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Two Americas – Urban & Colonial White.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When I think about a country like America that thrives on it’s disgusting, corrosive, corrupt, and destructive parasitic capitalistically imperialist system.

I see two different Americas – the urban experience and the colonial white experience.

Colonial white kids at predominant colonial white schools across the country bring drugs, knives, guns, as well as fighting to school and they aren’t systematically criminalized and arrested at the disproportionate rate that young urban students are and there’s clearly no militarization at predominant colonial white schools.

Urban kids are often systemically criminalized and incarcerated at far disproportionate rates for minor things like talking back to teacher or throwing a paper plane in class. And they are often terrorized by not only by colonial mostly female teachers who say negative and disrespectful things towards urban students, but they are also terrorized by armed thuggish police officers who throw them to the ground very violently and put a knee to their back leaving urban kids with physical and psychological injuries that are very difficult for them to overcome. And they are also suspended three times higher than their colonial white peers.

Then there’s the “dress code” policy that deliberately targets and criminalizes urban students with specific rules like:

1. Urban students can’t have their hair in cornrows, braids, twists, and locks.

2. Hats, caps, headbands, sweat bands, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain there during the school day (except for health and/or religious reasons, which must be approved in advance by the administration)

3. Oversized or undersized clothing, including skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or shirts is prohibited.

4. Jewelry which includes long necklaces, accessories with spikes or chains, heavy medallions, removable dental grills, heavy bracelets, and large finger rings, will not be allowed.

In some big cities across the country like Detroit, New Orleans, Harlem, and St. Pete, many urban people are being deliberately being priced out of their own homes by parasitic white male developers, land grabbers, realtors, and business owners through a parasitic white capitalistic tactic that I personally call whitification and it’s also a form of modern day colonialism, the urban kind.

When a colonial white guy kills a police officer, their entire community is almost never put on lockdown or under siege by military style occupation of the police.

When an urban guy kills a police officer, the entire urban community is put on lockdown and placed under siege by military style occupation of the police.

Colonial Whites make up at least 14 million of drug abusers and drug dealers in this country, but they are allowed to go to rehab to overcome their drug addiction and they are almost never incarcerated for selling drugs.

Urban people make up at least 2.6 million of drug abusers and dealers in this country, but are given much harsher sentences for drugs and are locked up at a rate that’s ten times higher than colonial whites on drug offenses.

When urban people embrace their culture, they are often hated, taunted, disrespected, and greatly looked down upon by colonial white media.

When parasitic whites like Miley Cyrus and The Kartrashians make a deliberate and disrespectful mockery of urban culture, they are celebrated and glorified by colonial white media.

When colonial whites riot in the streets by throwing firebombs, topping over cars, looting stores over something like their college or pro football or basketball team losing in the championship game, they are referred to in the colonial white media as “wild and crazy”

When urban people rebel in the streets over something specific like a member of our community getting killed at the hands of corrupt police officers (mostly colonial white male ones), they are referred to in the colonial white media as “criminals, thugs, menaces, and looters.”

The Conclusion – Along with many other urban people, I also see America in a far different light than the often skewed, falsified colonial white view of America.
Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)
FB Page; http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.165470


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