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Really? New Replacements For Mount Rushmore.

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( Blacks and progressive bigots on both sides of the political aisle are quite proud of themselves in the weeks following the murder and mayhem that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is because Charlottesville has instigated a full-blown movement to sanitize America’s landscape of any statue, plaque or memorial having anything to do with the South or the Civil War.

In mockery of such stupidity, I ask not where does it stop, but rather, why not extend it to its illogical conclusion?

Not wanting to miss any opportunity to foment skin-color-based discord, which is the viscous substance used to keep his organization of animus and immiseration lubricated, Al Sharpton is calling for the Jefferson Memorial to be taken down. Why stop there?

Why not replace George Washington on the dollar bill with former Black Panther leader and alleged cop killer H. Rap Brown? Washington played a pivotal role in the formation of America and her subsequent fight for freedom, but that should be canceled out because at a time slavery was both legal and viewed as acceptable, he had slaves. (Sarcasm intended.) Brown is lionized by black militants of the 1960s for his “hate whitey” philosophy and for inciting a riot and later in life allegedly murdering a police officer.

Remove President Andrew Jackson from the 20-dollar bill and replace him with Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party in 1966. And for good measure, remove President Abraham Lincoln from the 5-dollar bill and replace him with Bobby Seale, a rabid black separatist, promoter of riot and mayhem, who also co-founded the Black Panther Party.

In the interest of gender equality, replace President Ulysses S. Grant on the 50-dollar bill with Angela Davis. While Washington and Jackson were old white men who owned slaves, Grant and Lincoln were just old white men who hid their bigotry toward blacks.

A special 3-dollar bill should be produced and issued with Obama’s image on it. His image can overlay a picture of a ladies’ bathroom with the words “men welcome” and located in a Target store.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt should be removed from their transplendent perch atop Mount Rushmore and be replaced with Malcolm X, the so-called Honorable Elisha Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and Che Guevara.

If history is going to be sanitized so as to remove all references to the factual memorializing of same, why not recreate an acceptable bastardized version to replace it? If we are going to remove honorable statesmen who sacrificed for their convictions at a time their actions were in no way illegal or dishonorable per the zeitgeist of their day, we may as well replace them with killers, Marxists, radical black Muslims and anarchists.

If they’re going to erase history for no other reason than not liking what factually took place and the memorializing of figures of importance, why stop there? Why not replace them with rabid black separatists and skin-color harlots who hate and deny Jesus Christ because He is depicted as a “blue-eyed, white Jew”?

My sardonic sarcasm is no less absurd than the applauded efforts to erase factual history. If children from kindergarten through fifth grade are taught about anal sex, homosexuality and transgenderism, are we to believe my sarcastic rebuke of satanic madness is more objectionable?

The question that begs an answer is: Why are progressives so intent upon erasing whites from history? Why are they committed to destroying the great works of Mark Twain, et al. simply because they wrote in the common parlance of their day?

The simplistic answer is twofold. The first is because if they erase history, they are free to recreate it in whatever way fits their fallacious dogma. The second is because that is what Marxists do.

How much longer are reasonable people going to allow themselves to be intimidated into either participating or being silenced by neo-Leninist demagogues committed to the deconstruction of America?

I submit that we must become as defiantly creative as the domestic enemies of America are defiantly anarchistic. We must start preserving memorials on private property. We must stop supporting public institutions whose purposes have transmogrified into taxpayer-subsidized bastions for the inculcation of lies and hatred into the minds of our children.

It is time for reasonable Americans to rise up in defiance to what the Erebusic forces of neo-Leninism are trying to force upon us. We must unite with our wallets and refuse to patronize any and all entities that support the evil practices being forced upon us.

People are quick to tell how fearful they are about the future; they are quick to wring their hands and whine that they don’t know what to do – when in fact the easiest and most powerful tool we have is our wallets and checkbooks.

The success of boycotts isn’t always seen in the immediacy, but in the long term they are powerful tools that defeat what I referenced. It’s one thing to talk, whine, despair and complain – it’s another to unite as a collective to resist evil.

Written by Mychal Massie

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2 Responses to “Really? New Replacements For Mount Rushmore.”
  1. Douglas Loss says:

    Marie, it’s all attempts to divide us from each other and set us against each other. Remember “United we stand, divided we fall?” It’s true, and always has been. Those of us who are able to should be helping those who need help, regardless of membership (or not) in any particular identity group. By the same token, those needing (and accepting) help need to remember that there were others who helped them when they needed it, and then to “go and do likewise” when they have the ability and opportunity. No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. We’re all Americans–that’s the important thing to remember. Our differences aren’t nearly as important as what binds us–living in the greatest country on earth.

  2. Marie says:

    This is Soooo Stupid.What is going on with Are Country. There is more Hate to One Another every day. This is Supposed to be The USA and we should be Proud of every thing Our County has Done over The last 100’s of Years. And to teach Our Kids what’s it’s all about. To Save all the Wonderful Places and Things that Really Mean A lot. What happened to Being Nice and Friendly to one another. And giving each other Help and Support when needed. My Goodness is this all it’s Came to after all The Family’s and Friends have done in the Years Before us. Think about it. Everyone has a past and a lot of Of Memories of there Loved Ones. We need to Start getting Back to Where it all started and go from there. Let’s Help each other. Love each other. Take care of each other. And for Once Pray for Each other. Why Live A life that doesn’t Have Meaning. It’s A SAD way to live. Think Hard About all Of This.

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