4 Tips for Giving a Short Speech.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThere will be times in life where making a short speech is required of you. It may be a presentation as part of your school work, best man duties at a wedding or giving a eulogy at a funeral. Speaking in front of a crowd, even a small one, can be daunting. But, when life throws these things at you, you have to take up the challenge. So, here are some tips for when you have to give a short speech.

Don’t Over Do It

If it’s meant to be a short speech, keep it that way. There’s nothing that’s more boring than a long-winded speech. So, to avoid saying more than you should, it’s best to write your speech out beforehand. That way, you can practice with a friend or family member and time yourself. Short speeches shouldn’t really last any longer than five minutes, and five minutes can seem like a long time when you’re stood in front of a crowd. Don’t try and wing your speech and don’t drink alcohol before you start – it’ll save you from embarrassing yourself.

Say What’s Important

Writing a short speech can be harder than writing a long one. That’s because you’re limited with what you can say. If you have a lot to say, it can be difficult to narrow things down. You need to go through your points and decide what to leave in and what to take out. What will your audience want to hear? Don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze everything into your allotted time. It’s likely that you’ll panic and fumble during the speech. Narrow it down to five strong points – one for each minute.

Use Props

If you’re nervous about standing in front of an audience, consider using props. Props are a great way of getting the audience to look at something other than you, while still listening to what you’re saying. For example, you may use a projector and presentation if you’re speaking in front of a class. Or, you may use some photographs when talking about a loved one at a funeral. Just make sure that whatever you use doesn’t take the limelight off the words you’re saying. You don’t want to distract your audience so much that they become confused.

Work on Your Language

The amount of people who have to give a speech but never practice saying it is endless. It’s one thing to write out what you’re going to say in silence at your computer, and it’s another thing to get up in front of people and use your voice. If you need help with your language, take a look at this PDF. You don’t want to stand in front of people and realise you’ve lost your voice due to nerves or you’re not good at reading off cue cards. Practice, practice, practice!

Once you’ve given your speech, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement, so it’s worth doing well. Just remember to relax, take a deep breath and speak with confidence.

Staff Writer; Calvin Poole