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School Shooter Problem Solved: Girls DHS, Drive-Bys, Reality Tv At Center Of Issue.

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( You should sit down before you read this. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI have had irrefutable evidence as to the origin, cause, and solution to school and mass shootings…and didn’t tell you. I authored a report on school shootings in which DHS download over a dozen times in 24 hours which solved the issue years ago (the download is HIGHLY unusual). The report sparked so much attention because it reached the exact opposite conclusions as the Secret Service report on school shooters did.  The report accurately predicted the actions of school and mass shooters in future attacks, such as the move to attacking movie theaters, and America having one school shooting a week.

It also provided strategies and tactics to recognize killers before they committed their acts, and even demonstrated how to stop the killers once they reached their target. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit and numerous attacks since DHS received the report have verified the report is 100% accurate. What’s coming next will be whole lot worse unless a major change of course is charted in addressing the problem. So WHY won’t DHS and the politicians that have the information tell YOU?  You won’t like the answer.


School shooters are the Google generation’s serial killers. School shooters mirror serial killers in every way except for two:

1) They are much younger than serial killers which explains # 2

2) They haven’t learned patience which explains why they kill the way they do

This is the profile of a serial killer: they tend to be in their late 20’s-late 40’s, are male, played with fire and tortured animals as a child, are sexually dysfunctional, have strong mother issues/are misogynistic, a loner-“oddball,” higher than average IQ, and most importantly are ALL AMERICAN. Sound familiar?  Compare the makeup of school shooters and you get the EXACT same profile.

America is 4.5% of the world’s population, however we produce 75% of the world’s serial killers, and despite what the media and “experts” say, 90% of serial killers are perfectly SANE (that is not crazy). To put this American pandemic into perspective examine this comparison, Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls out of the 49 played (8%), and is considered the greatest quarterback of all time. In order for Brady to match the percentage of serial killers America MANUFACTURES, he would have to have won 37 of the 49 Super Bowls that have been played. That could not happen, would not happen. So WHY is America the Mecca of such socio-pathological behavior?

Sit back down, it’s called COMEUPPANCE (my favorite word in the English language better known in the ghetto as PAYBACK). American culture has a dark side that we seldom address, so I will address it here.  The myth of America is what’s getting kids killed, in short we are living in a deluded culture.  When that delusion meets the real world, a certain percentage of people become horribly violent. The deeper the delusion, the worse the killers will be and the more they will kill.  Serial killers and school/mass killers are actually an American cultural export.  Where ever you find American TV and military bases you will have the killers sprout up like weeds. Look at the countries that dominate the globe in the production of both serial killers and school shooters: America, Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and the Scandinavian countries.  They are all WESTERN, industrialized nations flooded with American culture through TV and Americans visiting the countries.


You might want to pour yourself a drink. The first school shooter ironically was a teacher named Heinz Schmidt who committed his attack in Bremen, Germany in 1913 (on the eve of WWI). The first modern day school shooter was a 16 year old girl from Southern California (SOCAL) who committed her act in January of 1979, and the second modern day school shooter was an ex-soldier who  committed his attack in January of 1989 in SOCAL. All three individuals lived in the same social ENVIRONMENT, an environment that mirrors present day America in every aspect. Specifically, their profiles are EXACTLY the same from the simmering anger, physical and psychological isolation, and incredibly unhappy.

The school shooter is a very angry, very mean, and determined killer seeking to exact retribution upon that very society that produced him and his misery.  He is a cold blooded hunter that is crazy like a shark (hence why I have labeled them “Akulas”-the Russian word for shark made famous in the Denzel Washington Gene Hackman movie “Crimson Tide”).”The school shooter is America’s modern day Frankenstein, he is the monster that we created and are in fact nurturing by not addressing and purging those elements from our society that created him.

Still sitting? Another major reason why the school shooter has popped up en masse now is the failure of our leaders to recognize the advancing TREND after the first two events and take necessary actions.  I have been aware of the coming of school shooters since the 80’s. I reached this conclusion as a result of hanging out with punk rocker White kids from Detroit and from growing up around gang bangers that pulled drive-bys.  The White kids were so angry at their parents, their culture, AMERICA, and it was the EXACT same anger I saw in Black teenage gangstas prowling the streets.

You are seeing something that often happens in America, a trend starts in the ghetto and then hits the rest of America like ton of bricks.  What happens in Detroit (Black America), does not stay in Detroit.  Be it, Hip Hop, a dance, whatever, it will show up as a major factor in American culture, especially if it is a negative sooner than later. I am not saying school shooters looked at drive-by shooters and said they wanted to be like them, I am saying the elements in the Black community that created cold blooded teen killers that “spray” kids on the way to school NATURALLY created  similar killers in the White community that “spray” kids in school. America had a chance to end and purge school shooters from our culture with the April 1999 Columbine shooting, but blew it by taking NO action whatsoever and by not recognizing what has become THE cultural curse of our time.


“Once you eliminate the impossible, what remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes). I approach all problems and most importantly the solutions to problems using this axiom along with the investigative techniques used by the National Transportation Safety Board when investigating a plane crash. I begin by eliminating what it COULDN’T be, and that process always leads me to what it must be. Stay seated because this is the most shocking information on the catastrophe. If you are depending on DHS, the FBI, ATF, or politicians to save you-it AIN’T happening.  They are as incompetent and uncaring as it gets regarding the issue. They don’t understand the problem, much less have any solutions other than showing up to count the bodies after the NEXT incident for some camera time.

Worse, DHS and the other agencies mentioned are infected with the same “American sickness” that has produced the school shooter.  I know this is going to be horrifying to the public at large, but the medicine that is best for you, most often tastes the worst to you That’s right DHS and through its sub-agencies and partners such as TSA, ICE, ATF, Air Marshalls, the Secret Service, and Customs and Border Protection have sexually assaulted, raped and murdered countless numbers of girls and women. I warned about criminal activity in a letter to the head of DHS in 2009 due to girls that came to visit me from Canada, India, Germany, Australia, Norway, and other countries being targeted as the girls and women were  who were raped and killed by DHS agents. I have formally sent a complaint to DHS Inspector General John Roth (IG), who ironically attended the same college as I did at the same time as I did. DHS REALLY does not want that letter to get out, it is the H-Bomb that blows up DHS and reveals ALL of its dirty business. The bottom line is those girls and women would not have been raped and would be alive if I was listened to from the start.

This is the tip of the iceberg, the situation is far worse than the article indicates (I have been contacted by 3 major US media entities, and others in India and Europe seeking the letter to the DHS head and further information on matter. Additionally, the Foreign Ministers of countries from India, Norway, Australia, and other Western countries have the information and are seeking ways to protect their female citizens based on my warning, especially after this incident This is why I cannot take the Bill Cosby allegations, nor Gloria Allred seriously, this situation is a real threat to females that deserves the avalanche of media attention the Cosby story has gotten.  For the record Gloria Allred refused to help the ladies within the agencies that have come forward to report even more incidents. I am working with the female agent leading the charge within the ATF (a Black woman) before my mother, sister, or friend is the next victim.

You might want to cut off the television. Fake-ality TV, that’s what it is-there is nothing real about it. Reality TV is a main cause in the rise of school shooters. The rise of school and mass shooters tracks EXACTLY with the rise of reality TV as a cultural phenomenon.  This socio-pathological brain rot masquerading as entertainment has created… surprise, surprise, sociopaths.  An examination of school shooters and mass shooters reveal that they sought unwarranted fame just like the fake-ality TV non-talents do. The killers are out to create the ultimate reality TV show streamed live in HD through the news media.

What is the main theme of this genre of trash TV? The participants get paid and media coverage for acting like fools-the more foolish, the more violent, the more ridiculous, the more attention they get.  Just look at the UCC (Oregon) and UCSB (California) shooters postings and other electronic MEDIA designed to make their crimes entertainment and make them “celebrities.”  Just think on this, American TV from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s infected the world with serial killers, reality TV compared to shows from that era such as “Leave It To Beaver,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” and “A Different World” is  like comparing meth to aspirin-hell is coming our way.

The other major element in the epidemic of school shootings are girls-all in negative ways. The over whelming majority of these killers hate women, with a searing hatred and lack of respect for their mothers. Just look at how many of the mothers helped the shooters obtain the guns used in the attacks.  But there is a larger and deeper problem from mothers in 2 areas:

1) In a blistering and prophetic 1965 report entitled The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (known as the Moynihan Report). Daniel Patrick Moyihan warned that the trend of a Black community ran by females was destroying Black America in catastrophic fashion. In short, the report stated that the ghetto was emasculated. For some insane reason, the rest of America adopted this disastrous trend and ran with it. America has become effeminized, and it is killing us-literally.

I know this is harsh, but all the studies, evidence, and my real world experience shows that women cannot and should not be in charge of raising boys-especially alone. Female dominated communities will most certainly lead to massive social disasters within those communites regardless if the community is White, Black, Asian, Latino, or other.  To be straight up, the basic discipline and mental toughness that MUST be entrenched in American society, specifically regarding boys and young men has been removed and replaced with “effeminate confusion.” Femininity is great for girls and women, but it is crime wave sure to come when imposed on men and boys. See the article “Motown’s Road To Ruin” out of Australia to get the full reasons as to WHY.

2) The rants of the school shooters on social media are the statements of a love sick school girl, not of a boy or grown man. The language of the killers is extremely feminine and opposite of what a young man should sound like.  Well you can thank Oprah and Dr. Phil for this, America wanted males to get in touch with their feelings, well they did and look at the result. If you are a guy, don’t get in touch with your feelings. Instead “walk it off,” “grin and bear it,” be logical not emotional, and accept that you win some, you lose some like everyone else. When you have mentally effeminate males it is a matter of time before they go all Elizabeth Taylor…with gun in hand. Males make horrible females folks, not that it can’t work-it DIDN’T work.

Unfortunately, even the individuals and organizations that are out to end the massacres have been purely 100% EFFEMINATE and IMPOTENT in addressing the issue. Question, are there LESS shootings or MORE shootings since the groups formed and initiated their plans to REDUCE school shootings? Results don’t lie.


You haven’t heard this information because of WHO it came from (or as DHS put it to me, “BOY, how dare you”). You see I am a Black, straight talking, real world type of problem solver that values saving children’s lives over hurting grown folks feelings. I am not a politician so I can tell you the TRUTH.  Most importantly I have been RIGHT in every analysis, forecast, and prediction on school and mass shootings, while the “experts” have been wrong…DEAD WRONG.  I was recently interviewed by iHeart radio in Lafayette and LA concerning my correctly predicting numerous events that happened and techniques that came from my report that were used during school and mass shootings that stopped the shooters in their tracks and saved countless lives.

The reporters just could not wrap their heads around how I could be so right and the Ivy League and DHS geniuses could be so wrong. I explained it like this, I was raised in America’s most violent and murderous city (Detroit), I was a paratrooper that has had many a parachute fail on me, I spent a year in the desert wars on the front line, I had my girlfriend in Norway almost get blown up by a mass killer that killed 77 people, and I have seen so many violent acts there is none that could surprise me.

One thing I have learned through all of this is that I will take a street PHD over a Harvard PHD any day. The physical real world ALWAYS beats the philosophical book world.

I am also university educated and I was trained in political and social science by men that were former officers in the Soviet Army, wrote Constitutions in Europe, barely survived numerous wars and genocide, and are high ranking military officers from the all over the world. I respect these men because they know violence and pathology as well as I do because like me, they have LIVED it. Experience is the teacher I respect. Any solutions that the anti-real world rookie academic comes up with will be wrong, it is impossible for them not to be due to the human element at the center of the problem. However, they are so egotistical that they would rather see your children dead than to give you the information that would save them. Remember what I said about the dark side of American culture, and this is the worst of it.

1) Hold a conference with the best thinkers in the world concerning the issue of school shooters. The President should have done this long ago, and any further delay will spell doom for a lot of innocent civilians and cement the trend as a part of Americana like Elvis, apple pie, and Chevrolet.  I am in the process of setting up such a conference  with global experts. This petition gets the idea on the President’s desk and as a priority instead of what it is now, a political after thought .Trust me the shootings will not stay in one section of the American community it will spread to every community just as serial killers have unless YOU the public step up and DEMAND action be taken instead of endless discussion.

2) Do opposite of what we have done socially since the end of the 80’s, that is end the psychobabble, end the junk science, and end the practice of drugging our children with psychotropic drugs (which they are mixing with street drugs which is turning them into “zombie youth” killers).

Recognize that boys and girls are different more than anatomically and have different needs. We must end the oppression of political correctness (PC). Did we have this cancer in our society when were real world instead of PC? No. Just do a comparison and contrast of the 1980’s and right now 2015 and it will become crystal clear as to what caused the school shooter disaster we know as the school shooter.

This approach should be combined with basic physical security at all schools and theaters along with “mass shooter interruption” protocols. You must DEMAND not ask-your child’s life depends on it.

3) We need Apple solutions to this Google generation problem. Up until now the approach has been strictly typewriter-ish, and it has no chance of working. The problem must be looked at in the same way these bottom of the totem pole researchers looked at ulcers-scientifically That’s right for 100 years all the Harvard and Yale doctors, pharmaceutical execs, and geniuses on Earth were wrong, causing millions of people to suffer in agony and spend billions of dollars on that suffering.  No one ever thought to actually examine the medical problem using medical science-as is the case with school shootings and social science. The medication given to the patients with ulcers was snake oil, pure and simple. The “medicine” being given to America for the school shooter virus is social snake oil-don’t buy it.

I must address President Obama’s statements after the UCC shooting. His statements were irresponsible, dishonest, and defy the facts at hand. This issue does not need politicizing, it needs SCIENCE-izing.  The concentration should not be on gun control, Americans are not giving up guns, a matter of fact they can’t do it because of another serious issue. Even if Americans gave up every gun in the country, it would not decrease the killings, it would increase the killings.  The killers will just move to homemade bombs. In Las Vegas, Alabama, and the Columbine school shootings, the attackers brought homemade bombs to the schools- which fortunately they never got to explode. The death toll from the bombs would have been catastrophic (think Oklahoma City Federal building and the fact that most US troops killed in Iraq were killed by homemade bombs not bullets). So rather than concentrate on the impossible, let’s concentrate on the doable Mr. President. Politics is the PROBLEM here not even close to the solution.

Finally, keep in mind as I say this, I voted for President Obama in 2008, have defended him when he was right, and don’t own a gun, nor am I a member of any gun organization. President Obama has little to no credibility in the area of American gun violence from my standpoint. While he has targeted gun owners, stated how much he dislikes the shootings in his hometown of Chicago, and that the Newtown massacre was the worst day of his Presidency, his actions don’t match his words. In fact both have led to more incidents. You cannot have Al Sharpton and Jay Z at the White House with their endless social scamming and be taken seriously on the issue.

It’s like President Bush saying was serious about improving race relations, and cleaning up Wall Street as he sits down weekly with the head of the KKK and Bernie Madoff in the Oval Office. As the saying goes-“the company you keep…” President Obama is more of a politician on this issue than the parent he needs to be. President Obama needs to get some outside advice and he should have the Secret Service report on school shooters re-examined and then re-written- it has become the Iraq War of domestic policy. It is the gift that keeps on giving like the social Ebola it is. Now you can get up, if you can.


Staff Writer; Jerome Almon

One may contact him at;


7 Responses to “School Shooter Problem Solved: Girls DHS, Drive-Bys, Reality Tv At Center Of Issue.”
  1. joe says:

    The writer is RIGHT. Guards on duty need to be prepared for mass shooters. And right about many things.

  2. Twonagain says:

    I agree. Mind control is exactly what is causing all this. Do yourself a favor and look into MK Ultra before you dismiss it as a “crazy” conspiracy theory. It’s well documented and declassified going all the way back to the 1950’s.

  3. Marque Anthony says:

    To The Author:

    This issue goes a lot deeper than your research and your article. I suggest you research Manchurian Candidates, MK-Ultra and government mind control patents (

    Your solutions will not work because the problem is not that simple. When the public is scared enough, the government gains more power such as in the Patriot Act, Agenda 21, the King Alfred Plan, REX 84 or the NDAA. You have no idea how deep and how high up this goes.

    I know thee facts but I would rather recommend that you do a lot more research. Behavior modification through subliminal programming of the subconscious and the use of frequency are just the beginning.



    Try getting familiar with NLP


    Note to the author:
    The people you speak of who trained you were pawns and bishops or rooks at best. They were not the knights, kings and queens who control the board.


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