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The Beyhive is filled with Simpletons Or Why the Political Acumen of Beyoncé and Jay Z Count for Nothing.

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( I found it thoroughly comical and insulting that during the final stretch of the general election that instead of stating policy specifics, or going around from county to county, Hillary Clinton fell back on staying to large urban cities and using the classic pandering strategy of pulling out entertainers to appeal to that portion of the voting populous that was fond of mindless self-absorbed celebrity twaddle and suckers for the old bread and circus trick. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Big Sean, J. Cole and Chance the Rapper and LeBron James among many other  were among the huge out of touch with the real-world stars called out like trained circus animals to publicly perform for blacks and beg for support on their behalf for them to back Hillary Clinton from mainly urban black millennials.

This is the tradition of the democratic party toward blacks: the poorly read black population don’t need to be taken seriously, just entertained, nothing more nothing less.  She doesn’t even care that she brings a Big “Anthony Weiner sexting” Sean out on stage albeit she is accusing trump of objectifying women because she knows andbeyoncedonaldtrump don’t care that blacks whom would vote for her because she has Jay-Z and Beyoncé on stage with her are dumb as fck anyway. Or a Jay-Z, whom with R. Kelley has a song called Pussy.

It is as if the only thing we care about is drooling over famous folks whose lives are far removed from us regular cats. What the DNC and HRC campaigned failed to grasp is that black folk can think and do frequently think for ourselves and have an uncanny ability to see beyond the snake oil. Despite parading all of them tricks in front of young black voters she was unable to convince black voters that we were a monolith, a single mind, or worse that we wanted four more years of the nothing we got from Obama with the exception of Frantz Fanon called the “Black Skin, White Mask.”

And since she didn’t secure our vote at the same levels of our first Mulatto president, she and the DNC now wish to lay some of the blame on the Black voting block for her election night loss of the presidency.The roots of Donald Trump’s shocking, long-shot, and divisively improbable rise to the presidency can be traced back to election night four years ago when black voter percentage, for the first time in American history, surpassed whites. Black voters led the multiracial groups of voters that re-elected Barack Obama and seemed poised to do so for any democrat in the future.

The election of Donald Trump signifies a lot of things but one was a rebuke to popular culture’s political influence in general – for if you depending on the black vote to win you already loss, especially with your record which you desire us to ignore. And true city Negroes ignored it, us real ones did not. And I say really because city cats got it twisted.  We know how democrats pimp our votes, and sure, we mad when a police officer kills a black man, any black man, even criminals, but we even more upset when our kids die as a result of gang members killing our kids. Point being we know liberal democrats and many cops don’t really care about black folk anyway. In one case we just a vote and the other just target practice.

After all, you can’t do no more to get the black vote than to entertain them and giving us fish in the form of free shit that makes us dependent on your monkey azz than to assist us in learning to fish and providing for and taking care of ourselves. It should have been an easy task even for a closet racist the likes of Hillary Clinton for all she had to do was play on our ignorance of history and employ the mainstream media to convince us that all of our ills are all due to Republicans (even in cities where they have not been in power 70 years or more).  See the Democrats know that regardless of race, if one is ignorant, don’t read, uneducated, under-educated and watch TV,  propaganda campaigns work every time – even when you have no message or plan but rather only the use of dog whistles (sexist, racist, xenophobic) and name calling you pay millionaires to repeat.

True you may mention some shit about Planned Parenthood even though Margaret Sanger was racist who viewed blacks as inferior and deserved to be a part of her genocide to exterminate blacks and other less desirables via abortion, but that is only catchy for women whom think murdering a child in utero is just another form of birth control, nonetheless, the Democrats remains and will always remain the party of racism and its voters too imprudent to know they’re supporting racism each time they cast their votes for democrats. As if black folk can’t do anything for ourselves without the democrats – a train of thought eerily similar to the attitudes and beliefs of paternalistic Democrats just scores of years prior when they  justified slavery, fought to keep slavery legal, founded the KKK, pushed  Jim Crow laws into existence and opposed school segregation and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And I won’t even mention Chicago (but I did) where black folk 12 times more likely to be shot than whites and where Democrats been on control since the 1930s.

Fact is democratic policies have worsen black poverty, which is still twice that of white poverty and has basically destroyed the black family. So yea, I’m certain Beyoncé and Jay Z threw down, but the votes the Democratic Party and HRC got from such was from a group of pusillanimous embarrassing and unctuous hypocritical whining simpletons that actually accurately reflects the political acumen of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Staff Writer; Torrance Stephens

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