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Black Panther (Film) – My Thoughts.

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( Today, I managed to get the opportunity to watch a very anticipated film called “Black Panther” which is made and produced by Marvel Studios. I also wanna note that I didn’t go to the theaters today to watch this film. I actually watched this film online for free from the comfort of my own crib. Sad to say, I truly didn’t enjoy the film as much as I thought I would because of many things that greatly pissed me off about the film.

Note: “Black Panther” is NOT a true black film, it’s a Marvel film because a true black film is a film that’s made, produced, and directed by black people. Many of these “black films” that have majority black characters like Madea are white Hollywood films, NOT true black films.

Now, The Civil War film was a typical Marvel film where instead of heroes fighting villians, they flipped the script by having heroes fighting against one another. The most badass character from that entire film was Black Panther himself because the minute that he was introduced in that film, he came out with a bang by whooping ass and taking names. Black Panther’s coming out party in the “Civil War” film was the prelude for the “Black Panther” film that actually came out yesterday and has made over $25 million dollars for Marvel as of today and this is an example of the parasitic relationship that exists between us and white people when a Hollywood version of a “black film” comes out, we go out to the theaters in droves and parasitic white Hollywood companies benefit from this parasitic extraction of resources from our community that goes into the pockets of parasitic rich white capitalist guys mostly.

It’s very funny that I started out as being a fan of the T’Challa character after the “Civil War” film, but once he was exposed as a neocolonial puppet for The U.S. Imperialist State in the recent film, I immediately came to despise him and everything he represents which is deeply rooted in neocolonialism. Neocolonialism Must Go!!!!

Even though The “Black Panther” film showed a glimpse of what Africa would look like without the European colonialism that has oppressed, exploited, and starved African people in Africa for over 600 years since Portugal’s attack on Africa in 1415. Not only that, but a contradiction of the film is that it also showed a side of Africa that’s also been oppressing and exploiting African people for decades in the form of neocolonial puppeted governments while being puppets for white imperialist powers such as The U.S. and U.K to come in and parasitically extract the resources from Africa.

The film exposes neocolonialism in the form of Wakanda and T’Challa that were sitting on top of a goldmine of wealth of Africa, but in typical selfish greedy fashion, refused to distribute the wealth throughout Africa and to African people and had even collaborated with the U.S. government to crush the movement for a socialist revolution.

And I took great offense to how they actually portrayed N’Jadaka to be some power hungry individual when in fact, he actually represented the interests of the African working class and even called for the overthrow of the colonial parasitic capitalist system that has oppressed and exploited his people for several hundred years. And I also didn’t like how they portrayed T’Challa to be this glorified leader when in fact, he’s nothing more but a neocolonial puppet for the U.S. and that his dad worked for the pro-Imperialist United Nations and that he himself collaborated with The CIA (the same political agency that conspired with the FBI to crush The Black Revolution Of The 1960s). T’Challa and Wakanda were clearly on the wrong side of the question and N’Jadaka was on the right side of the question. Team N’Jadaka > Team T’Challa. Down with Wakanda, Up With Africa!!!

Despite the fact that this film clearly agitated me for the most part, there were few things that I did like about the film.

One of the very few things that I greatly enjoyed seeing about the “Black Panther” film was that I got to finally see black people portayed in a much better light and away from the negative stereotypes of black people that the white media very often portays of us as gangsters, thugs, criminals, bad bitches, pimps, prostitutes, alcholics, druggies, etc.

African culture in this film was portayed in a way that I personally felt was so authentic and genuine that was clearly prevalent from the face painting to the costumes in this film had looked so badass that so many black people that went to see the film this past Thursday had slayed it by wearing daishikis and kente print shirts to show their support for the film.

The action scenes in this film were well choreographed and were very badass because Marvel knows that if they wanna make money from their movies, they have to make sure that the action scenes are top notch and the film did an awesome job with these beautifully choreographed action scenes.

The film also did an awesome job with the intellectual type of dialogue shown in this film as my favorite dialogue in the film was a scene at the beginning of the film where the main atagonist that was at this fictional museum told this white woman while looking at African artifacts, “How did your ancestors get these?” “By paying for them or by stealing them like y’all stole everything else from us”. That dialogue was very important because it exposed the fact that everything that white people have ever gotten has come from the rape, theft, oppression, enslavement, and exploitation of African people not just in Africa and other parts of the world, but especially here in “The Belly Of The Beast” called America.

They can have the fictional Wakanda, I’ll take a liberated Africa any day of the week

The Conclusion – The Black Panther film was nothing more but a continuous perpetuation of the notion of co-existing with white Power imperialism. It’s a film that I wouldn’t even recommend your kids to watch because it was really agitating for me to watch when I originally thought that I would enjoy it, but I truly didn’t.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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  1. Ron says:

    One more thing, how can blacks have a black only dating pages? Whites can not do that. If we do blacks decide its time for a new t.v. and go looting. I wish you all would go back to Africa

  2. Ron says:

    Fuck off. Go back to Africa. You all need to go back. Africa is a drain on every other nation.

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