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5 New Technologies to Look Forward To.

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( Technologies are rapidly evolving and growing in today’s fast-paced world. As these technologies appear, they are quickly replaced by even larger dreams and greater attempts to do the impossible. While it was once believed that man was not meant to fly, it is now thought anything we put our collective mind, time, and money to can be achieved.

Sweat-Activated Super Coolingshirt-101

Activated by moisture, this technologically advanced material provides a cooling sensation to the skin. Omni-Freeze ZERO™ technology is now featured in the lining of Columbia’s summer apparel line. The Zero Rules™ clothing line includes Omni-Freeze™ ZERO for staying cool, OMNI-WICK® for reducing sweat, and OMNI-SHADE® for sun protection.

Apple Pay

Though mobile payment options have been introduced before (cue Paypal and Google complaints for failed attempts), Apple Pay has been largely accepted by the public with open arms and fond excitement. The payment terminal allows retailers to accept the payments and is now popular among users.

Sleeker and lighter smartphones with higher speeds and greater capabilities have meant consumers constantly carry a small and powerful computer with them at all times. This all-in-one mobile technology becomes even more useful if a few taps result in a fast and easy payment. This will likely lead to a race for mobile payment between providers and has already formed a $3.7 million drop in the $4 trillion bucket of annual consumer retail spending.

Autonomous Cars

If you thought self-driving cars were a thing of the future, you might be shocked to learn they are right around the corner from becoming car-101a household asset. In May, Google announced that 23 cars have been driving in mainly autonomous mode for the past six years, covering over 1.7 million miles and sustaining just 11 accidents. If you think 11 sounds high, you might feel a slight shock to learn all 11 accidents were due to human error (either the Google drivers being in control at the time or other drivers on the road making mistakes).

California put laws in place early in 2015 to prepare for automatic cars. The all-electric car Google was introduced in 2014 and will hit select streets soon in California. While these cars are currently going to be set to a “neighborhood-friendly” max speed of 25 mph, the future is right around the corner. Nissan has announced plans to release their autonomous vehicles by 2020.

3D Printing

From the 3Doodler pen for small-scale 3D drawing to larger 3D printers for NASA food, new printing technology has been exploding for the past few years. L’Oreal just announced plans to partner with a bioprinting company to increase lab-based skin production. The cosmetics company is already producing thousands of skin samples aocto-101 year in France, but it wants to speed up the process, according to Bloomberg.

Printed skin has been suggested for speeding the healing process of facial injuries and burns, as skin tissue cells are grown and farmed for future use. If it all sounds a bit Dr. Frankenstein, you might not want to know that L’Oreal’s labs have already created over 5 square meters of skin. Not to be outdone, pharmaceutical giant Merck is currently working to print liver and kidney tissues.

H2 Power

As the most abundant element in the universe, efforts are being made to harness hydrogen to fuel needs for the future. Toyota is leading clean energy efforts with active fuel cell vehicles (FCV) set to enter the market. These cars offer quick refueling times and long ranges as a zero-emission alternative to fossil fuel. Hydrogen can be produced even in areas with few natural resources and will continue to increase in importance as a sustainable energy source. Toyota’s Mirai is set to arrive in limited parts of California in the second half of 2015.

We didn’t even touch on virtual reality visors (like the Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens), the new Apple watch, or smart home systems for controlling your energy use remotely from your smartphone. There are too many amazing things hitting the market and not enough space to write about all of them. What near-future technologies do you have your sights set on?

Staff Writer; Rick Curry


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