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An Inevitable Race War Is Coming.

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( An inevitable race war is coming and you can choose a side or your color will choose it for you. It will not matter where you live, what you drive, how much you make or how many college degrees you have. Do I wish it to be so? No. Is it necessary? Maybe. When the angels came to Daniel and told him of things to come, Daniel wished the future they showed him would not come to pass. But the angels told him the future was both inevitable and necessary. Maybe, just maybe, the same is true for the impending race war in America.

Freddie Gray died while in police custody after receiving a spinal injury this month (April, 2015) in Baltimore, Maryland. The police commissioner has already admitted wrong doing by the officers in that they did not give him timely medical attention. Six officers have been suspended, which means all of them did nothing to help him and it’s likely some of them caused the fatal injury. How many of them stood by while their fellow officers injured this man to death? What made them think they could get away with it? The investigation is continuing but it is being completed by the very people who protect the police. Is it any wonder why people are angry?

Black lives matter when we make people see that they matter. And first our lives have to matter to each other or they will never matter to anybody else.

African Americans have been oppressed, subjugated, experimented on, ridiculed and targeted for far too long. It did not stop with slavery, it just changed form. We were pacified with the election of a President who looks like us, but that apparently is not enough. Weed has been injected into our communities while strip clubs, liquor mediaguidewhiteprivilege-2015stores and garbage dumps pervade our neighborhoods. We have been programmed to turn on each other instead of our “masters”, but an awakening is happening. Our people are beginning to realize they have been used, brainwashed and manipulated to hate and destroy each other. That seems to be fine with the powers that be until it comes into their backyards. We have a right to be angry and we have a right to protest or fight against our annihilation. Yes there are opportunists thugs who take advantage of peaceful protests, but the majority of people are angry and tired of being targeted for elimination.

All you have to do is research The King Alfred Plan or REX 84 to know what the powers that be have planned for a great many of us (if not all of us). We are not as far from the beginnings of how Hitler developed a hatred propaganda for the Germans to despise the Jewish people. But this time we are the people who are despised. This time African Americans are being discreetly and covertly labeled as what’s wrong with society, no matter what society (and the police) keep doing to us. We need to watch this development closely with our eyes wide open. And we need to be much more observant than simply knowing who won the game, the new song by Nasty Minage, the new Xbox game or the latest exploits of Kim KarTrashian.

The social security administration bought hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition just a few years ago and yet this went practically unnoticed by our people. Most African Americans are not familiar with the King Alfred Plan or REX 84 (research them on Google or Youtube). In cases like Baltimore, Maryland, even as we speak, we are seeing the implementation of martial law, complete with military equipment, the National Guard and curfews. But our people seem not to be paying attention. And if you think this country would not or could not round up an entire ethnic group of people, study what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Every Japanese person in America was immediately rounded up and incarcerated.

I have always believed a peaceful solution was the best solution. But what about when peaceful solutions don’t work? Then what? The courts are not working to resolve the problems because half the time the courts are the problem. And law enforcement will not police itself, espcially when prosecutors are not likely to go after rogue police officers. Our options are limited. This country speaks to its adversaries in languages they understand. But what makes our country listen when African American men are being murdered by police officers every month? Maybe we should return to using boycotts that hit the right people in the pocket. Maybe our solution is political, economic and sociological. Maybe our solution is an outright revolution. What do you think? Baltimore, Ferguson, New York – again and again but enough is enough. We keep being told to wait for the facts, but the fact is that another “black” unarmed man is dead at the hands of the police. How many more facts do we need while we are being exterminated?

RESEARCH FACT: Cops kill thousands more Americans than terrorists.

It’s easy for people to call angry people thugs. It’s easy for those who look down from penthouses, private jets and congressional offices to call the violence in Baltimore and Ferguson “senseless“. But what they fail to understand is these people are fighting for their right to survive, their right to reject eugenic extermination, their right to be free from tyranny at the hands of those who swore to protect and serve. So for all those who judge these people, until you have walked a mile in their shoes, your words have neither impact nor consolation. And if you are an African American who thinks police brutality cannot happen to you, get your head examined because you walk and live in a sugar-coated world of deception and denial.

Whatever we do, if we do nothing, we are about to be taken backwards, all the while losing more rights than we have gained. It’s time to wake up, step up, speak up and stand up. We all know that if we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything. How many more of us have to be shot down in the streets or end up dead before we realize that an unofficial war has been declared on us? I am not suggesting what course of action you take, but please do something or at least SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! If you stand by and do nothing, then simply put the chains and shackles back on and go back out to the cotton field.

Feel free to email me at if you have feedback or question regarding this article.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


109 Responses to “An Inevitable Race War Is Coming.”
  1. Moon says:

    We can’t wait for the day when we’re shoveling all of you into a gas chamber. Maybe that will finally stop your whining.

  2. Jeff says:

    I only have one question. How much money do you make to spit out this chopped up line of drivel lacking specifics and statistics? We all know this is a capitalistic country and you Sir are just another whore. Have a nice day.

  3. Jan Kokes says:

    You are right in a some sense. Your frustration is indeed understandable. But the truth is you also got some things wrong. Especially the “we need to all stand up and fight” part. It is not the quantity that can save you. Only the quality can. Use your time to educate yourself and do something that matters. We are yet to see black Newton, Einstein, Ciolkovski and Archimedes. How many high class mathematitians and physicists of African origin do you know? I know none. How many inventions were made in Africa or by blacks in America? None? How about books, how many top selling authors are or were black? Same thing? Do black people rule particle accelerators, do they have the codes to nukes? No? Well, if they did, their lives would certainly matter.

    There is this joke. Two elderly highly educated gentlemen are sprinnting in savanna with lion chaising them. Doctor says: I wish I could run like a gazelle. Professor asks: Why is that? Doctor: Well, I could outrun the lion. Professor: That is an error. You by no means need to outrun the lion. You just need to outrun me.

    Based on media, do blacks give impression that they only crowd in streets, protest violently, cost lots of money in wellfare and give nothing but trouble in return? If so, their value seems lowish. Negative even. Take your trusty calculator and calculate, just like elites do. Do I pay off or not? If so, you are safe. Others will become lion’s next meal.

    Or go ahead, turn around and fight the lion bare handed as you suggested. What do I care? I am too busy sprinting.

  4. Jamie kelson says:

    Let me start of by saying I am a black man whom is disgusted by his own race and their lack intellectual critical thinking skills. This I think is our problem, We have been savages for thousands of years, we don’t have the brain power to compete, or even be around civilized races. With that being said, progress can be made I think. The smartest of us need to change this race around with at least 100 or so years without interference form Whites or any other races. this includes but limited to selective breeding, harsh laws, codes ethics and identities of our own. If we can not change we will be assimilated or killed.

    Furthermore, Mike Radiant is right. Although, he is racist and obvious hates black people. He is correct about everything he said about our race. We are not civilized, nor do we have the brain power to make our lives better. If we don’t do something about our brains and learning, we will be forever a horde genetic inferior humans. However, People like mike Radiant want to see us stay monkey brained so they can keep the earth in whites hands. Especially Africa, because there is the black mans salvation

    If the right black people come together and get rid of the dummies, The black race per capta IQ will increase. Right now, 85 average is not enough to to compete, create, invent or really do anything. This why we can not win in this society. Africa is even worse, with a per cap-ta IQ of 70 this is child like. I reiterate find the smartest of the smart and start from there.

    Now As Far As a race war, Blacks will most certainly lose. We are outnumbered, out gunned and outsmarted. Does this mean we should be afraid and let them slaughter us. I say no!!!! If it comes to it , We need to take as many of them as possible with us. Sometimes you need to fight even though you will lose. This will show them will will not take our deaths lying down. besides, it’s better to be dead than be a slave or a prisoner. If they kill me, I would have killed my share of white folks. I implore you black folks we must work on our brains or we will never have our own place to dwell, our own culture, food, independence, technology.

  5. Sick says:

    Dr. Seuss nailed it. There will never be equality until there is one color or race. We are humans, we should fight for that. If you dont like this fucking country then move. Sick with it, you make with what you have!

  6. Ray Touchton Jr says:

    Do you really want to fight a war that you can’t win? You need to take a good look at the U.S. military. They will chose sides also. They won’t obey the commander and chief if black people try to attack their cities and homes.The Marine corp is almost 80 percent white not to mention the army.You think things are bad now? Black people will suffer a thousand times worse after they lose.I know you are trying to make money but your rhetoric is dangerous for black people not so much for white people. You can’t end racism with war you will make it worse. With every new generation of Americans racism is dying. I know this doesn’t fit your timeline but time is the cure not war.

  7. Vanilla says:

    @ billybad ass, I always laugh when you Blacks think you have bigger dicks… We all know thats just a stereotype you grown fond of hearing because it was your only chance to look somewhat appealing to a white reject pavement whale. When in fact we all know the truth in phys Ed DAT you ain’t got shit… LOL!! And the phrase you like to use so much “Once you go black you don’t go back.” is true because they cant!! They are to filthy to go back… Also stop calling yourselves chocolate… I compare you more to shit with eyes and teeth. I never smelt chocolate with body order nor had hair that no other race has. So if chocolate is poo in the Urban dictionary then you are 100% correct..

    Blacks are the BIGGEST racists out there!!! I think its sad that they are only on TV because of the race baiting BS nothing more..

    The only (race) that separates themselves more then any other race are BLACKS!

    Cry some more and look for weak ass white people that fear you… Because believe not many do. So stop walking like you shit in your pants and laying down in the drivers seat because you look RETARDED!!! LMAO!!

  8. billybad ass says:

    yall just mad cause we got bigger dicks and were throwing it to yalls white women suck on tis big balack monster BITOCH

  9. Tango Echo says:

    It seems to me that your problem is with the government more than white people.
    Maybe you should consider for whom you are voting .
    Was Obama elected because of the content of his character or the color of his skin?
    Be honest.
    Most of this crap is the direct responsibility of the Demicratic party whom African Americans religiously vote for.They want to keep you down so they can keep blaming whitey and promising to lift you up.Have they?
    Be honest.
    If you want to stand up to someone try starting there.
    And get rid of race baiting money grabbing so called leaders such as Al Sharpton he makes you all look like idiots because he claims to be speaking on your behalf, and nobody says otherwise.
    And then stop kiling each other for God’s sake.Do black lives only matter of a cop or white guy kills them?
    You can blame everybody else if you like and remain a “victim class” poor you can get over the past and get your house in order.
    After all that if you still wish for a race war..we are prepared.
    To secure peace,one must prepare for war.

  10. afrosniper says:

    Remove all afro males as soon as the next election is final.

  11. afrosniper says:

    Can’t wait! Niggers are done for and it’s totally their own fault. I suppose it was the knockout game that did it for me. After I saw that, I became a whole new person. I want to remove all 10 million afro males myself. 1 at a time if necessary.

  12. afrosniper says:

    Can’t wait! We practice every single day for it. Afro’s WILL be removed from America! 10 million afro males must go!

  13. Paul Ritchie says:

    Jesus…. are you people for real???

    Granted, all ethnicities are exposed to and personally experience racism. I grew up knowing black folks hate me because I’m white, but I got over that shit by 3rd grade; I don’t really dwell on it, or give it much concern. Y’all need to move on and let shit go; some things you just can’t change, but they may die out if you leave them be.

    There’s really no conversation to be had. White folks can’t apologize for crimes the didn’t commit, nor can blacks. I’m not mad at black folks, I’m mad at the people constantly stirring up this crap for profit.

    A war, you must be joking. The only people who’d show up for that, are the bottom-feeders with nothing to lose. You’d have a better turnout at Christian rock concert. The “majority” in this country isn’t whites, it’s Americans.

    Will I protect my family and livelihood at all costs, of course, but that doesn’t mean I should start hating and killing people who haven’t put either in jeopardy. Everyone’s pretending they’ve been accosted, get real- no ones stealing your paycheck or threatening your life. It’ll be a tough row to hoe if you plan on fighting with everyone who holds racial beliefs. Hell, I believe the entire planet would be your enemy.

    I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life in war, not the theoretical kind. Let me tell you, there’s better ways to spend your time.

    Why is it always the most despicable people demanding respect from others, while granting none in return.

  14. Mike Radant says:

    Face the facts, N!GGERS, your race are a failed race because you’re a feckless, unruly, uncivilized horde of feral proto-humans. You never figured out how to live in a society bigger than one or two squabbling families. Starting thousands of years ago, everyone else on this planet without exception did – they invented religion, the idea of law, and the ideas of property and respect for the value of human life. This enabled tribes to coalesce into bigger groups and become organized. The rest is history, or rather civilization.

    But your lot never did this, did they? Abstract thought and problem- solving have never been the black man’s strengths, have they? Did they invent a long-lived and intellectually coherent religion? Nope. Did they ever build a city? Nope. Did they even invent bricks? Nope (the reason there’s no Stonehenge in Africa is because it took more than 20 people to move the slabs of rock – clearly a non-starter in Africa, where assembling more than 20 n!ggers normally results in a war). Did they till the land? Nope. Did they domesticate an animal for their use? Nope. Did they invent a written language? Nope. Did they invent the wheel? Mainly, nope. Were they curious enough about what lay out across the sea to sail upon it? Nope.

    And blacks are the only “humans” on this planet of which all this is true. Eskimos are more technically advanced than blacks were, despite the handicap of having no raw materials to work with other than dead fish and snow. Indians managed to domesticate the elephant. Why couldn’t n!ggers?

    So why do you fail everywhere even today? Let me offer you jigaboos a hypothesis. It’s because feral behavior – innate savagery, murderous violence if annoyed, predisposition to rape many women and thus fecklessly father many children – conferred valuable survival advantages on individuals in the backward, Paleolithic milieu of Africa. But they don’t help your kind in a civilized society. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the last few hundred years have not been long enough for these behaviors to have been domesticated out of you all. So you’re all still at it.

    Let me illustrate this for you by analogy. Technically, an American pit bull terrier and an English golden retriever are exactly the same species. They can produce offspring, if crossbred.

    The former was bred to exhibit certain characteristics – wanton aggression, propensity to fight, physical strength, powerful bite, and so on. The latter was bred to retrieve birds shot and killed by its masters, and to do this, it has to have a docile, placid, non-aggressive nature; otherwise it would treat what it found as its own kill and refuse to hand it over.

    Now imagine that your small children, aged maybe two or three years old, are going to be locked in a room with five or six of those dogs, and the dogs haven’t been fed for a week.

    Which breed would you rather lock in there with *your* children? Hungry pit bulls, or hungry golden retrievers? Or do you figure that, even though they *look* differently, they’re all the same species really, so of course the pit bulls certainly won’t act any differently?


    All this PC crap we hear spouted in the media about how “there’s no such thing as race” is just that – crap. A dog has four legs and a tail; a cat also has four legs and a tail, but that doesn’t make it a dog. The superficial similarity between cats and dogs and between whites and blacks is just that – superficial. If there really were no genetic difference between n!ggers and humans, then presumably my white woman and I could very easily produce a black baby between us at any time, and any n!gger and his ho a white one.

    But we know what we’d say to them if that ever happened, don’t we? 🙂

    Whenever blacks achieve a certain critical mass numerically in a pre-existing non-black society, they start to exhibit their natural feral behavior and to turn their environment back into a recognizably African, essentially Stone Age one. Thus, Africa has the jungle; black enclaves have “da ‘hood.” Native Africans were small wandering herds of marginal animals, one famine away from extinction, and which therefore fought each other savagely for pieces of territory. Large groups of “African-Americans” at liberty in the west actually deliberately break themselves down into *smaller*, tribal hordes, because they feel uneasy in and unaccustomed to a larger society. Negro gangs of twenty to fifty individuals assert their rights to “tag” other people’s property through gang violence, but fail to co-operate otherwise.

    For instance, a 15- or 20-strong horde of negroes was recently filmed by a security camera inside a London bank they were robbing. Once they had terrified the cashiers into handing over the money, they then fought *each other* for it, in the middle of the cashier’s hall, like hyenas fighting over an antelope. Having stolen from the bank, they instantly started to steal from each other. The idea of escaping first, then sharing the swag, was just too complex for them to understand, never mind implement.

    And so it goes on. You *cannot* fuse blacks into existing large societies or standalone nations because they are just plain not adapted to it. I’m sorry for you n!ggers and for your savagery, and I’m sorry you were born a violent black aboriginal savage in a civilized society, but I’m more sorry for the white societies that are having to tolerate all your crime while we try to absorb you.

    This is why all black nations fail economically and sink into corruption, civil war, and permanent dependence on the white man’s generosity.

    And presumably this is also why you pathetically allowed yourselves to be enslaved: you’re savage enough still to be angry about it long after it ended, but you were too backward to stop it at the time. No black Spartacus, is there, n!ggers? Why no slave uprisings among blacks? Slaves repeatedly rose against the Romans even they knew they’d be crucified for it, when captured.

    *White* slaves, that is. They cared enough about their stolen liberty that they were prepared to risk even that. So what’s different about the negro? Why did you all sit there, enslaving each other even in America, and still enslaving each other even today in Africa, until a kindly but misguided white benefactor set you free? Is it because, as slaves, you were fed, watered, and housed, and that you as a race had no ambition beyond that if it entailed doing any work or taking any risks? What are you – lazy, cowardly, stupid, or all of the above?

    And you’re *still* bleating about slavery now. If slavery is the root of all your problems, why did Australia prosper? England used Australia as a dumping ground when her prisons overflowed. Within a hundred years, a nation manufactured from convicts in irons had its own autonomous elected government, and barely a hundred years on from then, Australia is now a major economic power in the Pacific. And at no time have *they* n!ggerwhined for handouts from the mother country – in fact, if anything, it’s mostly been the other way around.

    You know what? It’s because Australia is *white*. Oh yes it is. Just imagine if there had been a Black Australia. Look how few aborigines were able to live in Australia’s climate, and now look at how many whites can. If President Monroe had sent his n!ggers there, they’d be n!ggerwhining about how Bwana dumped de po’ black folks on a desert island in the middle of nowhere, so they never had a chance. Every week there’d be news of a new famine or civil war in Australia. The Africoons would be slaughtering the Aborigines, or the other way around, or whatever. The collecting tin would come out regularly, but the money would be stolen and spent on Kalashnikov s, and Black Australia would still owe Whitey billions which we’d be expected to just forget. If all those unfortunate convicts we sent out there had been black, Australia today would just be yet another Liberia – a crappy failed nation of murderous warring n!ggers, with one hand held permanently out for money in the general direction of Bwana. And you know it.

    So quit whining and thank the white man you live in America, not in Africa.

  15. Sean says:

    After reading the comments…geez a lot of hatred which sucks. Ok, I’m a white guy, in my 30s, Marine combat vet and despise the racial divide as I know many great black, arab and hispanic guys. I grew up in a middle class community but at 13 and 14 was landscaping and working as a janitor, then a mechanic before the Marines so I have had to bust my ass for everything I have. Just conveying my background, not growing up with a silver spoon. I served in the military, gained a better education and experience to progress in my career.

    As an engineer, inventor and employee of the military I will say I wish we could utilize the untapped AA community and provide more jobs, entry level on up to executive. I know the “the system” (political, jobs/industry, etc) is a mess, but admittedly not as well as many African Americans do.

    Please help me understand this though. The military is a way out, provides training, the GI Bill, a chance to see the world. Yet the recruiters in west Baltimore can’t get black males to sign up or pass drug tests in order to join and progress in life. Why is that? Isn’t the military an opportunity to better a life? Honestly just trying to understand.

    Thanks and peace to all.

  16. Scott Hammer says:

    This is entertaining. NOT. I don’t think that most of the comments on this article were even written by white racists or black militants. I think this is race baiting pute and simple. MOST articles written like this, with comments, are moderated so that comments that are inflamatory are removed. But NOT here. Why?

    Because the powers that be WANT a race war. There are moles planted to tell you that ALL white people hate blacks. Call them niggers. And then someone posts a mispelled grammatically incorrect slang filled post from a BLACK man. To back up claims that a) blacks are ignorant and b) they hate white people.

    Someone poses as a cop who hates black people.

    These comments are mostly DESIGNED to insight hatred and violence. As is this article. The author sites a FICTIONAL story and an old plan from the 80’s and claims there are plans to enslave black people.

    There are JUST as many ignorant, uneducated WHITE people living off Welfare. Black Lives Matter members are being manipulated. The powers that be WANT them to rise up and want the whites to rise up and then, martial law and then they take ALL our guns. And white people are being manipulated. ALL of us.

    All those arguing and cursing and threatening, if you are even who you claim to be and not moles are being used as pawns. MOST Americans want food for their children, clothes, a good job, a home, saftey and security.

    There is one race, the HUMAN race. Don’t be sheeple blindly following the news. It’s all a ruse.

    BTW I am a college educated MIXED man who works full time, who owns no guns, has NO political affiliation, and my only real dislike is ignorance of ANY color.

  17. Jocelynn says:

    Well, I’m not surprised. Union jobs paid good wages with black women getting equal pay at Boeing. Same for union workers in Detroit. We got Motown records. It was awesome, among other things. Then big business lobbists killed unions and NAFDA killed middle class neighborhood’s in Compton…examples. Everything went to he’ll and drugs in a heartbeat. You think the trickle down idea was good? Think again. Then the stupid TV show COPS. Farrican. Brainwashing. Richard Nixon said if the people don’t see it on tv, no one will believe it. Well, I believe it. For profit prisons? Are you crazy? Reminds me of Jewish slums in Nazi Germany. How many white and black, Hispanic families lost their homes and children in the USA are malnurished. Insane. I’m not here to argue. I’m here not to be brainwashed by tyrannical political parties whose greatest concern is what corporate money bag to prositute themselves to next. Policies are made to allow for scape goats when there’s good money in corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Benjamin Desrali, paraliment of England. Texas sucks

  18. Judah Ben Hur says:

    Black, white, Indian and Hispanic have always lived together in North America, and always will. Some others have joined us over the centuries. These are all just conventional categories, easily scrambled. For example, at least half of Hispanics list themselves as white, while Asians don’t worry much about labeling because they assume they’re the top of the heap no matter how you slice it. About a seventh of the population of the United States (including me) has some Native American ancestry. And more “white” people than know it have some black ancestry, just as many blacks have white ancestry.

    So, please, stop the threats, all sides. They just advertise how low and beaten-down you feel. Try standing up and living your life, rather than wasting it with cheap on-line posturing.

  19. James Lee O'Brien says:

    Your racist world view is like a religion – it is the lens thru which you view everything. Here is the problem. Black culture is maladapted. Lets start with family life. Over 72% of all black children are born out of wedlock. The fathers abandon them. So mother and child are left to poverty. The excuse “oh well black men leave because they cant do well enough for their families”…what fucking bullshit. My god…. thats like the captain of a ship saying “oh well, I cant navigate in this fog, so I am abandoning ship” and leaving the crew and passengers to fend for themselves. You have culture of excuses and irresponsibility.

    Second, black culture lacks morality. Pimping, gangs, violence and criminality is admired. Thats why so many of you stupid fucks are in prison. If your daddys acted like men and raised you to be men…you would not be involved in gangs, fucking every pussy you can find and leaving kids in poverty and talking to every cop like they were some fucking screw from a Alabama prison in 1940.

    YOU ARE YOUR OWN ENEMY. Not the white man. You dumb assholes think you were the only race to be discriminated against? Read some fukin history. The chineses were slaves – and white hated them. Yet asians do better than whites in America. Why? because they have good values, they value family, work hard, THINK before they act and are responsible. The system works well for them. Blacks are the bigest failure on earth – why? they refuse to delay gratification and its all about the individual. YOU all chose to function like god damn chimpanzees rather than men and citizens.

    Go ahead and start a race war. See what the fuck happens. I can tell you…
    innocent people will die. lots and lots of innocent people will die.
    You stupid mother fuckers dont give a god damn about anyone but yourself as individuals. Thats why BLM never says a fuckin word about kids dying from other blacks killing them.

    You people need to grow the fuck up and act like humans and citizens – not god damn chimpanzees.

  20. Theseus says:

    I want race war. All this posturing from the blacks is getting ridiculous. They are a subspecies of human, with an average iq of 85, which is borderline retarded. When the war kicks off they will be massacred. They have no leaders, all too busy fighting amongst themselves over shiny trinkets and “muh dik”. The Hispanic community will join with the whites and purge the feral negro from society. They will become a footnote in history as the failed race.

  21. Mike says:

    How many white people are killed or maimed by the police. You seemed to think only black people are attacked by rogue police. are we moving towards a police state,—yes. But to think blacks have a minute chance of winning a race war, you are insane. While 99% of the black population by, big wheels and tires, new phone, gold jewelry and things that they think promote them in society, the white population has been buying guns and ammo. Make no mistake, the black population would be slaughtered. But it would not be just black against white, it will be everybody against everybody. And i do mean everybody. The frustration of the people has reached boiling points. Unlike Europe, where you cannot defend yourself, white people will start shooting, there will be no safe places, there will be no cops. The militias will take over, the US will break apart, the Confederacy will come back, welcome to the second civil war.

  22. Soyomoto says:

    Blacks are outnumbered and outgunned. Whites own the gun shops and gun factories. If this so called war begins Hispanics will most likely take the white side. Very few will be dumb enough to unite with lazy freeloaders. Hispanics work hard for their money too hard to just give it all away to blacks. If all blacks no longer want to be part of the USA then leave or be extinguished. It would take 21 days to eliminate all blacks from the USA Oprah can take her billions and share her wealth in Africa, but she won’t….

  23. White Power says:

    Negros will always blame someone else for their failures in society. Always the highest unemployment. Always the highest crime rates. Always ruining the community they move into. Negros are leaches on every society they integrate with. There isn’t a single successful developed nation that is predominately black. It’s always taken a white man to show them how to move out of a stick and mud hut and live like a human. Now it is time for the negroid beasts to move back to their stick and mud huts and live like the animals they are.

  24. Rady says:

    They would not post my comment to afraid to hear what whites will do if this shit continues the sheets will come out

  25. Rady says:

    Obamma has with his Muslim null has set race relations back 30 years Nd blacks might burn their cities but where will they live then we will not let them come into our suburbans and burn and kill they will be turned into asphalt and buried we will not tolerate their in the trees monkey mentality they will be the losers badly then they will be run out of this country do they better learn to follow the rules of society like whites do not middle eat muslum idiots burning blowing up cities it will not stand I whites Erica wake up giggers

  26. WHITEY says:

    You dumb negroids. Go back to your mud huts if you find the USA to be so oppressive. The violent crime rate here would be the lowest in the world if not for coloreds. I know many non-cuckold whites who are just itching for an excuse.

  27. Q'non Wade says:

    wit u Lamar. time has come to erase the ugly whitey from earth.
    my our jewish god be with us and all panthers and the real blacks
    long live Africa
    we must rule this god dangit world . OUr time is now
    holla yall, fa shizzle

  28. Lamar Laws says:

    whitey gonna die bitch every last one. whitey be the devil caveman ugly mothafuckkka
    we goona kill yall anywhere we see yall, cause white gonna fucking die bitch yea yea yea
    i hate all whites may they rot

  29. The Main American says:

    I think whites forget, we have our brown brothers too. Lol, Mexicans and Hispanics rarely like y’all. But ok. Always want to pick up guns, but we’re the pussies. Hillbillies.

  30. Quiff Jizzum says:

    God just needs to pop a cosmic cap in all our asses and start over. This here shit be OVER.

  31. Trump is going to bring back slavery and pay off the national debt by selling all Blacks at auction. Trump must be stopped.

  32. Rusyy says:

    Can’t wait. The man is ready. We are armed and we have ammo and smarts. All of which the afro lack.

    Absolutely can’t wait! Time to clean up American and make it great again.

    That future does not include the violent afro male. Did it to yourselves, you violent animals.

    Your violence and bullying will not be forgotten.

  33. White and fed up says:

    These comments are maddening. This article is another example of the problem, it’s all together just shows why we need to get over the past and move on. We have a black president, but instead of being an advantage for blacks, he has made life even worse. The man who has achieved the highest level of achievement in the world is still celebrating all the things that hold the black communities down. My opinion is he does it to appear “Black enough”. That term right there is the biggest problem for the community. If your not “Black enough” you get no respect. But what is black enough? According to the liberal media, you have to be loud, belligerent, rude, and confrontational. Why is that BLACK? What happened to “MAN ENOUGH” because in the end it doesn’t matter if your black or white, if your man enough, you will get the respect. So my question is, why do we celebrate black men only for their black achievements? Why not their achievements as men. What happened to the Magic Johnsons who brought their money back into black neighborhoods not to throw parties but to build jobs and support local families? Why did no one talk about Prince and all the things he did? Why does no one talk about the achievements of all the black men who own businesses that help their communities. Because that’s manly, but not “Black Manly”. Black Manly is gold, booze, women, cars. There are so many amazing black men doing great things, let’s look at sports. Russell Wilson, amazing man off the field, but not Black enough, so we only talk about his ability to throw a football. Just as religious and just as caring/giving as Tebo, but not known for that because he blacks and that’sthat’s not black enough. Richard Sherman, super intelligent, super nice, super giving to the community, but that’s not “Blackish” so we only talk about his man coverage ability and his trash talking. Yes I’m a hawks fan. What I’m saying is if we could stop glorifying the worst of the race and start talking about the good parts, we might be able to get past all this crap and move into a time of peace and prosperity for everyone. If the black communities do well, that will help everyone. But I will say, it has to start in your own home. ANY one who has a voice must use it to start talking about what’s right and stop focusing on what’s wrong.

  34. Paul Lewis says:

    You, like so many jaded philosophers, are making it worse. It is unfortunate we have our American history, but instead of doing what the Chinese, Nigerians, Indians, and Jews (to name a few) are doing, focusing on beating or joining the system, we are stuck with our bitterness and need to maintain our ill-started Christian based (forced on us by our slave owners) “culture”, that frankly, started inferior, and continues to be inferior. And now we are stuck on stupid by ONLY calling out the injustices, but NOT focusing on building success from within. Anyone who is bold enough to call for change should have the balls to call for change within our culture, our values, our parenting, our education, and the crime that continues to plague us. And this is why when Black folks get out of the self-segregated lifestyle either through luck, hard work, or purposeful education, we separate ourselves from the fractured Black “culture”. You are making it worse, and fueling the hate of these assholes who look to exterminate us. You are helping their cause. Thanks a lot. Not. That makes you one of the assholes.

  35. August says:

    Reading this opinion piece and reading the comments makes me really really heart broken. Before I really comment I want to say that we are ALL brothers and sisters. We all come from the same 2 people! Instead of focusing on working together and celebrate our differences we ATTACK and BLAME others. Unfortunately the black community is the worst offender. We NEED to start being honest and address the problems in our communities. I am white and I can nestle say MOST white people WANT to get along with black folk. There is are so many good black people but there is a larger number of racist black people. They are racist over PERCEIVED slights and manufactured slights. When reality is they create there own situations. Is a race war coming? Maybe and if it does I will choose the side of good people. I will destroy ALL racist equally, black, white, etc…the racist in both communities are the ones fueling anger, resentment, and generally polluting people’s minds with things that are irrelevant, yes irrelevant! You were not a slave, you have been given an opportunity to come it of poverty and man have! But most want to do nothing but blame someone else for there situation. Reality is the ONLY person regardless of color that makes your life what it is, is YOU. It’s a PROVEN FACT that people that work hard, get an education, have good manners and etiquette and are responsible regardless of color become productive citizens and do well in life. It’s all proven that people who drop out of school, act a fool, lazy, etc..are ALL in the same boat with holes in it, again regardless of color. I have more in common with a black man than a white woman. Why? Because he knows what we go through as men. The pressure of taking care of your family (wife and kids), the pressure of being all the things a man is supposed to be. Anyways I hope we are all wrong. If it does happen I would recommend going after those people who are RACIST. Once they are gone the rest of us can build something great!

  36. jon gollo says:


  37. Cueroslim says:

    Apparently you white people don’t know that we blacks are the true Hebrews that the Bible speaks of. You better research the 12 tribes of Israel. This is a no win situation for you. So stock pile all the guns you want- you will still be slaves in the end. The most high is black.

  38. TB says:

    All of you uneducated apes are ridiculous. There’s 5x more white people in this country than there are you, yet you all account for 60% of all violent crime. That is staggering. 200 years of freedom granted to you by a white man and you still haven’t got your act together.

  39. Paul says:

    First of all. The Mexicans took the black mans job by working in the fields … The black man figured out how to get everything free.. Not one nigger alive today has ever picked cotton..ban niggers and crime would go down 95 percent..they only talk shit in groups.. Alone they are pussies ..BET channel, we don’t have that. No white history month neither, cause you fuckers would go nuts… If a war among us is what it takes then let’s do it… I got 9 guns and 7000 rounds of ammo…and so do all my friends… I’d rethink it strongly..y’all can’t answer simple history questions so you don’t have the right to bitch about cotton picking … It’s just a excuse to steal from the white people… U mad cause we got shit.. Get off your ass and work for it… They have awesome black people I call friends, it’s the young generation that’s stupid

  40. Paul says:

    I’m a cop and 98 percent of our calls are blacks… Prison full of niggers… What does that tell u… Don’t fuck with us u will die…

  41. Steve says:

    I personally hate that it is coming to this, and really wish we would unite as Americans rather then dividing ourselves. But let’s be realistic. Y’all can’t win. Us white people have way more guns, we stock pile ammo, and we have more military vets. We also out number y’all (in America). The black community is also unorganized and incapable of working together. So in the short term, y’all don’t stand a chance. Now let’s say the war drags out. I will go back to us stock piling ammo. We have the munitions to out last you. If you also look at the location demographics, we will just starve you in the long run. Y’alls 13 percent of our population primarily resides in the inner city. We control the majority of the farm land. The moment the grocery stores run out there will be no food left and y’all will starve to death. I really hope the black community isn’t foolish enough to follow this threw. You can’t win and you will just condemn your children and existence.

  42. Patriot says:

    The war has already begun, its just happening in small random violent attacks. google the FBI statistics on black on white rape vs white on black rape and you will see that blacks are raping whites by the thousands every year and barely any whites are raping blacks. BLacks are honestly just a dysfunctional and brutal race. they destroy the inner cities and blame the whites. They riot at the the drop of a hat. everyone knows there dangerous. the dogs of war have already been let loose. protect your women is all i can say and arm up. many conflicts are approaching.

  43. jdean says:

    Tim Smith you wont do shit. Coward. You want attention. You hide behind your computer. Your a low life to troll black websites, you got no women. Probably uneducated, fat, and ugly. Eat A Dick. Punk

  44. Tim Smith says:

    There would be nothing more pleasing than to take these black nigger motherfuckers and stick a gun up their ass and fire repeatedly. Come fuck with me you nigger retards

  45. megan says:

    I’m a white person and can’t believe the racial tensions that are being fostered by out government leaders working in unison despite what racial group they belong to. First African Americans are actively being displaced in the workforce to the lighter and perhaps more European looking immigrants. In slave times slaves with European features were preferred over slaves with more of their indigenous features. I also believe that white elites may use such a race war against their own undesirable whites amongst themselves namely the poorer and uneducated they perceive as inferior. Selective breeding of you will. Some have accused Ashkenazi Jews of doing this in Hitler Germany which is one undeniable example of white in white violence which some uneducated whites believe to be only inherent in African populations another undeserved racial stereotype foisted on African minorities. For the white elites a race war could be a crafted way of capitulating martial law and the seizure of civil assets while also ensuring complete subjugation of the “inferior” African races and the undesirables in their own Caucasian ethnicities. Whites that desire such a war are only useful idiots in their racial ponzi scheme. Unfortunately it is a bipartisan effort for both republicans and democrats with Obama being a mere puppet president to amasquerade the role the democrats have played in tandem with the republican party. Lets pray for a peaceful revolution and the demilitarization of the police.

  46. Women says:

    All you Edomites slash red people slash so called white people….telling Hebrews so called America blacks to go back to africa. Need to get one thing straight Babylon so called America wasn’t yours in the first place…you stole it so why don’t you go back where you’re from. Oh that’s right you don’t have a place to go back to Cause you was originally from the caves…so all you Flintstone need to shut up nothing yours cause all you do is take. That’s all you know cause that what Christopher Columbus taught you…we israel it’s taught you everything remember that..

  47. cRuSAder says:

    We will crush you without mercy, you black folks keep forgetting that when we lose care and decide you are an issue, we will mobilize and eliminate you. My people built this nation on our backs and with our hands, before you even came to these shores. There were 100 million savages here and we removed them as well. We won both world wars just because Germany got smart and tried to free itself from our economic dominance. And the same goes for the Arabs, do you really think all of a sudden they wanted democracy? No we infiltrated there youth and made them kill there parents for us.

  48. Brian N. Everett says:

    This is a very important news article, if you agree this is a real problem, you must take a look at this Twitter account: MediaTruth2015. It is easy to understand what the Hollywood machine thinks about showing any true respect to Black Americans.

  49. Richard says:

    There may be widespread riots which would be contained by the national guard until it burned itself out . There may be some John Malmo styled sneak attacks on the public . But an actual war ? Nah . I’m not giving up my comfortable life in favor of mass murder of my fellow Americans . I’m sure hundreds of millions of Americans of all races feel the same . We heard the same stuff in the 60’s and it didn’t happen then either . All this talk is nothing new . Have a great day !

  50. Mike says:

    You don’t have to worry about being slaves again. Unless someone starts a plantation, and needs people to play video games, and smoke blunts.

    You’re either going to die, or you are going back to Africa. The party is just about over for you mentally retarded cannibals.

    You are hopelessly outgunned, outsmarted, and outnumbered. I just hope the war happens in my lifetime. I would love to splatter your little brains.

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