The African Story Must Be Told Too African Americans.

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The African Diaspora, an interconnected blood line of history, legacy, family, lost and found loves and endangered unification. The connection between African Americans and Africans connected with blood and tears. There is no denying that slavery spread the lives of millions Africans to impregnate America with what is now known as African Americans. History and legacy has shown that Africa is the cradle of civilization and the history of the world started
with Africa.

The story maybe factual, the evidence seen in the faces of millions of African Americans that are decedents of the slaves that were forcibly brought to this country. The struggle for levels of freedom are still being sought ironically resulting from slavery in America and colonialism in Africa. The history being taught in schools in too many cases is a travesty, filled with false truths, misconceptions, lies and africans-africanamericans2016intended information that is safe and easily manipulated to create a level of understanding and thinking that does not encourage rebellion or continued investigation.

African American students are not interested in a continent they do not see their connection to, African children only see what the media wants them to see of America whether it is music, videos, movies and the athletes and entertainment powerhouses that lack historical or cultural relevancy.

The intellectual understanding of the importance of Africa is sometimes lost in the haze and misdirection that people perceived from past National Geographic and other nature shows. Africans are in to many cases fodder for discriminatory shows that show bare chested women in desert sands, children whose protruding bellies are from malnourishment, starvation and war. Men who with yellow eyes sit around fires with spears, glazed looks and missing yellow teeth.

The media shapes and molds these stories and are sometimes the only story that has been shown for decades or half centuries. Some of this visions are true, but they are not the whole picture. This is why “The Danger of a Single Story” by The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is important to understand. No one person or group should be allowed to talk about, mold the conversation around, or dominate the discussion on another culture.

Even in the case of Bridging the Diaspora Divide – Teresa H. Clarke at TEDxEuston that talks about the divide across a color line that should not matter because no matter the hues of our skins, the lightness and darkness we are all part of a diaspora of historical and cultural significance. African Resources from TEDTALKS Teresa H. Clarke is the CEO of is the fastest growing Africa related website. Soyinka and Achebe “Africans Have a Story Inside to Tell” is an additional blog created to show the power of African storytellers that in history by colonization were systematically silenced because foreigners learned that storytelling shared messages that provided hope, courage and unity.

Blogging by Africans is critical to share the stories that influence education, business, commerce and impact collaborative efforts that transcend race, religions, gender and alternative lifestyles. “blogging is critical today more than ever.” Anthea Adams

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