible times. African American men especially, be faithful. Be a real example and role model for your children, your wives and your community. Good luck Bill. You will need it.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


6 Responses to “Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.”
  1. How in the world will we fix our molestation and rape issues in the black community when we are cooning for a man with White Supremacist negative talking points and is a rapist?

    Bill is known for being mean on stage and taking passes at women. Several behind the scenes and actors have stated this

    Fuck your “rapist fake doctor”…we have to root out the evil in our communities.

    He might not have taken it out on black women but there are man black men that do.


  2. Khadiijah says:


    Christians are Hypocrites supporting this Man!

    Rot in Jail!
    Rot in Jail!

    I’m so glad this sexual predator is imprisoned and in chains!

    Thank you Lord!

  3. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Yesterday,Bill Cosby, an American civil rights leader, and African American iconic celebrity was escorted off to jail in handcuffs by law enforcement officers after being found guilty of sexual assault.Cosby is the victim of the vengeance of money hungry, lying, unrequited lover tomboys, and ageing cackling witches who knew how to use their bodies, and play the race card in America to their advantage. Cosby’s nasty, publicly broadcasted removal from the courtroom of a gloating, boisterous white judge is meant to mark the beginning of the American white man and woman racist hunt down of African American men, and women who have been held up to be contemporary American civil rights leaders. Their aim is to destroy the reputations and lives of all of our so-called black leaders. The racist white Americans, in recognition of their inevitable demise as the sole leaders in America, is now mightily using the courts of the land, and their women to deploy their last ” psychological kiss my ass .”

  4. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Do not trust American white, racist psychiatry or psychology. Many nations on this planet do not trust them and neither should African Americans. I find it thoroughly interesting that so-called psychiatrist and psychologist in America can find a psychiatric label to hang on every thought that a black man, woman or child has but many cannot seem to label their own racist obsessions with race and sex. These so-called experts have gone so far as to claim that Freudian Greek myths and other ancient Nordic myths born out of generations of white supremacy stand as scientific truth. The science involved in psychiatry and psychology is vague at best and is basically limited to finding drugs that will act to debilitate certain parts of the brain and this they sometimes pass off as a cure. Once you bestow a Philosophy Doctorate Degree on many of these so-called doctors many of whom had ancestors that probably raped black women,men and babies say just about anything as a diagnosis and as a prognosis, and some people fall for this white skinned witch doctory.

  5. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Cosby was railroaded by a judicial system that was perfectly willing to disregard a first hung jury and commit double jeopardy and other crimes by allowing a second trial. I truly hope that Cosby’s attorneys were protecting the record because there is more than grounds for an appeal. What happened to Cosby is so very important to other famous African American men. All of them must work even harder to establish and maintain respectable identities in America. Some people believed that they were, or are all villains, M. L. King, Jr., was accused of being a sexual villain, so was the honorable Elijah Muhammad, Muhammad Ali,Malcolm X,Jack Johnson, Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Marion Barry and many others, and others yet to come. When will the villainization of the African American male end? All a female has to say is that the black male sexually assaulted her, and some men will exhaust their money trying to convict the accused. The darker the accused man’s skin, the faster the conviction. America is a nation where a white woman yelling rape killed hundreds if not thousands of black men who were either lynched, beaten or burned to death by unruly mobs. For some, it is easy to believe that Cosby did it because our society has been conditioned to believe that sex is all a black man wants. The people of Montgomery County, PA ought to insist that the District Attorney stop wasting their tax dollars trying to convict an innocent man ! A mis-trial in and of itself isn’t grounds for a retrial. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania shouldn’t pay one single tax dollar in support of the prosecutor’s bruised ego, or for him to make good on a campaign promise that he shouldn’t have made in the first place. The people have spoken, and the prosecutor should move on. If ethics is a main concern, consider this, the white man, Ole ” grab em by tha p ” himself, sits in the White House as president of the United States of America no less as a shining example of contemporary American white man ethics. We know this because he was voted into office by a majority white electoral college while a few months later the politicians in Montgomery County waste citizen’s hard earned tax dollars trying to convict an innocent black comedian, and actor. The villainization of the African American male hasn’t ceased in America from the time of chattel slavery until now. To many, Cosby is guilty by American political default because he is the descendant of black fugitives from justice, and inextricably linked to African American history. He is guilty because his ancestors escaped chattel slavery, sued for their freedom, was freed by Abraham Lincoln, mightily fought Jim Crow, got Civil Rights, didn’t have to sit in the back of the bus, walking around in three piece suits and it isn’t Sunday, wouldn’t get off of the sidewalk when the white man wanted him to do it, eats in the restaurant with white folks, goes to the movies and sits with white folks, sits in the university classroom with white folks, want to earn the same amounts of money as white folks, didn’t punk out when white folks hung John Brown, and Nat Turner, didn’t punk out when white folks made prisons part of the African American male and female rites of passage, didn’t punk out when white men shot the Kennedy Brothers, and M.L. King, Jr. Didn’t punk out when white men and women continue to hang cases on nearly all of our African American heroes, and now the white man and woman are the champions of American womanhood. Cosby is innocent, and he shouldn’t be villainized, and robbed of his well-deserved dignity, money, and freedom.

  6. Anne says:

    Cosby is the architect of his own downfall. He made the choice to drug and sexually assault dozens of women whom he was able to lull into a false sense of security when alone with him due to the benign image he carefully cultivated. Even before he became “America’s Dad,” he had a non-threatening image. One irony is that he was once in the same position as the poor black folks he looked down his nose at and publicly scorned to the delight of right-wing white racists like Rush Limbaugh. Unlike the other poor black folks, he climbed from rags to riches, and he always minimized or downplayed the impact of anti-black racism. One example was when he said that guns, not racism, killed Trayvon Martin back in 2012. That was when I really started side-eying him. But learning about his predation was a shock, and I was completely through with him when I read that damning deposition. There is no question about the existence of white supremacy and all the carnage and upended lives it has caused. But he is a victim of nothing but his hubris, his sense of entitlement, and his lack of respect for women or his marriage vows.

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