How Subtlety Plays a Role in Digital Marketing.

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( Remember the old adage, work smart and not hard? While some might repeat this saying to perpetuate laziness, that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. As a matter of fact, learning when to work smart instead of too hard can mean the difference between success and failure – especially in the world of digital marketing. That might seem like a stretch, especially because most digital marketing campaigns involve being overly aggressive with advertisements. After all, loud marketing is guaranteed to get at least a few people interested and involved.

However, being successful in marketing means not settling for the spray and pray attitude that some have when it comes to advertising their services. Just because it’s social media doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be loud about it. People don’t want to feel like they’re being forced into something – and that’s exactly what a loud campaign tends to do.

Subtlety isn’t just a web design trait

While subtlety certainly sees a great deal of success in finally sealing the deal when a prospect decides to click on the link of your advert, it can be effective in social media marketing as well. Regardless of what anyone might say, quality over quantity can do just as well, if not better. Working on the quality of your marketing content might mean that your voice isn’t being heard as much, but quality will have something that quantity won’t – and that’s word of mouth potential. You’ll have more people become interested, and there’s always a chance that they share it with others. This classic form of marketing works just as well in the digital world.

Subtlety means your efforts will never be wasted

Keeping it simple like you might do with your web design means that your effort isn’t wasted on anything unnecessary. There are many people out there that like to over-complicate their digital marketing campaigns by tossing everything in and hoping that some of it sticks. While some of it might indeed stick just like people might still click on the links to their website, they’ve already started on the wrong foot. It’s all about making potential consumers feel like it was their decision to enter your website. There’s no need to be too overbearing when you can gently convince them to click on your adverts.

Working smart doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t working hard; it just means that you know exactly where you want to put your effort. For those in need of digital marketing in Cornwall there are absolutely excellent services that make their mark using subtlety instead of loud advertising. After all, loud advertising is something that people have to put up with every single day, which means that those who choose this route have already lost before they even started. Focus on subtlety and you definitely will not regret it.

Staff Writer; Craig Jackson