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Exercise Decreases Depression.

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( Life poses challenges every day. Some days you may feel that emotionally you are not able to get out of bed. Depression is serious and can range from mild to clinical. In addition to the emotional turmoil depression has serious effects on your body. Headaches, ached & pains, weight gain, no interest in activity, no interest in sex, lack of sleep or over sleeping, increased risk of illness, and loss of appetite are just some of the physical symptoms depression can cause. “Many of the physical changes caused by depression, such as insomnia or a lack of deep sleep, are thought to weaken your immune system.

This can make existing illnesses worse. In turn, physical changes caused either by depression or chronic disease can trigger or worsen depression. All these changes can lead to a vicious cycle that’s tough to break without treatment for both depression and any other diseases.” Depression is very serious and finding ways to alleviate it is vital to increasing ones’ quality of life.

In some very minor cases of depression change of scenery or spending time with loved ones can help bring one out of a gloomy state. However, more severe cases tend to require medical treatment of some sort. “Managing depression with medication, support groups, or psychotherapy — or a combination — has been shown to improve quality of life.” Though there are many options must realize medication has side effects. Anti-depressants don’t agree with everyone, and sometimes can make the matter worse. One option to consider is exercise.

It is known that exercise increases your overall physical health, and in doing this you can lower your chances of certain diseases. However, working out can also have a positive effect on someone battling depression. When you work out your brain releases neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids which are chemicals that can cause you your mood to be elevated helping to break up the depressed feeling. In addition, working out helps fight against chemicals that would weaken the immune symptom that aid in depression, and the elevation of your body temperature aids in fighting the depression.

In addition to helping the body fight depression working out can help boost our confidence and self-esteem. Having a better perception of oneself can help breakdown depression. Exercising will also allow you to get out of the house and socialize. Talking to others in an encouraging atmosphere can lift one’s spirits. If going to the gym is not your thing then taking a walk in the park, or around your neighborhood can have the same effect as you meet new people, and enjoy the fresh air of outside and the warmth of the sun.

Granted some that struggle with depression must seek medical attention, and be prescribed medication to assist with fighting depression. Just remember getting out, and working out can also help breakdown that gloomy state. It very well may help some break free of that dark space without the use of medicine. It’s worth a try; in addition to helping the depression you will be gaining a strong body and better overall health.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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