An Inevitable Race War Is Coming.

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( An inevitable race war is coming and you can choose a side or your color will choose it for you. It will not matter where you live, what you drive, how much you make or how many college degrees you have. Do I wish it to be so? No. Is it necessary? Maybe. When the angels came to Daniel and told him of things to come, Daniel wished the future they showed him would not come to pass. But the angels told him the future was both inevitable and necessary. Maybe, just maybe, the same is true for the impending race war in America.

Freddie Gray died while in police custody after receiving a spinal injury this month (April, 2015) in Baltimore, Maryland. The police commissioner has already admitted wrong doing by the officers in that they did not give him timely medical attention. Six officers have been suspended, which means all of them did nothing to help him and it’s likely some of them caused the fatal injury. How many of them stood by while their fellow officers injured this man to death? What made them think they could get away with it? The investigation is continuing but it is being completed by the very people who protect the police. Is it any wonder why people are angry?

Black lives matter when we make people see that they matter. And first our lives have to matter to each other or they will never matter to anybody else.

African Americans have been oppressed, subjugated, experimented on, ridiculed and targeted for far too long. It did not stop with slavery, it just changed form. We were pacified with the election of a President who looks like us, but that apparently is not enough. Weed has been injected into our communities while strip clubs, liquor mediaguidewhiteprivilege-2015stores and garbage dumps pervade our neighborhoods. We have been programmed to turn on each other instead of our “masters”, but an awakening is happening. Our people are beginning to realize they have been used, brainwashed and manipulated to hate and destroy each other. That seems to be fine with the powers that be until it comes into their backyards. We have a right to be angry and we have a right to protest or fight against our annihilation. Yes there are opportunists thugs who take advantage of peaceful protests, but the majority of people are angry and tired of being targeted for elimination.

All you have to do is research The King Alfred Plan or REX 84 to know what the powers that be have planned for a great many of us (if not all of us). We are not as far from the beginnings of how Hitler developed a hatred propaganda for the Germans to despise the Jewish people. But this time we are the people who are despised. This time African Americans are being discreetly and covertly labeled as what’s wrong with society, no matter what society (and the police) keep doing to us. We need to watch this development closely with our eyes wide open. And we need to be much more observant than simply knowing who won the game, the new song by Nasty Minage, the new Xbox game or the latest exploits of Kim KarTrashian.

The social security administration bought hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition just a few years ago and yet this went practically unnoticed by our people. Most African Americans are not familiar with the King Alfred Plan or REX 84 (research them on Google or Youtube). In cases like Baltimore, Maryland, even as we speak, we are seeing the implementation of martial law, complete with military equipment, the National Guard and curfews. But our people seem not to be paying attention. And if you think this country would not or could not round up an entire ethnic group of people, study what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Every Japanese person in America was immediately rounded up and incarcerated.

I have always believed a peaceful solution was the best solution. But what about when peaceful solutions don’t work? Then what? The courts are not working to resolve the problems because half the time the courts are the problem. And law enforcement will not police itself, espcially when prosecutors are not likely to go after rogue police officers. Our options are limited. This country speaks to its adversaries in languages they understand. But what makes our country listen when African American men are being murdered by police officers every month? Maybe we should return to using boycotts that hit the right people in the pocket. Maybe our solution is political, economic and sociological. Maybe our solution is an outright revolution. What do you think? Baltimore, Ferguson, New York – again and again but enough is enough. We keep being told to wait for the facts, but the fact is that another “black” unarmed man is dead at the hands of the police. How many more facts do we need while we are being exterminated?

RESEARCH FACT: Cops kill thousands more Americans than terrorists.

It’s easy for people to call angry people thugs. It’s easy for those who look down from penthouses, private jets and congressional offices to call the violence in Baltimore and Ferguson “senseless“. But what they fail to understand is these people are fighting for their right to survive, their right to reject eugenic extermination, their right to be free from tyranny at the hands of those who swore to protect and serve. So for all those who judge these people, until you have walked a mile in their shoes, your words have neither impact nor consolation. And if you are an African American who thinks police brutality cannot happen to you, get your head examined because you walk and live in a sugar-coated world of deception and denial.

Whatever we do, if we do nothing, we are about to be taken backwards, all the while losing more rights than we have gained. It’s time to wake up, step up, speak up and stand up. We all know that if we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything. How many more of us have to be shot down in the streets or end up dead before we realize that an unofficial war has been declared on us? I am not suggesting what course of action you take, but please do something or at least SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! If you stand by and do nothing, then simply put the chains and shackles back on and go back out to the cotton field.

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony