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Barack Obama last days in office.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Now that America’s dalliance with her celebrated first black president is nearing an end, there are those who are breathing a collective sigh of relief that we will no longer be subjected to his treasonous and dangerous antics. This may be premature, however, but I’ll get to the particulars of that claim shortly.

One of the things demonstrated in the outcome of the recent general election was the relative tolerance most Americans had with regard to the fundamentally corrupt and criminal administration of Barack Hussein Obama due to the racialist conditioning to which Americans have been exposed. Over the last eight years, pundits and other observers have noted the tendency for the public to dissociate Obama from his policies, and the dynamic of this phenomenon remained a mystery to many.

It may seem dubious that so many would have given Barack Obama a pass on the many brazen instances of illegality and subterfuge attendant to nearly every act and policy he executed, but the 2016-barack-obama-donald-trumpaggregate of analysis more than suggests that this is precisely what occurred.

During his presidency, lawmakers and politically engaged voters alike have been loath to challenge or criticize Barack Obama when he addressed issues or policies directly, as they associated this with the concept that opposing him was opposing his ethnicity. This of course was reinforced by Obama supporters, the press and the left in general. When Barack Obama policies brought ruin to our economy, domestic tranquility, national security, or international standing and a political firestorm ensued, people openly condemned said policies, while Barack Obama calculatedly aided in the dissociation through his silence.

As it stands now, it is likely that a majority of Americans, even those well-informed among Trump voters, profoundly relieved that Hillary Clinton will not be our next president, are willing to have Obama go quietly with his legacy preserved for all time.

Despite this, Obama may not choose to do so.

The election of Donald Trump has indeed thrown the left into a tailspin. Considering the known modus operandi of this president and administration, particularly their proclivity for doubling-down on disagreeable policies when confronted or threatened, we would do well to assume that measures may be taken to secure what dubious gains they’ve made and to plant a few political roadside bombs for the Trump administration.

While Barack Obama might choose to run the clock out on his disastrous presidency and do relatively little, there’s still nothing I would put past this group with regard to getting in some “last licks.

For example, it’s likely that assassinations of police officers over the last week or so have been no more than maladjusted reprobates who took the election of Donald Trump to be an endorsement or mandate relating to the alleged institutional racism in America with which Trump has been associated. Since police have been characterized as the jackbooted enforcers of such policies, it stands to reason that such individuals might decide to take it out on law enforcement.

Or these killings might have been directly though subtly orchestrated by the bath house refugee currently occupying the White House, or one of his surrogates.

Over the top? No more so than any of my postulations to date concerning this administration – and definitely not a stretch considering the orchestration that actually did take place between the White House and Black Lives Matter and other radical groups, or Eric Holder’s Department of Justice orchestrating protests against George Zimmerman using taxpayer money, or DOJ surrogates organizing protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, or rioters in Baltimore, or that department’s covert attempt to subvert the Second Amendment through the Fast and Furious gun-running operation.

On a scale larger than murdering a few police officers, Obama’s real “last licks” could prove just as sinister. Bear in mind that he will remain president until past mid-January. During that time, he retains the power to bring about events that could be truly cataclysmic, and to shore up the machinery of treachery and terrorism he worked so hard to establish over the last eight years.

The flood of Muslim “refugees” from areas in the world that Obama himself destabilized has included thousands of individuals who were essentially granted access to the U.S. via Obama decree. Realistically, he has the capability of clandestinely importing even more of these people between now and January.

It would be quite in keeping with the character of this administration to surreptitiously foment widespread racial violence, for example, between now and Inauguration Day, as an ostensible reaction to the election of a man who has been characterized as a racist. This has already been accomplished by the administration on smaller scales over the last few years through contrived responses to police shootings of black individuals that were framed as race-motivated police brutality.

Considering how Trump has been represented by the left as regards immigration, far-left Latino groups such as La Raza and other “return to Mexico” claimants might be enrolled to touch off violence in border states. This could conceivably spread to major cities, with blacks, Latinos and college students already enrolled in the anti-Trump Astroturf backlash causing mayhem on an unprecedented scale.

While the election of Donald Trump was obviously not an endorsement of the odious values ascribed to him by the left, it most certainly was a repudiation of everything Obama, particularly if one factors in the racial components attendant to his rise to power. Donald Trump gave Americans the opportunity to unequivocally repudiate Obama without articulating their repudiation.

This has very evidently been extremely hard for the left to endure, so we ought not be surprised at anything they come up with between now and the day Obama leaves office.

Written by Erik Rush

Official website; http://www.erikrush.com

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