Morehouse College Unabashedly Invites Joe Biden to Speak at Its Commencement Ignoring He Hurts Black Families by Undercounting Our Unemployment Rates.

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( The African American community is in a crisis economically, due to Joe Biden’s economic policies. And African American leadership, while presenting themselves, as appearing to be organized, are in disarray, when it comes to meaningfully helping Black Americans. We have black faces in powerful positions throughout this nation, and across the Biden-Harris administration. However, if having Black Americans in these positions do not result in positive outcomes, for Black America economically, of what use is it to the black community, to have these people occupy such powerful positions, whether elected or appointed?

Morehouse College Unabashedly Invites Joe Biden to Speak at Its Commencement Ignoring He Hurts Black Families by Undercounting Our Unemployment Rates.

Black American workers are in dire economic circumstances and the Biden-Harris administration is to blame. Yet, Morehouse President, Dr. David Thomas seemingly, unaware of the Biden-Harris official economic policy of undercounting the unemployment rates of American workers, including African American workers, gives Mr. Biden a platform to confuse and woo African American voters. The White House confirms Biden will speak, May 19th at the Morehouse College graduation ceremony, the alma mater of civil rights leader icon, Martin Luther King Jr.

The scheme of undercounting jobless American workers, started with Democrats back in 1994. William Jefferson Clinton was president of the United States. At the same time, some recognizable names, these Congressional Black Caucus members were also in Congress, and currently sit in Congress, today. They are, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Representatives Maxime Waters, Sanford Bishop, James Clyburn, Bobby Scott, and Bennie Thompson.

These black politicians may not have been aware of the scheme of undercounting our unemployment rates, at the start. But with that said, the undercounting or understating of our unemployment rates has continued, since 1994, without any relief or let-up and is now reaching what one could call a critical stage as Black America endures its 3rd Economic Downturn in 16 years. As Biden prepares to speak at Morehouse College, he knowingly perpetuates the scam of undercounting our Job rates, by giving the appearance his 3.9% political Job rate for April as delivered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is comprehensive of our Job situation. It is not. The real unemployment rate for April is 7.4%.

It is important we understand economists, as a result of the redesign of the categories of unemployment rates, resulting in the Chart of Alternative Measurements of Unemployment, seen at this link, (, concluded the U-6 category rate of unemployed workers is the most comprehensive measurement of our monthly unemployment situation. That rate is 7.4% for April, and not Biden’s 3.9%. The end result of the redesign was a modification of how to calculate the number of idle workers, more accurately, in our economy. Read the complete article about the changes to our unemployment rates, at your leisure, at this link:

Without a doubt, the aforementioned politicians are complicit in the scheme of undercounting our Job rates, because of their silence over the years. Their continued silence and inaction are evidence of their duplicity. The damage economically to African American workers and their families is compounded because as a worker group, Black American workers have the highest unemployment rate, leading to the highest rate of layoffs, as the economy declines. The black worker group rate averages 2.7% higher over the real rate, which as established above, is 7.4%, making the black rate of unemployment for April, 10.1%.

Here is a plain and simple way to visualize, or look at what Mr. Biden, and Democrats are doing to us, year after year, and month after month, when it comes to undercounting our unemployment rates. If you low-ball, or undercount laid-off workers, with a Job rate lower (Biden’s April political rate of 3.9%) than the real rate for April (7.4%), President Biden willfully counts only 53% of unemployed, and laid-off working-class Americans. That leaves 47% of American workers, including African Americans uncounted, and unseen by Congressional policy makers, who use the administration’s numbers to fund legislation to help unemployed Americans. It gives the impression our economy is a lot better than it is. For more details, and factual evidence Biden and Democrats are doing this, undercounting our Job rates, go now to the article at this link:

By giving Biden a platform, and without asking for any accountability, from the Biden-Harris administration, in regard to undercounting our unemployment rates, Morehouse College becomes an “active participant” in the promotion of the scam of suppressing the unemployment rates of African Americans, negatively affecting economically some 47 million Black Americans and their families. Joe Biden’s obvious objective, given this platform to speak at this venerable African American college, seeks to advance his presidential election campaign. By doing so, and not addressing the lie about our unemployment rates, he misleads Black American voters, about the true nature of our economy, with Morehouse College’s help and reputation. Additionally, what he won’t tell his audience at Morehouse College, he and Democrats want to make this vile policy permanent, negatively impacting future American workers.

Apparently oblivious to the fact, working-class Black Americans, are currently in a Great Recession with an unemployment rate of 10.1%, as former president Obama during the 2008 Economic Downturn declared the nation to be in a Great Recession, when the national rate at that time reached 10.0%, Morehouse College President David A. Thomas, Ph. D., is making a mistake, in not demanding accountability from the Biden-Harris administration, when it comes to this scam. Can anyone with a straight face show how undercounting our Job rates is good for American workers, especially Black American workers, and the millions of Black American women workers, who head households with children.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a close presidential election. To secure another four-year term, President Biden is going to require the votes of Black Americans. That’s why this is such a great opportunity for black leaders, like David Thomas to negotiate an end to this vile policy, if he and others would just step-up to the challenge before them, and ask Mr. Biden to stop undercounting our unemployment rates, which is devastating to the African American community.

This is something we can “easily fix. If Mr. Biden ends his oppressive policy, it will lead to Biden and Democrats growing our economy based on the real April unemployment rate, as established by economists, of 7.4%, which is doable. Again, I pose the question, Can anyone see how undercounting our Job rates improves our economic condition?  Well, if your answer to that question is a resounding no, then you can count yourself among wise and reasonable voters. Reasonable people usually vote in their best interest – undercounting our unemployment rates is not in the best interest of the African American community.

Even the most ardent, and loyal Democrat should understand this. When you undercount our unemployment rates, which leads to under-reporting and hiding our layoffs, as the Federal Reserve fights inflation, slowing the economy, Democrats are not delivering for professional, blue collar, and working-class Americans.

Staff Writer; James Davis

Mr. Davis is a Financial Analyst. His articles are about relating facts in a usable, truthful, and understandable way. That way, WE ALL WIN. James is, the author of three books, among them, “The Fix This Time,” Boost Your Retirement Income! Simultaneously Create Jobs and Spur Economic Growth ( Reach out to James @ his blog

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