Entrepreneurialism and Social Media RU Local and Mobile.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Your SoLoMo – motion can determine your climb as an entrepreneur.

The ability to communicate as an entrepreneur is important, many variables come into play as you grow your business. Access to, understanding, applying and sharing information is vital, using business resources and interpretation of data from diverse resources and networking is vital to business success and expansion.

Applying technology has changed from an occasional use to an absolute necessity in Web environments of digital information, levels of interactivity, sharing and content creation.

The down-side to the use of technology is the inappropriate relationships that potentially can develop and unprofessional content in electronic messaging like blogs, microblogs, video and with other tools. Entrepreneurs need to be careful and cautious in digital streams because their reputations are accountable.

Entrepreneurs have implemented the use of Social Media resources, platforms and tools (Social Media/Social Networks) allowing for continuous connections outside of traditional business hours. The interpretation of SoLoMo is Social networking using diverse Social
Media platforms, Local associations and networking, Mobile technology integration and implementation in business and Entrepreneurialism-2016everyday life is changing the way we network and conduct business.

Social platforms Blogging and Twitter (microblogging): A blog is an online presence, updated by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, opinions, OpEd’s, and discussions. There is an interactive component that can be implemented in Blogs encouraging feedback and interaction on multiple levels; graphics, video and audio can be shared on blogs to provide interactivity and extend digital reach.

The key component is the ability to share content effectively and bring value and relevance to sharing information. SoLoMo integration is a must for the entrepreneur because there are no traditional vacation days and no sick days, the grind is real, everyday.

Blogging for entrepreneurs allows for the use of web based resources to be researched and applied to empower clients/customers. Blogging can help build relationships and expand the entrepreneur voice, the expectations are that consumers follow so they know what is going on in the business end and how it influences that relationship of customers and entrepreneurs. There are professional aspects of information sharing and just as with any type of technology business sense is imperative. Caution against unprofessional Blogging, Tweets and even Facebook entries. Entrepreneurs must have a plan to use Social Media platforms, there must be a direction of how to network, answer questions that arise about business from clients or potential clients, why have a blog if you’re not using it to promote and market your Brand? Business owners are measured with standards, reliability, honesty, trust and expectations of and for success. This is why professional behavior should be exhibited at all times; care should be taken in the “content’ of writing and blogging.

Entrepreneurs should understand that content online is a matter of interpretation and what is posted never goes away; content posted and shared is a permanent fixture online.

The availability of technology extending a digital reach should always be respected, just as in the early 50’s the immersion of television created a paradigm in the access to entertainment, local information, global news and business information. The Internet has created major changes in the availability of information, the speed of exchanging information and a paradigm shift in digital content sharing, Branding and Marketing for the entrepreneurial spirit.
Education is a key component to growing with technology, learning how to apply Apps, Social Media tools, Email lists, customer satisfaction surveys, changes in business practices, financials, policies and keeping the personal/human touch available. Stated in the article, Teaching Entrepreneurism “research in the field of entrepreneurship has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, so entrepreneur educators (consultants) can do much more to help entrepreneurs avoid common tech and Social Media problems.”

Understanding how to network, how to develop a Brand and Market that Brand are vital to business success. Entrepreneurs must be reminded that when blogging about any business venture they should take into account the facts of information posted, privacy issues and accuracy of resources and any quotes being used. Education of laws that guide, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and other platforms is needed.

Dr. Noam Wasserman, of the Harvard Business School; “many of the base skills (of business) can be taught, but they (entrepreneurs) must be complimented with real-world work to prepare them for the industry. By education pitfalls may be avoided and an increase their success rates in business.”

Entrepreneurs need a plan on Social Media platforms, my experiences as a higher education and public school educator, business owner, Social Media presenter; Blogger/Content Creator,
“Thought Leader,” user/developer of Social Media/Social Networks; if you put something on the Internet someone will see it, if it is misunderstood or seen as inappropriate eventually someone will report it or call you out on it. Technology can help entrepreneurs expand from the development of basement content creation to global influencer as a “Thought Leader” or “Visionary”.

Entrepreneurs: be smart, be professional, be involved and be educated. Use So – Social Media wisely – Lo – Local resources to build your Brand and Mo – Mobile technology to stay connected to clients, customers and all the potentials

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