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President Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Judge Moore ; Good Men Leading This Country.

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( Under President Donald Trump, justice is right-side up again.

We saw this clearly with the president’s statements on Charlottesville, condemning the hate and violence “on many sides,” his calling-out of the alt-left, and the media’s excusing and ignoring of leftist violence. The media still think their illusion of “racism” has power over a man of truth like Donald Trump, so they’re still lying and claiming he did not condemn so-called “white supremacists,” and they’re still covering for hate-filled Antifa and Black Lives Matter. But their time is up, because we have a real man in charge.

We see the return of justice all the more with the president’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, a good man who’s been under attack by un-American leftist liars from President Obama’s administration to the mainstream media to the ACLU. Those in power the previous eight years (and more) believe in fake things like “racism” and don’t care about the law, nor about what’s right. Thankfully, we don’t have to see a man who’s lived a life of service to the American people destroyed by wicked liberals.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio tweeted a “thank you” to President Donald Trump “for seeing my conviction for what it is: a political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama justice department!” Everyone should note that RINO Sen. John McCain, who hates President Trump and hates good, decried the pardon of Sheriff Joe. Evil is being revealed as good is being lifted up.

Speaking of justice, I am truly heartened to see the rise of my friend and hero, Judge Roy Moore, in his race for U.S. Senate for my hometown state of Alabama. Over the years, Judge Moore has faced attack after attack by godless liberals for his stance defending the Ten Commandments monument, his rejection of the unconstitutional so-called “same-sex marriage” decision and so much else. I remember how he destroyed CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s phony arguments attempting to force “same-sex marriage” into Alabama. I met with Judge Roy Moore for an hour, and he had a wealth of knowledge on the law and Constitution, but he explained things so simply that even a simple man like me could understand. Because Roy Moore is a man of character and consistency, the good people of the South love and support him, and so do I.

Compare these solid men: President Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Judge Moore and many others who’ve stood up for good, including Sheriff David Clarke – contrast them with the dirty, trashy people who the children of the lie have lifted up: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and even John McCain. The latter don’t care about good, or what’s right. They have only hatred in their hearts and false accusations to malign good men and deceive people who lack wisdom and character.

Maxine Waters was honored by the shallow, morally bankrupt BET’s “Black Girls Rock” awards, where they love their “blackness” more than they love God (even though most blacks pretend to be Christians), and they hate real men like President Trump more than God hates sin. When “Auntie Maxine” received her award, she gave an empty promise to “impeach” the president and called herself a “strong black woman.” She’s not going to impeach the president, and she’s not a “strong” person at all – she’s a shameless liberal woman who loves abortion and hates and exploits blind black people. But the blacks cheered, applauded and ate up her lies. It is so unfortunate.

Similarly, former Speaker Pelosi, former Secretary Clinton and former POW John McCain are struggling to remain relevant in these times of renewal for America. The media, who love lies, continue to give these washed-up politicians a platform, as together they grow more deluded. If they cared about their souls and about America, they would repent and forgive those they hate, stop pushing evil, and stop trying to fight the president in his mission of making America great again. They don’t want the country to be great again. They hate good so much that they are willing to destroy themselves and others to stop good from winning.

I am loving these times. As good comes out in the open, so does evil. I don’t mind evil being evil, because that is evil’s job. In this world, you will have trials. But it is so refreshing to see good men return the country to good, as the president is doing, as Joe Arpaio has done, and as I trust Judge Moore will continue to do, if and when he wins his Senate seat.

I truly hope the younger generation watches and learns from these men’s example. I am happy to see young white men and others standing up again, but they must do it in the right way – without anger. Only by not hating your enemy will you see clearly how to defeat evil. As always, I urge you to pray, to forgive your own mothers and fathers who let you down in one way or another, and to aim for perfection as you fight for your souls and for the country.

Written by Jesse Lee Peterson

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4 Responses to “President Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Judge Moore ; Good Men Leading This Country.”
  1. Ant Man says:

    M Anthony brother you sound like the turncoat sellout. Whoah don’t get mad, allow me to get you to see through that democratic feces curtain our people have been looking through. I young brother am going to drag your deaf, dumb , and blind ass down “Truth Street” . Ready?? Good let’s start with that eugenics thing started by a racist, atheist, feminist “Planned Parenthood”. Was your sellout black butt aware that all those fellow white feminists you tap dance for actually advocate the numbers of your people to be “Culled” yes we know this given planned parenthoods actual history as a eugenics program meant to sterilize poor women “mainly black”.

    Have you ever asked yourself why all the clinics are in poor black neighborhoods???. I dare you to find me one in a white metro area, “you won’t” I can save you the time. Yeah M Anthony supports white liberal eugenics program, that’s strike one brother sellout. Do tell your fellow white liberals we have been on to them for quite some time, as evidenced by the almost prophetic Malcom X warning blacks to stay away from “White Liberalism”. Please name a time that liberal movements benefited black people?? That’s right you can’t. Let’s look for a recent example of the liberal push to water down and downplay the black experience. You ready?? Baaam “Barack Obama” yes mofo I said it. Allow me to explain, do you remember his response to still historic unemployment in the Black community especially amongst high school educated black males, oh his Uncle Tom answer was to give legal working status to 11 million illegal immigrants so that they can suck up all those jobs forcing the black unemployed male to remain stuck in the school to jail pipeline. If you even bother to ask these young brothers why they even started a life of crime you will find that the statement “There was no work” a very common theme.

    Yeah the left wants your black face to support agendas that have NOTHING to do with the plight of our people in this country, and you give the media a pass for ignoring our story and narrative and our black politicians to sound like fools on national television, just listen to fools like Maxine Waters, and Elijah Cummings, oh and I forgot about that barely understandable brother from Texas calling for Trumps impeachment “with the jerry curl”, lol. They don’t want white faces associated with trying to undermine a legal US election and the attempt to unseat a sitting US president, no they are crafty they want coon black faces associated with that Seditious foolishness. Yep and here we go again, waiting for all the backlash to pour into us as white liberals move on to the next foolish act they want your tap dancing ass to perform against your people. Food for thought, for every girl that is black visiting a planned parenthood clinic she is 90 times more likely to have had at least 1 abortion at the same clinic.

    When you equate this to actual numbers you get a figure of about 100 thousand black babies aborted a month. If that doesn’t wreak of ” Eugenic Genocide” I don’t know what does. Fools every last African American brother and sister that has been told that the Democratic Party was good for us is a FOOL. Yeah all the last few years have seen political gains for every demographic including Gay, Queer, gender disphoric squirrels and fruit bats, but young brothers are still being executed in the streets of America. You best go home contemplate and decide whose cause you really support.. You are not supporting us if you support all that foolishness.

  2. Sam Cooper says:

    #RacistJoe Joe Arpaio is a bad hombre…

    A future history book might read something like this … Which side of history do you stand?

    Joseph Michael Arpaio[1] (/??r?pa?.o?/; born June 14, 1932) was a Nazi German SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) and the longest-serving commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II. He tested and carried into effect various methods to accelerate Hitler’s plan to systematically exterminate the Jewish population of Nazi-occupied Europe, known as the Final Solution. On the initiative of one of his subordinates, SS-Hauptsturmführer (captain) Karl Fritzsch, Arpaio introduced pesticide Zyklon B containing hydrogen cyanide to the killing process, thereby allowing SS soldiers at Auschwitz to murder 2,000 people every hour. He created the largest installation for the continuous annihilation of human beings ever known….öss#

  3. M Anthony says:

    Fact checking shows he lies all the time.
    He is a racist and associates with racists.
    He has disrespect for women, including his wife. The proof is everywhere.
    He is making the United States a loaner instead of building relationship and coalitions with Americas allies.
    He has America paying for the wall he said Mexico would pay for.
    He can not select his administration well. Look how many have been fired or quit and a full year is not even over yet.
    Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he replaced alligators with crocodiles.
    Trump hired unqualified people and rich people to fill key positions.
    Trump believes government employees should be loyal to him, not to their oath, their job and the American people first.
    Trump has interfered with the Russian investigation by firing Comey.
    Trump never released his tax returns, even though he said he would.
    Trump had no problem with leaks when they were leaking on Hillary. But once the leaks were on him, leaks became so awful. Hypocrisy.
    Trump embarrasses himself by tweeting police. Immaturity.
    Trump thinks promises are policies and never gives specifics.
    Trump is more concerned about what people think of him than running this country. Who does rallies in the first year of his presidency?
    Trump promoted violence in his rallies. And if the other side did too, HE was running for president and should have set the mature example.
    Trump used undocumented immigrants as workers.
    Trump ran businesses into bankruptcy and didn’t pay contractors.

  4. M Anthony says:

    Jesse Lee Peterson you are a turncoat sambo by strict definition. You do not even speak well on radio and in person. You have truly been brainwashed. Even the white people around you only pretend to have respect for you but nobody truly respects those who turn on their own kind.

    I have said these things to you before and the only reason I have not accepted the invitation to be on your show is because you practice ambush pseudo-journalism. And as I told your producer, I would debate you any time in a neutral forum where neither of us controls the time, thus not on your show.

    I am an African American social and fiscal conservative who believes all people should be responsible and accountable. But you have a sociopathic hatred for your own people. That is sad and as a counselor/therapist, I can hear it in the words you speak, the points you make and the way you think.

    I could tell you so many ways Trump is an awful president but you live in a world called denial so you would never admit the verifiable truth. Like the fact that Trump dares to threaten to shut down the government if he does not get funding for the wall HE SAID MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR.

    The FORMER Sheriff you spoke of broke the law. He willfully went against a court order. He violated the rights of Hispanic people and was found GUILTY of criminal contempt. That is a fact. TO PARDON SOMEBODY WHO WILLFULLY BROKE THE LAW when they are a law enforcement officer is ignorant and disgraceful.

    I cannot wait to see your face Jesse when Trump is defamed, impeached and damages himself even further. Wait until the FBI investigation is done then maybe you can find a job as Trump’s water boy or sucking his d…

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