How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media at WordCamp Jacksonville 2017.

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( Presented at WordCamp Jacksonville 2017 national and international WordPress conference. An exploration into the value of Branding and Marketing to the diversity of humanity. Opening the mind to accepting that diversity is necessary for everyone to grow beyond their self-perceived biases and perceptions of other cultures, genders, socio-economic status and grandiose self-perceptions.

The influences of self-perception and the perceptions of those being marketed and advertised to. How to connect with others outside of our biases and stereotypes. What are the expectations of content creators, innovators and smart creatives when working to create an environment of engagement and interactive exchanges from the perceptions of posted content?

The importance of understanding the value of diversity and that just because someone is from another culture does not mean they do not have similar value structures and priorities with family, children and employment. The Internet does not care about color, culture or gender it is a global think tank.

Misconceptions are easy when there is not the desire or effort to understand those that are different and the biases created by media and word of mouth.

The R word creates a hindrance when trying to connect to other cultures, races and even genders because of the self-perceived perceptions based on outdated and antiquated ideas and even religious followings that do not allow for open minded intellectual discovery and growth. This is why WordCamps, EdCamps, BarCamps and Tech conferences are so important. Sharing knowledge enhances the life of everyone.

Being Dope means allowing who you are and embracing your humanity. To see the world not as segregated lives and individuals, but as a dynamic purpose of embracing of cultures that enrich and inspire creativity and innovation in oneself and others. Creating Brands that are a promise that you’re content accepts everyone as important and an invitation to not only follow, but to be engaged, involved, contributory and active.

Bill Gates stated, “content is king,” and content runs the world.” If that is the case then content needs to be developed to embrace the multiple dynamics of diverse societies and cultures. Great examples of dynamic marketers are Coke, Pepsi, Nike and other lines of clothing, beverages and foods that embrace cultural differences and see themas opportunities for engagement and building relationships.

“How to be Dope on Social Media” is a way to share dynamic and diverse content that inspires and motivates. This content builds up, enhances and inspires relationships that allow us to focus on our similarities and not our differences. Being a content creator, innovator, thought leader, smart creative and other creative terms of expression means looking past perceptions, bias, stereotypes, racism, closemindedness and prejudices.

Dopeness: “to move people to go beyond their everyday lives and engage to bring change and harmony as humans living in a world of humanity where diversity is celebrated and yearned. Developing a personal Brand that seeks engagement, acceptance, tolerance and

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson & Elisha Taylor

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