President Donald Trump; Daca & Who Shall Build The Wall?

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( President Trump’s signature phrase as a Reality TV host was “You’re Fired.” This weekend, he sounded more like Howie Mandel with “Deal or No Deal?”, after he tweeted about a DACA fix–Democrats they must support the wall. I say “No deal at all” if it includes amnesty for the wall.

President Trump has fulfilled one promise after another. He has deregulated the economy. He has opened import-export markets to make America richer while forcing international competitors to respect us and play by the rules of the free market. Bad trade deals like NAFTA are facing bitter pressure to be reformed to work for the American worker. Is President Trump determined to break his promise on amnesty, or is he trolling the already pressed Democrats?

There cannot be another amnesty in this country, I don’t care how many sob stories the Nightmare Kids have rained down on Congressional offices, through the phone, or how hard they have campaigned throughout the year. The DACA recipients should never have happened. I have railed against the program from Day One. This brazen, political ploy shored up Obama’s re-election bid , and contorted Romney to make nice to Hispanic voters, yet at the same time pledged “Self-Deport” as the final immigration policy.

In mid-September, I visited 50 Congressional offices and 20 US Senators’ offices. I shared with them one horror story after another. Illegal aliens and their enabling hordes are overrunning California, and their fight to turn California into a race-bard third-world hell-hole won’t stop there.  Amnesty panderers and open border bigots call Americans “wetbacks.” Little children have been taught to hate “white people.”

A hostile, cultural takeover is infiltrating California, from school system to bureaucracy, and is now infecting Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Even in Oregon, where I was celebrating Christmas with family, residents are frustrated about illegal immigration. Just like in California, Governor Kate Brown defied the President, the will of the people, and the Constitution of the United States by declaring Oregon a sanctuary state. This is untenable, folks, and we are approaching strife not seen since the Civil War in this country. In New York and California, Democratic governors have further defied the rule of law, granting pardons to illegals because of their unlawful status in the country. These acts of executive order virtue signaling will not succeed, since ICE is still scooping up illegals and deporting them. Any kind of amnesty hand out from Washington, however, will only embolden blue state governor’s adult-child social justice warrior micromanaging.

Every state has become a border state. The slow erosion of the nation’s sovereignty is killing us all, literally. Every time there is talk in Washington D.C. about granting legal status to illegal aliens, more illegals crowd our borders. More rapists, murderers, drug dealers crowd the border and surround our cities and towns. How many more friends, relatives, and fellow Americans will have to die?

No, Mr. President, a DACA “fix” will not be a fix, Mr. President. It will only affix the Democratic Party’s communistic agenda as a constant in this country. At least 50% of DACA recipients obtained permits through fraudulent means. There are at least 11 to 16 million illegals more in the country. There is nothing to prevent illegal aliens, once they achieve legal status, from bringing in five to ten more of their relatives each, many of whom are neither informed nor committed to the identity, vitality, or integrity of the United States.

The Republicans hold majorities in Congress and the Presidency. Why would they cave and give away their capital to renege on this precious promise of “no amnesty”. Sure, angry illegal alien mobs have overwhelmed Congressional offices and cafeterias; public streets and events. These atrocious behaviors prove they are losing this political fight. Nancy Pelosi promised a clean DREAM Act. Didn’t happen. Amnesty activist groups signaled to their followers that Congress voted to continue deporting “DREAMers”.

Nonsense.  Congressional majorities voted to continue funding the government for We the People of the United States. That last part still bothers amnesty advocates. This is the United States, and the Constitution ensures protection for citizens, not illegal aliens. Republicans need to champion their populist-conservative, pro-American worker agenda, which includes disenfranchised blacks and Hispanics in California, Texas, and Arizona.

Did you know, Mr. President, that there are at least 20 Democrats who are worried about their re-election bids next year, not just the House Reps whose districts you won in 2016? The NRCC is targeting two seats in Oregon, for example, including my father’s House Rep. Peter De Fazio. This liberal Democrat is so spooked about the populist turn overtaking the country, he broke with his party and voted for Kate’s Law! Another Democrat on the south side of Chicago, Dan Lipinski, is facing a primary challenge from the left because he is *gasp* pro-life, pro-liberty, and opposes amnesty. Add to this strange cohort of anti-open border Democrats Zoe Lofgren of California, who has voted for more enforcement and against cheap labor VISA expansions. One of the most hateful, controversial Democrats in Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee, opposes guest worker programs!

Congressional Democrats are not unified on amnesty for the Nightmare Kids. US Senator Tom Cotton brilliantly surmised that DACA, DREAM Act, open border advocacy is not popular at all, or Democrats in both chambers of would have forced a government shut-down. This is further evidence that deep down, Democrats do not want to vote for amnesty, since Obama never preferred immigration reform when he controlled bother chambers of Congress in 2010. Before that, when Democrats had controlled Congress during the last wo years of George W. Bush’s term, more Democrats voted against an immigration reform package than Republicans!

Some pundits predict that a DACA deal will fail. Let’s hope so, and let’s hope that Trump is merely playing the Democrats—again. On immigration, Trump has the cards, and Republicans would be wrong to throw their hand away to make any kind of deal beyond what they promised to do.

Written by Arthur Schaper

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