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Several Main Reasons Why The So-Called “Crime” Currently Exists In Urban Communities Across America.

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( In a previous article that I wrote titled “Two Americas“, I explained the parasitic relationship between the suburbanites and urban people.

Whenever the so-called “crime” happens in our community, house negroes are among the first to attack and slander our community by saying things like “Something’s wrong with us” or “Our community’s filled with gangsters and thugs”, but won’t even bother going after the true masterminds behind the so-called “crime” in our community – the current social system, colonialism, and imperialism.

It’s no secret that corrupt city governments across the country like Memphis, TN, St. Pete, FL, St. Louis, MO, New Orleans, LA, and even here in Montgomery, Alabama have such an extreme emphasis on what they call “public safety” which is actually a codeword for putting more police into our community with the sole purpose of maintaining this oppressive relationship between the haves and the have nots. And they also help perpetuate the so-called “crime” that currently exists in our communities.

Here are several why the so-called “crime” exists in urban communities across this country.

1. The Illegal Parasitic Capitalistic Drug Economy – In the mid-1980s, The U.S. government wanted to fund an illegal war in South America at that time, so they decided to impose the illegal parasitic capitalistic drug economy by deliberately allowing the crack cocaine from South America to specifically flood urban areas across the country so that they can create the problem by getting us killed in horizontal violence especially drug fueled horizontal violence & then they come in and “clean up the problem” by going a massive sweep of arrests of people in urban areas for possession and drug trafficking which then ends up getting us the harshest sentences by the colonial judicial system for even having an ounce of crack in our possession.

2. Economic Quarantines – One of the main reasons why the so-called “crime” exists in our communities is because of the economic quarantines that have been placed on our community by the current social system in the form of corrupt city governments that uses several methods of placing economic quarantines on our community

1) destroying thriving black neighborhoods for the interests of parasitic capitalist white economic projects like sports stadiums

2) even destroying thriving black neighborhoods to pave way for interstates.

With these types of economic quarantines placed on urban communities across the country, we see more horizontal violence, police containment, poverty, homelessness, criminalization of urban youth, and especially mass incarceration.

3. Toxically Destructive Music Put Out By Big Parasitic Capitalist Corporations Like Clear Channel – Another one of the main reasons the so-called “crime” exists in our community is because of the toxically destructive music that’s put out by big parasitic capitalist corporations like Clear Channel that specifically portrays our community in so many negative ways when you hear messages that promote and glorify the so-called “crime” in our community like “I’mma shoot that n***a” or “Put molly all in her champagne – She ain’t even know it – I took her home and I enjoyed that – She ain’t even know it”. And when our young men hear such destructive messages like those, it causes them to do something that they know deep down that they don’t wanna do.

4. Poverty – Poverty is actually the worst crime against humanity and in our community, especially in this country, the poverty is deliberately inflicted on our community by the current social system in the form of corrupt city governments across the country that causes a lot of us to rob, fight, shoot, and kill one another for resources just to survive and provide for our kids because I have personally been through poverty in the first five years of my life and I will personally admit, there’s nothing good about living in the most impoverish conditions under the heels of colonialism.

The Conclusion – One thing I have learned over these past few years is that to end the so-called “crime” that currently exists in our communities, we must be willing and unafraid to make sacrifices to overturn the entire social system and create a new world and a new system that will benefit our people in the long term.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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