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Celebrity Romance: The One Sided Relationship Too Many Americans Have.

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( Throughout history man has worshipped everything from the sun, mountains, and mice. Since America’s inception, Christianity has been the leading religion of the land. Though recently, Christian denominations have suffered great declines in membership. Numerous ex-members are instead finding solace with what they believe is a more tangible God: Celebrities.


This peculiar relationship between civilian and celebrity starts at the infant stage for America’s citizens. Children’s rooms are adorned with Disney artwork, and beds are covered with Dora the Explorer blankets. Worshipped “deities” emerge from their respective industries with different powers to mesmerize their fans. Celebrities traditionally gained status by entertaining the public as athletes, actors, or singers. Now these omnipresent celebrities can be void of talent, yet still enjoy wealth, fame, and countless worshippers. (i.e. The Kardashians, Jersey Shore cast, Paris Hilton)

Adults directly and indirectly train the youth of America, to praise and worship celebrity figures. Children are persistently bombarded by celebrity images on posters, toys, school supplies, food packaging, video games, billboards, television, and the Internet. Americans do an extraordinary job of teaching their youths that celebrities are a higher being worthy of time and praise. These lessons are constantly taught through America’s most prestigious university: television. Impressionable youths see images of celebrities creating hysteria among the fanatics who worship them and footage of celebrities surrounded by security, being whisked off in luxury vehicles. This footage is replayed more than Seinfeld re-runs. Despite the love, adoration, and commitment one has with their chosen celebrity, unfortunately for the fanatic it’s a one-sided relationship. Celebrities are paid and coached to profess their love and appreciation for their fans. Whereas your love is real, theirs is scripted and if your paths ever cross do not expect too much. They don’t know who you are.

People are more aware of every aspect of a celebrity’s life than that of their friends and family. We are aware of their relationship status, religious beliefs, children’s names, diets, family drama, favorite hobbies and, addictions. What is this obsession with a celebrity’s net worth? The number is never accurate, and these people will never assist in paying your bills. Maybe we are just bored and nosy.

Celebrity worshippers are easy to spot at work, bars, church, and any other social gathering. They usually bring up their “god” meaning their favorite celebrity, as a topic of discussion. They become extremely defensive if one criticizes any attribute of their celebrity, much like followers of a televangelist who defend their pastor’s extravagant and unchristian lifestyle. R&B songstresses Beyonce and Rihanna both have fans who call themselves “Beyhive” and “Navy” and have been known to respond to anyone who criticizes their respective “gods” with slanderous insults and threats of physical violence. Some of the more devout worshippers even send hate mail to those who dare question their lord.

This type of behavior is especially strange for adults to engage in. Why are people so consumed with the life of a person they don’t even know? The sad truth is no matter how much time you put in spying on the life of your favorite celebrity, you will never truly know the person; only the manufactured image presented to the public. A biography would provide a more accurate account of the “god” but we, as a society, do not read.

People need to turn the interest and energy used for celebrity worship on themselves, working to improve themselves and their own lot in life. Regardless of the fantasy they want to believe, your relationship with your favorite celebrity is an illusion. Please keep celebrity relationships healthy, recognizing them as only entertainers, not leaders. Fans pay to be entertained but that fee does not include a friendship.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Romance: The One Sided Relationship Too Many Americans Have.”
  1. Ronald says:

    It good thing to speak your mind

  2. Truth says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the author! We need to spend more time nurturing healthy relationships with those who we actually have daily contact with i.e. spouses, children,parents and friends. Most importantly, we should have more concern for our own lives and work on improving our situations. Entertainers are only here to entertain you, appreciate the art, respect the artist and leave it at that.

  3. jdean says:

    I have said what the author has been saying for the longest. Good Article

  4. Original Man says:

    Bravo!!!I have been waiting for someone to speak on this topic for a long time and finally got it. We as a society has way too much invested in the lives of people other than themselves mainly celebrities. There are way too many things going on in the world including our own and yet we are so caught up on what is going on the entertainment industry. The powers that be are laughing all the way to the bank because we are being distracted by what these puppets are doing.

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