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Donald Trump If Fired, Mike Pence Is Next.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) A White House implosion is on the horizon. Personally, I have never believed Donald Trump would fulfill his first term in office. Politics is just not his cup of tea; he suffers from that ultimate aphrodisiac known as “Power” and the presidency was the final conquest for him. But having to comply with political constraints and that pesky document known as the Constitution, he is frustrated, rebellious, and uncooperative. If he is not the boss of everything, like in his businesses, he cannot handle it. He is better suited to King Trump rather than President Trump, because the co-equal divisions of government are anathema to him. Trump subscribes to the Orwellian premise mentioned in the book, Animal Farm; he believes that he is “more equal” than anyone else. So, what will happen when he finds a face-saving way to get out of his current job?

Well, unless he takes his “Christian” Vice-President with him, we will inherit the dreaded Mike Pence. The man who said, “I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” and a man who stands by his man, Donald Trump, supporting his every lie, nonsensical contention, and immoral vagary, will then occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The words “politician” and “hypocrite” are redundant in many cases, but in my opinion Pence not only takes the cake, he baked the cake. I’ve seen a great deal of political hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle but the hypocrisy I see in our VP is off the chart. What kind of President do you think he will be?

Trump fired Reince Priebus, the guy who said, “…Mr. President, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you’ve given us to serve your agenda and the American people…” Pence said serving Donald Trump is the “greatest privilege of my life.” (What about his privilege of serving God; where does he rank that, according to his own words?) Since Trump cannot fire Pence, the VP will be elevated to the highest office in the land if Trump leaves.

The 65% of the American people who do not support “The Donald,” many of whom want him gone, you had better think long and hard about your desire to evict Trump from the White House. The results of your hatred for him will in all likelihood put you in a worse situation than you are in now. Mike Pence knows all the right moves to make the Trump agenda a reality, and since he supports everything Trump does and says now, he would be even more of a hypocrite if he abandoned the Donald Trump agenda altogether.

So be very careful about what you wish for, irrespective of your dislike for the POTUS. I say, let’s keep The Donald. The media will always have something to talk about; Black folks and some Whites will always have something to rail against; conspiracies will abound, and they always make for great conversation; SNL will be even funnier; and we will always be able to count on King Trump for intrigue, rumors, outrageous contentions, bluster and bombast, insulting comments, and his ability to keep the North Korean crazy person in check. You know it takes a crazy person to threaten another crazy person and have him believe that threat.

What do you say? Shouldn’t we keep Donald Trump, considering who is waiting in the wings to take over: Mike Pence and then Paul Ryan in that order? Trump is an outright liar, a self-absorbed and child-like man who doesn’t care that his true self is on parade. He let us know who he was years ago—not just over the past two years. We don’t have to guess about Trump; he lays it all out there for the world to see. Yes, he is unpredictable, but most of what he says cannot be implemented without congressional approval. The nuclear codes? I say those around him should give him codes that won’t work. That way, if he decides to play Doctor Strangelove, the missiles will not fire on his personal command.

Pence, on the other hand, is a hypocrite; he hides his true self behind the mantle of religiosity. He tells us one thing and acts in a completely different way when it comes to his support of the ethical and moral turpitude of his boss. How can the VP say it’s the privilege of his lifetime to serve a liar, a misogynist, a narcissist, a braggart, and a father who engages in conversations with Howard Stern about his daughter, Ivanka, being a “nice piece of ass”?

Mike Pence does not have the backbone to call his boss out on anything he says or does, despite his evangelical bent. Is he the kind of guy you want to be President? Be careful.

Written By James E. Clingman

Official website; http://www.blackonomics.com/


4 Responses to “Donald Trump If Fired, Mike Pence Is Next.”
  1. Douglas Loss says:

    Eric, I see that you’re doing exactly what Octavian was doing. I didn’t say anything about Mike Pence, but you’re trying to vilify others you disagree with rather than actually trying to talk to them and reach some compromise. You wrote to Pence as your “unrepresenting Representative” as you term it? Then you weren’t actually trying to have any kind of dialog, you were just shouting at him. And you wonder that he didn’t listen to you? You say America should listen to James Clingman’s description of Pence. Why? Since you don’t seem interested in listening to America, why should it return the favor? Listening goes both ways.

  2. Doug (at-a) Loss: Same old divide and conquer, eh Doug? Once again the right fringe lunatics begin the trope: “Leftists are responsible for racial divides and extremism.” Pure absolute hogwash.
    I, initially, wanted to commend James Clingman on his astute article on Pence before reading such aforementioned tripe.
    I have lived in Pence’s Indiana congressional district for his 12 unremarkable years. He is the “hungry and lean” Cassius, compared to Trump’s Lear. (I know, two different plays, but character-wise). He is a greedy opportunist who cares nothing about people. He is a Christian, he says (almost like a parrot); but, his Jesus is a different spirit. His Jesus doesn’t help the poor, he makes it more difficult for them to find food and shelter. His Jesus also has a strange view of his mate. She doesn’t merit proper health care, especially if she is poor. Pence’s Jesus, I guess, also doesn’t believe in abortion – I don’t remember having this issue foremost in mind. But, I know he didn’t mention abortions at his Sermon on the Mount. I know he talked about murder, and that doesn’t seem to bother Pence. I know that my Rep. Pence never saw a war he didn’t like.
    I repeatedly wrote Pence (letters to my ‘unrepresenting Representative’, I used to title them). Look at his voting record. And as Indiana’s shiny new Guv, our wonder boy managed to piss off the gays, created his own “half ass” Obamacare program (only his HIP program put stricter demands on these “entitlements” – yes, another euphenism for racial disparity; and yes, of course he wanted to establish his own Governor press corps (stupid idea, the media killed it at the starting gate).
    So in all, it’s business as usual in Indiana, whereas anywhere else you might be looking at 5-10 years.
    I don’t know James Clingman. But, James Clingman knows Mike Pence. And America should listen.
    Eric C. Rodenberg

  3. Douglas Loss says:

    You know Octavian, from what I can see the focus on racial divides and extremism is coming in great part from the left. If you try reaching out to those you disagree with you might find that there are many areas in which you can agree or come to some compromise that everyone can accept. But if you insist on making everything “us versus them” the only thing you will do is ensure that the conflict will intensify. It doesn’t have to, but you need to put aside your antipathy toward others and try to see them as individuals with different ideas and experiences from yours rather than as some evil mass of mindless drones. That’s never been true (of either side), but if you insist on punishing anyone who deviates even a bit from your side’s dogma you will never have peace.

    Oh, and the “lasting turnaround in American political thinking” you talk about won’t occur, at least not as you imagine. The left isn’t winning any new hearts and minds with their continuous violence and shrieking; if anything ordinary people are backing away from such things in disgust.

  4. Octavian says:

    Trump is a man who, unlike his more refined Republican supporters in Congress, has been eating out of the trash bin that is the right-wing media and asking for seconds. He is one with his base, there is very little dressing up of any of the tongue-in-cheek implications found on Fox News.
    What’s great about him though is his tragic flaw, namely that he is not refined enough to dress up his racism, misogyny and ignorance and lays bare the hypocrisy of the Republican party for all to see.
    The longer he stays the deeper he will drag down his party and the conservative ideology which might finally bring about a lasting turnaround in American political thinking.
    Democrats, centrists, white and blacks must play their cards right and not let this opportunity slip by focusing on racial divides and extremism. Unity of purpose and action must supersede all other considerations. The war is never won; battles continue until a new enemy arises and the war itself is redefined.

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