Devout Christians: The God I Serve.

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( I can’t begin to do my God Jehovah justice by trying to explain who the God is that I serve. So instead I’ll just tell some of the things that God has done in my life. His wonderful miracles started at my birth. I was a breach birth, feet first, with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. A blue baby who wouldn’t cry when the doctor spanked me to start me breathing. He could’ve easily given up trying after awhile but thank God he was a stubborn man! I ended up being bruised but alive.

Devout Christians: The God I Serve.

A sickly child, I spent two weeks in the hospital in second grade with pneumonia. I had missed over half of that school year being sick. It seemed like every time I got sick the “it is” brothers would show up, bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis. Another miracle happened when ALL of my brothers and sisters living at home came down with the measles but I didn’t.

As an adult my life had been spared several times from bad car accidents and near misses. But one event that I can’t forget was when God had sent angels to protect me and I didn’t even know it until years later. I was a grocery store manager who had to let one of my employees go for a “no call no show”. When an employee fails to show up for their shift company policy states that they have twenty-four hours from the beginning of that shift to contact the manager with a reason for missing their shift. If they fail to do so they are then terminated.

This young man failed to contact me and was terminated. About a month later he showed up in the store on a very busy Saturday afternoon. He was spotted down the aisle by one of my other employees who greeted him and suddenly was staring down the end of a loaded pistol. That employee contacted me and I called the police.

The police told me that they didn’t want to grab him inside the store and risk him shooting up the place. So they staged themselves outside and were waiting for him to leave. I told my staff not to talk to him and just leave him alone. He went through the express lane which was across from our front customer service booth where I was standing. He kept looking over in my direction but finally left. The police apprehended him outside where they found a 357 and a 38 set of pistols on him.

About six years later he came in to the store and asked to speak to me. He had grown up some and had on a suit and tie so I didn’t quickly recognize him. We went in to my office and sat down when he began to tell me what all had happened to him on that day. What he told me sent chills up my spine. He said that he had planned on shooting me that Saturday when he came in.

He had been married for less than a year and his new wife didn’t want to move up to the mountains. So he would go down to Phoenix on the weekends to spend with her. He told me that he also had a drug problem and ended up staying down in the valley an extra day missing his shift. He said that after losing his job his life took a real tail spin and he blamed me.

After being arrested and going through drug rehab he got his life together again. He was up to take care of the court proceedings for what had happened and wanted to apologize to me for what he did and almost did. I accepted his apology in total shock and afterwards thank God for sparing my life!

My walk with Father God was almost none existent at that time but thank God it’s so much closer now! God has done more awesome and wonderful things in my life and never ceases to keep me in a constant state of AWE at the works of His hands. The God I serve loves me more than I know, more than I deserve, more than I could ever earn and more than I can begin to fathom. And God loves you just as much for I am no one special onto myself. But I am a servant of the Most High God, a bond slave of Christ and a child of the King of kings! And that is the God I serve!

Staff Writer; Steve C.

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