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iPhone 6: Should You Wait For iPhone 8 or Upgrade?

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( Many iPhone 6 owners already ignored the iPhone 7 launch, but many are still not sure about this upgrade. Unless you have a very faulty phone or a damaged one, upgrading to Apple iPhone 7 makes no sense, here’s why.

Dimensions & Design

Sadly, the iPhone 7 looks identical to the Apple iPhone 6. The company hasn’t made any significant changes in the design, but the differences can be seen in their builds. The design improvements make iPhone 7 stronger (we all know the bending issues its predecessor suffered from). The Series 7000 aluminum in the iPhone 7 makes it stronger than its predecessor. The smartphone is water resistant and can survive under water for 30 minutes.

If you are an iPhone 6 user, probably you too are annoyed with the home button. Now with the iPhone 7, Apple has eliminated the design failure associated with the home button.

Listening Experience

The earpiece speaker to enable stereo sound is an appealing feature of the iPhone 7. But the disappearance of 3.5mm headphone jack is something that makes Apple fans forget about the sound enhancements. The lightning port is a must to charge the phone and to use wired lightning headphones. Not all the users are ready to ditch their headphones and carry the adopter. But if you choose to buy an iPhone 7, you’re forced to do so.

Speed and Performance

Performance is the only strong reason you can go for an iPhone 7. But read this first before you step out. The iPhone 7 ships with Apple A10 Fusion, a 64-bit chipset, 2GB RAM, Quad Core CPU and Six Core GPU. In simple terms, the iPhone 7 is one of the fastest smartphones available in the market.

The iPhone 6 is nothing more than a half of it or a little more. The iPhone 7 also comes with a better modem. The phone is capable of reaching 450Mbit when compared to the 6’s 150Mbit.

Should You Upgrade?

No. In terms of camera and battery life, Apple has not made any big leap forward. Battery is slightly improved, but you will struggle to keep your phone alive for a full day, unless you settle for minimum use. The camera has been upgraded but you won’t find any significant changes between the images taken on the two iPhones. Surprisingly, the price and storage capacity have been increased. But, there’s nothing much to expect from this purchase.

Should You Wait For iPhone 8?

Why not? You have already spend almost half of a year after the iPhone 7 launch. So what’s wrong in waiting for a new iPhone which is expected to arrive in just next couple of months? The rumored 4.7-inch screen, Apple A11 chipset, 12MP primary and 7MP secondary camera, fingerprint sensor, 3D Touch Display and home button are worth waiting for.

This year, Apple will radically make changes to the iPhone. As the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The 6 owners who have skipped the iPhone 7 and are waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 8 will be happy. The patience will pay off for sure as the industry analysts also expect that the upgrade cycle for the iPhone 8 is going to be a lot bigger. With the arrival of iOS 11, the launch of a new iPhone is also expected.

When iPhone 6 arrived, Apple was the strongest player in the mobile market. The company still holds a leading position, but the competition is rising and Apple is facing new challenges from its rivals. Whether it’s processing power or the price point, Apple is undoubtedly hiding some strong products to beat the competition.

However the company hasn’t shared anything specific about the rumored iPhone, but just like every year, rumor mill is highly active and is bringing leaked iPhone 8 details every now and then.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “iPhone 6: Should You Wait For iPhone 8 or Upgrade?”
  1. Larry Moore says:

    Iphones are built to last. I have a few friends who still use the Iphone 6 as their daily driver. We all know millions will jump, and purchase the Iphone 8 once its released.

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