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Examples Of Artificial Urban Excellence In America.

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( Too often, many urban people blindly think that “urban excellence” means graduating with a “degree” from a colonial university like Harvard which was like all colonial universities in this country was built upon the backs of free labor from colonized people in America.

That type of thinking is very counterproductive and is not very beneficial to the community as a hole because that’s like signing a certificate to be assimilated into a very corrupt, corrosive, disgusting, parasitic, and destructive system that we’re live in.

Intro: Here are several examples of artificial urban excellence in America.

1. Graduating With A “Degree” From A Colonial University – There are a lot of young urban people who blindly believe that getting a degree from a colonial university like Harvard will guarantee them the chance to live out this illusionary petty bourgeoisie dream of “getting out of the hood and getting a job“, but the truth is that they don’t realize that not only will Corporate America won’t hire them, but also don’t realize that if they do get the “job“, they’re signing themselves up for a lifetime of being an economic slave to a toxically corrosive parasitic capitalistic system.

2. Being “first” In A Colonial Power Structure – Mainstream media often promotes their artificial version of “urban excellence” when they put out stories like petty bourgeoisie Tamron Hall being the “first” urban female anchor of The Today Show just to manipulate us into thinking that it’s progress for our people as a whole when it’s really NOT, it’s petty bourgeoisie progress that’s not beneficial at all to our community as a collective, only to the colonial power structure.

3. Using The Platform Given To Them By Mainstream America To Utilize Their Talents For The Benefit Of The Colonial Power Structure – Many petty bourgeoisie in today’s mainstream media like Steve Harvey, Stephen A. Smith, etc uses their talents to only benefit themselves and the colonial power structure that’s in no way should even be considered “urban excellence“. That’s a form of artificial urban excellence.

4. Excelling In Areas That Are Consistent With Mainstream American Stereotypes Of Urban People – An example of this is when many young urban men blindly chase this illusionary hood dream to “get out of the hood and make it to the pros” as if that’s real urban excellence, but the cold hard reality that many of them fail to realize is that it’s not real urban excellence when they’ll never make it to the pros and if they do, their careers will only last three years. There are better paths and opportunities that display real urban excellence that doesn’t require them to only display artificial urban excellence when they have a basketball or a football in their hand.

The Conclusion – To me, the definition of real urban excellence in when you utilize your talents and knowledge to the benefit of your community so that the next generation will learn what you taught them and continue to use it also to the benefit of their community, not to this toxically corrosive parasitic capitalist system.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)
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