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The Downsides Of Working For Bigots In Corporate America.

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( Many of us have an extreme mental illness of depending on bigots to give us jobs and opportunities because Many of us are economically vulnerable to mistreatment, discrimination, and disrespect by bigots in Corporate America. And the thought of even relying on them to take care of us and pay our bills is a very unhealthy way to live.

Too many of us are basically putting our kids in harm’s way by teaching them to be an economic slave for Corporate America instead of teaching them how to be an entrepreneur, investor, and being their own boss so that they won’t have to deal with bigots in Corporate America.

Intro: Here are the downsides of working for bigots in Corporate America.

1. Creates Tremendous Stress – It’s no secret that Corporate America is a modern day haven for bigotry, stress, and depression because the many black people that work in Corporate America have done what they were supposed to do, but they are very unhappy, stressed out, and depressed for several reasons.

1) getting up early in the morning and going to work for bigots everyday

2) coming back home after a long 12 hour day on the job and going to sleep

3) not being able to spend as much time with the people they love and care about

4) feeling that they have no other options to escape Corporate America and building their own business.

2. Bigotry – Most of us have experienced some form of bigotry during a particular period or are currently experiencing it right now. Many of us are told to endure the psychological abuse on the job because if we get out of line or even speaking truth by calling out bigotry, we get fired from Corporate America in most cases. Enduring so much bigotry from the bigots themselves on the job has caused so many of us to become stressed out, depressed, and angry to the point of always complaining whenever bigots direspect us in Corporate America and it’s really sad.

3. Unable To Spend Time With Family – One of the biggest downsides for working for bigots in Corporate America is that they don’t allow you to get much time off at all to spend with your family when they still want you to come and slave for them everyday on the economic plantation.

Example: There’s an older sister who says that her mother was dying and her corporate bosses refused to grant her time off to be with her mother at the hospital and they still wanted her to come to work despite her mother being in the hospital.

It’s a very scary feeling to know that your mom is on her hospital bed and bigots in Corporate America won’t even let you have time off to spend with her. I would’ve told those bigots “I Quit” if I was in her position so that I can not only be with my mother in the hospital, but also create different streams of income from multiple sources.

4. Various Forms Of Discrimination – There are more than several forms of discrimination that exists in Corporate America.

A) Wage Discrimination is when you get paid let’s say $7.50 an hour, but the corporate boss from the suburbs gets paid more than $15 an hour.

B) Hair discrimination is when the false standard of beauty (aka caucasoid woman) wears a certain hair style that is deemed “appropriate and professional“, but when a melanated queen wears a certain hairstyle like afros, curls, or even love, they are deemed “nappy, ugly, and unprofessional” and are often told to change their hairstyle to one that is “more appropriate” for Corporate America or they get fired for refusing to do so.

C) Hiring Only Certain Black Men – They are mostly comfortable with hiring a demasculinized black man than a intellectual strong black man because like Chris Rock said a long time ago “You’ll have a much easier time in Hollywood as a demasculinized black man than a straight black man” and this is true today because a demasculinized black man like Lee Daniels can get easy funding and opportunities for his garbage he wants to put out.

5. You Can Never Pass Down A Corporate Job To Your Kids And Grandkids – Many black people that work for Corporate America fail to truly understand that you can never pass that corporate job down to their kids and grandkids and like an O.G. once said back in the day “They’ll find a new guy next year“.

Example: I had watched a video today of a sista named Adeea Rogers revealing when she used to work at Eastern Carolina University back in the day, she remembered a sista had literally died on her job, she had died in her office and shortly after the sister died on that Monday, the university had posted the job that had died on and that is very scary.

The Conclusion – When you create your own business and bigots try to come in and move your furniture, you kick them out and that is a wonderful feeling to have your own business so that you won’t have to deal with bigots in Corporate America.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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