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An Inevitable Race War Is Coming.

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( An inevitable race war is coming and you can choose a side or your color will choose it for you. It will not matter where you live, what you drive, how much you make or how many college degrees you have. Do I wish it to be so? No. Is it necessary? Maybe. When the angels came to Daniel and told him of things to come, Daniel wished the future they showed him would not come to pass. But the angels told him the future was both inevitable and necessary. Maybe, just maybe, the same is true for the impending race war in America.

Freddie Gray died while in police custody after receiving a spinal injury this month (April, 2015) in Baltimore, Maryland. The police commissioner has already admitted wrong doing by the officers in that they did not give him timely medical attention. Six officers have been suspended, which means all of them did nothing to help him and it’s likely some of them caused the fatal injury. How many of them stood by while their fellow officers injured this man to death? What made them think they could get away with it? The investigation is continuing but it is being completed by the very people who protect the police. Is it any wonder why people are angry?

Black lives matter when we make people see that they matter. And first our lives have to matter to each other or they will never matter to anybody else.

African Americans have been oppressed, subjugated, experimented on, ridiculed and targeted for far too long. It did not stop with slavery, it just changed form. We were pacified with the election of a President who looks like us, but that apparently is not enough. Weed has been injected into our communities while strip clubs, liquor mediaguidewhiteprivilege-2015stores and garbage dumps pervade our neighborhoods. We have been programmed to turn on each other instead of our “masters”, but an awakening is happening. Our people are beginning to realize they have been used, brainwashed and manipulated to hate and destroy each other. That seems to be fine with the powers that be until it comes into their backyards. We have a right to be angry and we have a right to protest or fight against our annihilation. Yes there are opportunists thugs who take advantage of peaceful protests, but the majority of people are angry and tired of being targeted for elimination.

All you have to do is research The King Alfred Plan or REX 84 to know what the powers that be have planned for a great many of us (if not all of us). We are not as far from the beginnings of how Hitler developed a hatred propaganda for the Germans to despise the Jewish people. But this time we are the people who are despised. This time African Americans are being discreetly and covertly labeled as what’s wrong with society, no matter what society (and the police) keep doing to us. We need to watch this development closely with our eyes wide open. And we need to be much more observant than simply knowing who won the game, the new song by Nasty Minage, the new Xbox game or the latest exploits of Kim KarTrashian.

The social security administration bought hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition just a few years ago and yet this went practically unnoticed by our people. Most African Americans are not familiar with the King Alfred Plan or REX 84 (research them on Google or Youtube). In cases like Baltimore, Maryland, even as we speak, we are seeing the implementation of martial law, complete with military equipment, the National Guard and curfews. But our people seem not to be paying attention. And if you think this country would not or could not round up an entire ethnic group of people, study what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Every Japanese person in America was immediately rounded up and incarcerated.

I have always believed a peaceful solution was the best solution. But what about when peaceful solutions don’t work? Then what? The courts are not working to resolve the problems because half the time the courts are the problem. And law enforcement will not police itself, espcially when prosecutors are not likely to go after rogue police officers. Our options are limited. This country speaks to its adversaries in languages they understand. But what makes our country listen when African American men are being murdered by police officers every month? Maybe we should return to using boycotts that hit the right people in the pocket. Maybe our solution is political, economic and sociological. Maybe our solution is an outright revolution. What do you think? Baltimore, Ferguson, New York – again and again but enough is enough. We keep being told to wait for the facts, but the fact is that another “black” unarmed man is dead at the hands of the police. How many more facts do we need while we are being exterminated?

RESEARCH FACT: Cops kill thousands more Americans than terrorists.

It’s easy for people to call angry people thugs. It’s easy for those who look down from penthouses, private jets and congressional offices to call the violence in Baltimore and Ferguson “senseless“. But what they fail to understand is these people are fighting for their right to survive, their right to reject eugenic extermination, their right to be free from tyranny at the hands of those who swore to protect and serve. So for all those who judge these people, until you have walked a mile in their shoes, your words have neither impact nor consolation. And if you are an African American who thinks police brutality cannot happen to you, get your head examined because you walk and live in a sugar-coated world of deception and denial.

Whatever we do, if we do nothing, we are about to be taken backwards, all the while losing more rights than we have gained. It’s time to wake up, step up, speak up and stand up. We all know that if we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything. How many more of us have to be shot down in the streets or end up dead before we realize that an unofficial war has been declared on us? I am not suggesting what course of action you take, but please do something or at least SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! If you stand by and do nothing, then simply put the chains and shackles back on and go back out to the cotton field.

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


109 Responses to “An Inevitable Race War Is Coming.”
  1. jarvis says:

    If we go to war with white people it will just ruin all the free stuff we get now. Who else is gonna give me good stamps?

  2. P-Man says:

    Ohhhhh, is this sooo sad.. I can’t believe that in this day and age, we as a society are STILL “battling” races. Why? We are ALL Americans in this country and, we are ALL MANKIND/BRETHREN together throughout this planet! Everyone MUST wake up immediately! “We the PEOPLE” (In ALL countries) need to come together. Whether we are fighting totalitarianism, freedom, way of life, peace, or whatever. It is up to us ALL if we choose to keep going down this road towards the END TIMES, or we ALL make a REAL change. Do we want to advance as a civilization? Do we want more GOOD technology? Do we want peace and to end world hunger? Do we want to be able to terraform and colonize multiple planets, starting with Mars? C’mon people! We (Mankind) have the ability by means of intelligence, to do as we wish and survive for millions upon millions of years if we do “it” RIGHT! Last but not least, I find racism incredibly sad. Four of my five girlfriends were black, and I’m caucasian. What is the difference? We are ALL the same species. If we weren’t, then why can we reproduce together? No two different animal species can do so. Anyway, I love all of you out there, whether you are a good person or not. I just hope and pray that if you are “bad/evil”, that you change. God Bless

  3. It's never the Jews goy! says:

    I heard Israel has volunteered to take in over 1 million African Americans because they feel bad for them and all the racism they experience. Google it and please check out OpenBordersForIsrael as well. Thanks.

  4. LOL Niggers says:

    Lol! Bring it on nig nogs. I’ve been looking forward to ending your lives for over a decade. Can’t wait for the race war. Oh yeah, and to all you fence sitters out there, you’re just as fucked. Pick a side pussies. If you think that it’s just gonna be the “racists” fighting, you’re more delusional than the average nigger. Get ready for hell faggots. It’s almost here.

  5. Augie says:

    Reading the comments worries me…there are so many ignorant people here in America (black, white, hispanic, etc.). YOU have bought into the media fueled hate! Even the writter of this piece (of garbage) is nothing more than a ridiculous tool of the elite. If a race war breaks out (and it possibly could) it will be the end of ALL our freedoms. The military would be called to regain order and that would be it…whites, blacks, hispanics, etc..ALL LOSE! EVERYONE! Yam Shallam is perhaps the MOST delusional of commentors since he is a NOI douchebag. Personally a race war would help with a few things…BOTH white, black & so on RACIST will be extremely visible. I dont see many blacks going against there fellow blackman even if he is a racist, but the average whiteman will turn against a racist white. I believe average white people are STILL the majority (at this point) and will whipe out a good portion of RACiST (all colors). If it ever goes down & i pray with all my heart it doesnt. I will be on the side of justice..i will not discriminate! I will kill ALL racist of any color! Racist people are a scourge to the earth.

  6. Cuddles says:

    Oh that fight is coming very soon to the Blacks and we’ll deal with you and your Jewish handlers very succinctly and brutally.

  7. Nick says:

    A race war is the last thing the black community needs. It will be a complete disaster. To actually win you’ll need to sustain and escalate the conflict for years. You’ll need equipment such as ar-15’s, ammo, medical supplies, food stockpiles, water, radios, etc. You’ll also need vast numbers of people coordinating together, logistics, medical services, command and control. None of this appears to be in place.

    Meanwhile concern among whites they are going to be targeted is growing, and not even really about blacks. Whites are concerned about an out of control government primarily and are getting prepared for…. something. Survivalist training, firearms training, etc. High powered and expensive guns are flying off the shelves. Ammo shortages in the stores have become commonplace as people stockpile and stockpile, having 70,000 rounds of ammo in your garage, 40 guns in the safe, body armor, 6 months of food and water saved has all become commonplace. On gun and survivalist forums people are constantly trying to urge others to get ready, because something is coming and you’re going to be on your own without 911 responding. Kids are being trained to pick off moving targets with military style rifles at hundreds of yards. Gun ranges are packed with people practicing, and pink guns are all the rage now as women are buying more and more ar-15’s, ak-47’s, and handguns for themselves.

    These are not the type of people you want to go to war with. They are prepared and not willing to roll over, and they can fully arm and supply their entire suburban block with the contents of just one garage. They aren’t looking for a fight, you don’t buy $40,000 in guns looking to possibly lose your life holding one, but they are ready to fight whatever comes at them.

  8. M says:

    A race war is not inevitable unless we make it so. Black or white, if you scream “FIRE!” in a crowded room long and loud enough, people will eventually start to panic, whether there really is a fire or not. Right wing extremists constantly preach about how terrible and evil blacks and other minorities are, blacks and minorities constantly preach about how terrible and evil whites are. The more they scream at each other, the more angry and paranoid they become until, eventually, their fear, hatred and bigotry reach a critical mass and violence becomes unavoidable. If you want to start a race war, keep creating websites like this one and preaching intolerance, fear and hate and you’ll have your war soon enough. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can start preaching forgiveness and tolerance and cooperation instead. We can let go of our historical baggage and walk together into a brighter future for all, regardless of “race”, gender, sexual preference or religion. It CAN be done, but it won’t be unless we decide to make it so. We all have a choice. What will YOU choose?

  9. John Schpsi says:

    Reading some of the comments self described black men, I am afraid that some are chomping at the bit, so to speak, at the possibility, or even probability, of an all out race war. One commenter even suggested that whites would be singled out by “”all other races” e.g., Hispanics, Middle Easteners, Asians, etc…for attack.
    As a white man who has never discriminated against any other race, I take offense at the idea that I may have to defend myself and my family against attacks by angry blacks, who’s only reason for attacking me, is because of the color of my skin.
    If this is indeed the case and my life and the lives of my family members are truly in jeopardy, then I will defend myself and my family by any means necessary, up to and including, lethal force.
    I do not wish for a race war. I loathe the idea of a race war. But, if anyone, be he black, Hispanic, Asian, or white, attacks me, they will learn very quickly the fatal mistake that they have made.
    I believe that too many of those who wish for a race war, underestimate the steel, resolve and ability that their self selected foe possesses. Tread lightly into this “war”, because you may severely overestimate your power, in numbers, arms and ability.
    God forbid that any such war ever comes to be!

  10. MKG says:

    The truly tragic part about all this is people are willing to slaughter eachother over something that does not exist. There is absolutely no scientific proof to support the idea of race. We are all members of the same species at different stages of development which helped us survive the stresses of the environment of the source region from our not too distant past. For example, light pigmentation in overcast dark, cold regions and darker pigmentation in bright, hot regions. Where as light skinned people are subject to ultraviolet radiation, dark skinned people have trouble processing vatamin D in cold dark regions. This is one of the first thing you learn in anthropology. To slay one another over something that does not exist is the epitome of ignorance and the actions of the wretched. Personally, I will not take a hand in genocide, but if attacked, I will fight for myself, my family and my neighbors, irregardless of their physical features. Please reconsider before taking the road to a race war.

  11. Really? says:

    Seriously? So far this year police have killed 666 people WHITES, HISPANICS, BLACKS. ALL the details, color, if armed or unarmed, and the reason are documented and shown here!

    Now 25 of those were unarmed black men, the REASONS are also listed there too, look at the top of the page for that.

    In those true statistics, show how blacks are targeted, and also show how many should not have been killed. Just because the media sensationalizes when a bad cop or bad decision made, doesn’t mean you get to equate the 10,000 black on black deaths as actually due to white cops and white people.

    On the other hand, each year on average (this year will be MUCH HIGHER because of police backing away in Baltimore, etc) but on average each year 10,000 blacks murdered by other blacks, many like the children in their homes, women, and teens as the black men 15 to 35 kill each other.

    Now for how white people are oppressing blacks, let’s see the examples. Whites have provided for schools, teachers, etc. Please explain this following video clip as it shows live cameras and in depth on the schools in baltimore. It’s not just baltimore but any major black population, in Florida, explain this about elementary schools, And unless you lie, it’s well known that amoung the black culture doing good in school, education, trying to go to college, etc, is ‘being too white’, NO it’s called being ‘human’. Every other culture (except extremeist muslims) value those things.

    Who is to blame for the violence in these schools and how those kids are acting? Even elementary school kids. Show me some poor redneck white schools that are dangerous like that. How are white people to blame for blacks not raising their children properly and allowing them to act like rabid animals?

    So police are NOT targeting blacks and very few deaths are from bad cops, more whites are killed by police, and if you look up the statis of black on white crime and white on black crime as over 500,000 black on white attacks a year but under 100,000 white on black attacks a year. And whites FAR outnumber blacks. If whites attacked blacks with the same ratio as blacks attack whites, instead of under 100,000 a year it would be over 3 million NOT 94,000 for the over 500,000 by blacks.

    So to sum it up, police kill more whites than blacks but from that report the majority are justified, the questionable are few and far between just news publicity makes it seem like a bigger problem than it is. Blacks attack whites far greater than the other way around so whites should be protesting black violence against them. Blacks aren’t raising their children, as shown in those videos and the known culture shunning education and trying to advance in life.

    So explain how whites are to blame and tell me more about how a race war is brewing? I suppose the race war is brewing because the only solution since blacks refuse to better themselves, their community, because they idolize the thug culture, never help police remove and find their criminals, don’t raise their children, don’t want education where they’d even get free college if they tried, or to work, and very violent among each other and whites, that all blacks should be given a free home in the nice suburbs and $60,000 a year all tax free and paid for by whites. (most of who are actually immigrants from everywhere else in the world and had nothing to do with slavery). O and after they are given the nice homes and free money, they’ll also trash those homes and neighborhoods too, that’s too much work, unless they get whites to keep the properties in nice shape, take out the garbadge, clean the house, etc. Unless whites do that THEN there will be a race war right?

    What specifically do the poor black communities want? More security to stop crime? No you don’t, you hate police, don’t help them, so you don’t want safer neighborhoods. DO you want free education and college so you can make good money and move up in life? No, you already have that benefit but you reject it, it’s ‘too white’. You aren’t being killed or targeted by police or whites, that’s easily proven but you refuse to look at statistics, just make baseless claims by out of the hundreds of millions of people living in USA the few bad apples.

  12. Cuero Slim says:

    What you white people don’t understand is that if a race war popped off- It’s not just blacks that would be against you. It would be blacks, hispanics, Iraqis, africans etc against you. And while we’re doing that our military will be deployed and we will all be called terrorists. Next comes martial law and Fema camps.

  13. Solution says:

    Per the recent post about how Blacks shun education, have extreme violence in their cities, and it’s a non repeating cycle, they don’t own up to fix themselves and blame whites for their decisions, there is only ONE solution!

    They need to be forced to fix themselves and it will only happen by forcing a generation or 2. How will this be done? In the ‘hood’ areas Since from elementary school up they are destroying the schools, not learning, etc. Since they let crime go rampant, never want to cooperate with police, then complain about the crime when they do nothing to prevent. A form of martial law needs to be implemented in the hood areas for the next 40 years or so.

    All schools and streets will have a heavy police presence. The kids will be forced to behave and to study and learn and to respect people and each other (like most of the rest of the world already does). There will be too many patrols and curfews for gangs to be running around killing and robbing. The kids growing up and these generation will actually get educated and then instilled to get jobs, etc instead of hanging around the hood and wandering neighboorhoods looking for places to rob and steal. Since the parents and this cycle of violence and laziness won’t end on it’s own, forcing it for at least 2 generations from elementary school to adulthood should clean up those areas and they’ll see how they have opportunities, able to get jobs, able to move to nicer areas, and that respect, education, and work are not a ‘white thing’ but a ‘human’ thing. After a generation or 2 of being forced to not kill, rob, and to get educated, the culture should be fixed. The ‘good’ black people in those neighborhoods should be happy about this too, they don’t have to live in fear and can advance themselves. The only ones who will resist and complain will obviously be the criminals and all of those holding back the black community.

  14. Johnson says:

    BLACKS are the ONLY ones who can stop the upcoming race war because they are being MANIPULATED into starting it!

    THE CURRENT SITUATION WITH MANY BLACK COMMUNITIES – Crime is through the roof. Look up the news for any black majority city and every day tons of murders. The schools, look up reports and statistics and stories about black majority schools. Look up for youtube video on the schools in baltimore. They are out of control. Nonstop fights, they attack and fight the teachers, it’s so bad it’s hard for any of those schools to get teachers when they fear for themselves. If a white teacher is there then it’s really bad. HOW are whites to blame that the black community allows their kids to act that way? That they do not value or want education? That it’s being white if they try to learn and do good in school? Sending funding, good teachers, trying to help but they destroy it and don’t want it. Why are more than 70% blacks not have fathers? Who is making black men and women have babies and not staying together? A big part of the black community refuse and shun education, they attack and look down on those who do try to do it, kids are reckless and violent, and now before even reaching teens they are killing and attacking each other. A recent 7 year old black in one of the bad elementary schools was telling a girl he was going to rape and kill her. 7 years old! It seems the blacks who act like this and getting educated, acting civilized, etc, as too white, who are angry and blaming white people for all their problems seem to want to be given free of charge a nice house in a nice suburb with a full time middle income salary without having to do a thing. Would they even keep the house nice? The neighborhoods are always trashed as well. THE POINT IS……blacks need to start realizing and taking accountability for themselves. All of that has nothing to do with white people against them, if they refuse education, refuse to act civilized, chose to be violent with each other and everyone else and kill steal etc, how can white people fix that?

    HERE IS WHERE THE MANIPULATION IS COMING IN – For some strange reason, even though these blacks(I know some decent ones out there so not all) are killing each other by the thousands each year, even though they refuse to get education or work, and all their life choices throw them into poverty and crime, they are very angry at that situation. Now statistically blacks attack whites far more than the other way around. Statistics from I think 2012 had black on white crime with over 540,000 incidents that year, yet white on black crime was only 90,000. Yet blacks only made up 12% of the population. AND the real statistics for officers killing (the report doesn’t seperate when person armed, it was defense, or wrongful, etc) but more whites than blacks killed by police and the number each year was under 200. (again that number includes any death by cop, whether justified or not). Yet black killing black in the THOUSANDS. SO HOW IS IT BLACKS THINK THEY ARE BEING TARGETED BY POLICE AND WHITES AND BEING ATTACKED????

    LOOK AT THE NEWS MEDIA! ANY time a black person attacks, kills, etc a white person the story will say, “A man killed a man”, “teenagers attacked a women”, “a couple was raped and murdered”, etc. No mention of race when those would be black on white. HOWEVER EVERYTIME it’s a white person against a black, BLACK BOY KILLED BY WHITE MAN, “A black teen was shot by a white man. When the white man shot the victim, he stood over him, and the victim, who was black, died as the white man repeated shot him”. So the media sensationalizes anything that happens to a black person, even if the black person was a criminal, and are brainwashing the black community into believing white people are attacking them and they then somehow associate all of their problems due to their choices and lifestyle as the fault of white people.


  15. An inevitable race war? Maybe then again maybe not. The climate of this country would most certainly seem to dictate such a notion, but things are not always what they appear to be. Yes, there is unrest, but is that unrest a potential race war or is something else brewing? Is the potential race war a distraction from what is really brewing? Are you being distracted from deeper concerns? Judge for yourself:

  16. YAH SHALAM says:




  17. YAH SHALAM says:


  18. Spartacus says:

    First of all……let me tell you all something. I am not a racist person by far. There are plenty of black and white folk like me who believe that there is good and bad in everyone. I can meet a white person and he could be a scumbag louse or a good person. I could meet a black person and he could be a scumbag louse or a good person. Soul has no color. What is in our souls is the problem, not our skin color.

    With that said, a race war is very stupid and it will surprise many black folk too. White people have been physically, most of the time, victims of blacks. This is because of conditioning. The average black folk lives in a violent surrounding. The average white person lives in a peaceful surrounding and are not used to these things. So when you see blacks pouncing on white people on the news, understand what you are looking at. Here is the danger which no on see’s however………….if people think that white people are docile and pacifist forever…..boy oh boy they will be in for a shock and not only from weapons either, with hands too. Caucasians, if woken up to danger, will revert to brutality that has not been seen in millennia. I am a Caucasian and I know what lurks under the surface and it’s going to shake this country. A message to black folk……….please don’t pull the rope, there are many millions of honest, great black folk out there, I love them and I wish no harm ………but we ain’t going to sit back forever if pushed to it. Don’t pull the rope…

  19. Lee says:

    The black community needs to wake up,the Jews are pushing for this race war
    and you are just being used by them,if you want a war have it with the Jews.

  20. thomas says:

    Whites AND blacks should stop all the dumb shit ..what I see is a bunch of supposed to be groan folks messing up America and no one seems to care about the kids that has to grow and live there lives..what about them and if we do have a race war it will be ugly for whites blacks and america so if thats the case we may as well give a America to the terrorist.because thats what they want to do is divide us so they can destroy us stop the hatred theres only one God and he is not going to judge us on our color but our just stop the dumb shit

  21. Drey says:

    I have been saying this for years.. History repeats itself. Always. Nothing to see here people. The war will kick off and the black side is too stupid to realize the setup. How easy is it to treat someone inhumanely if you act that way. You got freddie grey on national news and you cut to blacks looking like pure animals on TV so in the mental of the white person ir any rationale person you say “i see why”. So in a matter of a few months the government basically justified abuse if authority towards blacks in the category that matters. The peoples minds. It is propaganda 101. The author sites Hitler which is the perfect reference. Do you think 1930-1940s germans where any more or any less intelligent, reasonable people then the current USA white majority? No. They were not some savage nazi barbarians they were regular people. But the propganda justified the actions in the peoples minds. We had a recession and banks were to blame now we are headed more than likely for a real recession i believe and blacks will be to blame and the distraction. Its just a simple fact that after a long time of liberal-ness people get sick and go ultra conservative as they are always seen as the structured good ol days. We have same sex marriage, transgender, a black president, increasing minority population and education, no real military threats so what does the silent conservative do now? You see the armed white guys at the protests and you think they are showing force against the police? Hahahaha It is the art of war we should be reading they are attacking us where webare weak (dumb blacks in inner citys). There will be one more big event and soon and it may be the acquital of the police and there will be dumb black riots and there will be a curfew on blacks ALL blacks nationally and the story will begin of our demise.

  22. Military white boy says:

    Bring it then… personally I’m tired y’all crying all the time if you want a black vs white war then jump but you might just regret your decision war has been apart of our history for generations and longer we have been sitting quietly for to long while black people run “hustle’s” on us and jump us for being in there neighborhood’s and bully us in school and then turn around and say we are oppressed and boo hoo. So for all you thugs out there ready to go to war good luck make sure ya pants is up and ya shoot straight cause we sure do.

  23. Snake says:

    This is pure nonsense, I don’t think black people would be crazy enough to step to white people. We have way too many guns, military experience and have been playing by a fair game for a long time. If you don’t wish to play by the fair game and live by the rule of the jungle then so be it. I am proud to die for my white people and my white ancestors that helped build this nation and many others. One of the foremost pioneers of civilization among yellow people. Remember, we have the money to hire mercenaries as well, so if it come to that god bless you black people. It will be a slaughter. Also, I think its time to start educating your people and others that push mental diseased propaganda through all forms of media that is anti-white. Maybe you should apologize for this division that you are helping feed for the last 40 years?

  24. truth says:

    Do not listen. Its not whites vs blacks. It aint blacks vs whites. Its the racist people within all races that are the true scum. What we need is a war on rasism. We need an army that sees skin color as an irelevant thing. We need to stop the cycle. All racism and hate brings is more racism and hate. Even if we have a race war everyones gonna be salty in the end cause if you dont die your mom will. Or your brother. Maybe your friend. your own child? it wont matter. Sure you might kill several “devils of the opposite race”. But what happens when your whole family gets killed cause of the shit going on. We dont need to exterminate a race. We need to pick out and destroy all the racist fucks worldwide and then reform our governments worldwide so we all can come together and achieve great things. And fuck history! Who cares what happend back then? Why does it matter now? So we can get salty and have an excuse to use racism and hate? Fuck that it should serve as a model to know what we shouldnt repeat. Stop pointing fingers. Change starts with eliminating racism and having rasespect for one another. Use your brains people. A whole race isnt the problem. Its scummy racist fuck individuals who have prepetuated this hatred and distrust. You shouldnt have to walk and think oh this black dudes gonna merc me cause im white or this white dudes gonna shoot up a park cause black people are there. if we are having a war with race, lets make it a war on racist people. Racist ideals.

  25. Brittany Thornton says:

    I’m sorry, but I think that whole ideology is just infantile. Like, naw. We can’t all just come together as a country. Thats the problem. You cant get mad at facts. Facts being that racism against blacks is still very prevalent in todays society. I have two cousins in Dover who were lynched. This being a few years ago. Of course it never made the mainstream news. You’re a fool if you let your desire for sunshine overshadow the shit storm thats actually coming.

  26. Cathy says:

    @hakuda, if you want whites to go back to Europe then get your brown butt back to Asia. DNA proves you so called “native” Americans are nothing but Asians who came here. ALSO, DNA and skeleton remains prove whites have been here in the Americas for over 10,000 years.

  27. andierose says:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I truly empathize with you, but I can never understand what it means to be black. I do, however, understand being abused, put down, told that I’m worthless, being paid less than what I’m worth, taking jobs beneath my skill and intellectual level, being judged on how I dress or how attractive I am. The only way to make shortsighted people see beyond the fact that I’m a woman is to prove to them that I’m better than they think. I will show that I’m strong and a survivor and I’ll do it with grace and love for everyone because we are all wounded. Those with hate in their hearts have more pain than I do, because I’ve chosen love, compassion, and understanding. Do I get angry? Hell yeah! But my anger, no matter how righteous, does nothing to change their ignorance, it only fuels their misguided beliefs.

  28. Holly says:

    You will pay.
    We are better armed.
    Get your Black ass back to Africa or die.

  29. WhiteComment says:

    You have a black month, a black tv channel, black music month, and What more do you want? If the white race had any of these we would be called racist and sued. Please stop crying and just live life.

  30. Dorian Gray says:

    Blacks seperate species.

  31. LeyLa says:

    People there will be no race war. Watch the Youtube video called: Race War. re You Crazy. That brother discussed interesting facts. The white man has all the advanced weaponry and there at this time are more of them than us in the USA. A great number of black men are in jail, gay, uncle toms, cowards, interracially dating etc. I mean lets get real…they teach their little kids, teens, young adults to shoot everyday and they hit their targets whereas black gangsters shoot and kill people of all ages when trying to kill someone. People come on now. There will be a war….but we will not be participants and the whites will lose that war….so it is written so shall it be done.

  32. Biffe says:

    By all means – lets get this show on the road. We are locked and loaded. 200-300 yrs in a civilized country and blacks are still savages. All you self hating brainwashed whites- do you actually think everybody is the same? The black IQ is the lowest in the world. They brought their criminality and corruption with them from Africa.

  33. For all you aspiring race war junkies, we will have you know we are waiting. Your race is the reason this country is the way it is. You think a race war would be in your advantage? How mistaken you are, you people make up only 13% of OUR country. So please if a race war is what you really want we will be waiting. We all have guns, food, water and shelter. We are above average marksmen, before you make a move you will have already lost. Please think of you sad situation youve been dragged from your country wearing our clothes eating our food working our jobs. You will not win.

    “Together we fight, divided we fall”

  34. Nunya says:

    Your whole way of thinking is so backward. You are one of the people bring our whole race down.

  35. River Walker says:

    Shame on you for spewing such antagonistic, racial divisiveness to whomever reads this article. Shame on you for promoting racism and hatred toward those who look different from you. Shame on you for grouping people as a target to hate. You are what you condemn and your heart is so foul and your mind so twisted you don’t even realize it. I read this article even though it made me disgusted to do so. You need to ask Christ for some forgiveness and light to clear out the hatred on your being. Shame on you.

  36. James says:

    The time has come. Alot of people died before me for the cause of black people having a better life. What an honor it will be to die on the battlefield.

  37. another concerned citizen says:

    I agree with concerned citizen. I treat everyone the way i want to be treated. But make no mistake….if any group targets me or my family because of my family’s race…..i will hunt you down like a wolf does its prey. I think every race should respect other races equally. But there again if there ever is a race war….im going to have to do what i have to do. I prey that never happens and peace and harmony is the order of the day. I have noticed over the last 15-25 years there is a victim and oppressor mentality that is being pushed by our media on a 24/7 basis. The media needs to be held accountable for alot of racial strife that happens in America. Look at that racist Al Sharpton….he has a major time slot on MSNBC. Join the boycott to get him fired for being the biggest race baiter in America. MSNBC pays Al Sharptons salary so therefore MSNBC supports racism.

  38. hakuda says:

    to the stupid moron who commented stating America is a white country the TRUTH is America was NEVER A WHITE COUNTRY WHITES ARE ILLEGAL SINCE 1492 GO BACK TO EUROPE AND GET OUT OF INDIAN LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Tom Kennan says:

    Whatever the reasons whatever happens whomever starts it…nothing good will come about. We are all meat. I just wish the “president” would have brought us together but he hates America no matter your color and his race war will come.

  40. Thor Heyerdahl says:

    The only problem in the USA is that blacks cannot grasp reality. There is Japanese Privilege in Japan, and Arab Privilege in Arabia, and Black Privilege in Africa, and White Privilege in White Countries, and the USA is a White Country.

    The World’s Investors are now investing in Africa as they once did in America and Asia, and Africa’s economy is booming and that is where the opportunities are. I had to leave Michigan for work in Arizona – you need to leave Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit (I used to live there) and better still, leave the USA for work in Africa – cuz you aint gonna win no race war in the USA – you will be exterminated.

  41. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I am a white man, and apologetically a national socialist. I believe in the fraternity, love, support, and mutual respect that can come from an integrated community that realizes that all men (law abiding) that care about their fellow man and do things to help the community are good people, regardless of their subspecies. I agree with everything Hamilton has said. I want nothing more than the best for black communities, as it leads to more people that live in all communities being happier.I will never apologize for loving my people (whites) but I will NEVER hate someone because they aren’t one of my people. There is nothing wrong with supporting your people, black power is just as okay as white power. There are powerful people pushing the narrative that wants to see us all divided, that wants us to think that it is black/white. It is so much more complicated, there are evil blacks and evil whites, evil greens evil reds, ect you get my point. This is meant to destabilize our country in order to make total take over easier. Wars these days are fought by subversion, don’ let them divide us. If you get into the trip of blaming one group of people (whites) then you fail to realize our own problems. Alot of false national socialists (neonazis) preach hate and violence, as a real human I advocate tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding. Some of the happiest times of my life was when i was doing toys for tots in Detroit and seeing the faces of those black children light up like a christmas tree, plenty of us whites do want your people to succeed. I Would give the shirt off my back to a black or white man that is a good person and loves their family. I don’t blame blacks as a whole for the actions of thugs, I do however hold certian individuals responsible. Just like white trash where I live, there are shitty people of all races, genders, and creeds indeed. It’s a matter of breaking the narrative that seeks to divide us and learning to love eachother. BUT KNOW THIS: If war is declared on my people I will hunt you to the ends of the earth, I will burn your communities and poison your wells. I will eradicate my enemies with such zeal that sodom and gommorah look like a walk in the park. My people have the majority of the guns, training, and chemistry knowledge to ensure a quick and decisive victory. We DO NOT want war, we only want peace. Push us to our breaking point and we fight you until either the whole world burns or you do.

  42. Independent_Systems says:

    A conspiracy theorist and a racist pan-africanist. Can’t reason with either of these types let alone both. This is the dumbest drivel I’ve ever seen.

    “Maybe our solution is an outright revolution”

    * So specific! Perhaps you should stop fapping off to your imaginations.

    “It’s easy for people to call angry people thugs”

    * At least do REAL revolutionary stuff like deactivating cops, not robbing civilian stores and raising the prices for EVERBODY. Robbing stores is thuggery (unless you are starved or somthing.

    “We keep being told to wait for the facts, but the fact is that another “black” unarmed man is dead at the hands of the police. How many more facts do we need while we are being exterminated?”

    *Exterminated? Yes and the black on black kill rate and black-on-black police-civilian shootings are nothing, except they are higher. But when a white kills a black you cry holocaust. What is this site? Do you know the meaning of Extermination? Why do I get the feeling one of this sites donors is MSNBC?!

    If you stand by and do nothing, then simply put the chains and shackles back on and go back out to the cotton field.

    * Slut-shaming has been turned into Slave/History shaming. Apparently the best way to motivate people is cast them all as slaves.

    “…but an awakening is happening.”

    * The black gangs or as you liberals say “rebels” were fighting each other WHILE protesting. They were throwing gas bombs at cops behind the innocent. What awakening? Its back to business as usual.

    When the angels came to Daniel and told him of things to come, Daniel wished the future they showed him would not come to pass. But the angels told him the future was both inevitable and necessary. Maybe, just maybe, the same is true for the impending race war in America.

    * Did an imaginary friend also contact you about an impending race war you show absolutely no evidence of

    Weed has been injected into our communities while strip clubs, liquor stores and garbage dumps pervade our neighborhoods

    * With the full support of our people, but no EVERYTHING must be connected back to the white man. Its all a conspiracy theory, the rockfellas, John Behnor they want to lower the standards of the black race. Rally with Black Jesus, cover thy women and be humble and try twice as hard as the whites for they see you as twice the filth they are(Did I impersonate you pan-african liberal value toting conspiracy theorists correctly?

    “It did not stop with slavery, it just changed form”

    * Black liberals favorite movie, Race Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Hyperboles


    * Spread the blame game and the faux race-war claims

    * What an original email, you are at least 40+ either you got the email when Yahoo first came out or you bought it from somebody.

    * It should be, home of the think-puddle because that is the scope of your understanding brother.

    “An inevitable race war is coming and you can choose a side or your color will choose it for you”

    * Starting the article with a pseduo-paradoxical statement really pulls the viewers in….to your stupidity

  43. Hershel says:

    I’d like to start with the fact that this article is rediculous. I would think that as an educated black man (marque anthony) who seems so passionate about african americans wellbeing and equality in america, you would be promoting something productive and useful like helping black youths to stay in school, strive for a career, stay away from drugs, gangs, etc. Instead you are actually promoting a race war and pushing the thought that whites are an enemy when in fact, certain cops are the only people you’re mad at. When is the last time you heard about blacks being targeted by white civilians? I can think of plenty of instances of innocent whites being beaten and/or murdered by blacks simply because they were white. Slavery was a horrible thing that happened yes. But the fact is that no white man in america was one of those slave owners. You need to grow up and realize that there is far more racism geared towards whites from blacks, and in my opinion, the reason would be ignorance. Too many blacks are willing to jump on the bandwagon of hating “whitey” without having ONE good reason for doing so. It gives a bad name to the millions of decent, upstanding black folks who have worked hard to make a good life for themselves. Nobody is keeping blacks down. People who piss and moan and blame anyone else for their own pathetic lives are only keeping themselves down. Marque, please stop writing idiotic posts such as this. You seem like an ignorant moron who knows how to read. Education, motivation, and understanding are the key to a better future for all races to live peacefully, not violence, laziness and people expecting handouts.

  44. Hamilton says:

    It has been awhile since I fequented this site, having said that let me post another response. It was said that the so called powers that be don’t accept us as equals. Let me be the first to say that I don’t need to be accepted by anyone except God and my family. I do not live my life trying to be accepted by others. And it’s worked out pretty well in my favor. I have attended college, graduated, served in the military, and now run my own business. Not bad for someone who is supposedly not an equal. You talk about the klan and neo nazis, but seem to forget about the radical groups of our own race. The black panthers come to mind. But that is the tunnel vision coming out. Now let’s talk equality. Do you believe that all white Americans are evil or against the black Americans? If you said no youre right. And not all black Americans are evil in the eyes of white America. Now think about this, do you think white American thinks that it is fair that a black man gets preferential hiring in the employment world simply because he was born a different color? How about the fact that there can be schools that are for blacks only? Can white Americans setup schools for whites only? No, because that’s apparently racist! Does anyone else see the double standard here? I am proud to say that I have never used my race to get me where I wanted to go.

    I don’t answer the questions about ethnicity on employment applications and have never submitted to get the 5 extra points or whatever on applications because I’m black. Now let’s address the police shooting a bit. Is it a tradgedy, yes it is but only because someone lost their life not because of skin color. How many officers have been slain recently? The answer is a lot more! But where are the mass riots in the streets? Why aren’t people looting or burning buildings down for them? You can answer that if you are truly an educated person and take the blinders off. So I’ve also heard the argument that the riots of ferguson and Baltimore happened because the officers involved have not been convicted of the crime. Fantastic, let’s look at that stupid statement.

    I won’t even make an argument, just an example; does everyone remember when OJ Simpson killed Ron Goldman and his wife Nicole Simpson? And does everyone remember the mass riots in the streets, the burning of buildings, the attacks on innocent people, and all the looting that went on after the not guilty verdict was handed out? You mean up don’t remember that?! Huh, weird…

  45. Dave says:

    Bring it on boy…the whites have the guns, and they outnumber you. Bring the race war on, so that we can finally dispense with you, and send the rest back to Africa.

  46. hassan_aziz says:

    I read your article and I’m still trying to see the evidence of an oncoming race war, I have heard about this race war since I was a child. In all actuality, your problem seems to be more with the out of control police state and federal government more than the “white man”. Let me also explain something to you, I know quite a few of these tea party types, a large contingency of them are former vets, they have more than one firearm, plenty of ammo, storable food, and most importantly; a plan. In short the peppers are prepared, and we on the other hand…. Well I’m sure you can figure that one out.
    Our economic and social status is not their fault but our own. And picking a fight based on misplaced anger and a false narrative does not suit our best interest. A lot of guys like to say that any uprising in this country would be quickly quelled or stopped, I beg to differ simply because of the outcomes of our fighting forces in foreign lands going up against malnourished middle aged guys running around in sandals and antique ak’s, who by the way have no navy or air force, just basic rebel ground fighters.
    If anything our problem is a community, and cultural issue. A lot that has been done needs to be undone, what has been learned unlearned. We buy into false narratives that are not factually based which make us look uninformed and stupid. Everyone is affected by poor policing, it does not fit your narrative, but whites on average are killed at twice the rate we are by the police, but that important factoid often gets left out or is never brought up because the ones that refuse to do it have another agenda. Enjoy your race war, I wish you the best, I just guys like you are leading the charge, but be advised “your enemy” is prepared and waiting.

  47. toomanygrandkids says:

    And you were correct saying that there are bad blacks and whites. Blacks are ALWAYS saying that whites are racist as if ALL whites are racist. But what about the whites who marched in and supported the civil rights movement. And lo and behold, there are whites and other non-blacks protesting in Baltimore and Philly. The only difference is that more blacks become irate and wanna destroy other people’s property. At least when non-blacks protest, they don’t destroy anything in black neighborhoods.

  48. toomanygrandkids says:

    @Hamilton…Well said.

  49. Marque Anthony says:

    Hamilton we cannot join together as a country when the powers that be don’t want to accept us as equal. When they call this nation’s President elected TWICE by the people a monkey or other racial slurs. Do not make black people the culprits when this society was set up to degrade, oppress, control, emasculate and profile the black man. You would do well to realize that we cannot come together with Klan members who make public policy, neo-Nazis who sit on the bench and lawmakers who create policies for incarceration and institutional racism.

    Every man or woman should be held accountable for his or her own actions. But that does not mean the man or the woman is the only cause for those actions. You need to understand the impact of sociological cycles, brainwashing, stereotyping and oppression. I suggest you read or request my article on Eugenics and get ALL of the facts

  50. Hamilton says:

    This is the problem with our communities. Pointing the finger at others instead of taking responsibility for the things that go on on our streets. Has anyone ever questioned why Police are sent into our neighborhoods at higher levels? It’s because more criminal activity goes on in our streets! Drug dealing, rape, murder etc etc! Our children have lost their way and are more concerned with pointing their finger than trying to better their situation themselves. The problems don’t lie with race and discrimination. We want people to believe that not all Black Americans are bad and we have what are supposed to be our leaders teaching our youth that whites are the enemy. That’s racisim too and also unfair to claim. There are bad whites and bad blacks, but the groups can’t be slung together and judged as a whole. If we want to fix the problems with America, and there are many more than this, we need to join together as a Country! One loud voice is stronger then the chattering of individuals. The real struggle is with those in Washington. Rally together side by side as brothers and sisters of America for the benefit of ALL!

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