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Rudy Giuliani Was Right, Of Course President Obama Doesn’t Love America.

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( If the president’s policies are indicative of his love for America, let’s pray he begins hating our nation soon.

When former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said “I do not believe that the president loves America” at a dinner featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker last week, my response was, “No duh!” So why were Republicans so quick to back away from his words? Whatever their reasoning, I assure you they do so at their own peril. If the GOP stands a chance of winning the White House in 2016 they’ll need to learn to reframe the left’s messaging. For instance, when the left attempts to silence Christians we must never relent in accusing them of censorship, bigotry and intolerance every time we step in front of a camera or microphone. Eventually we’ll create linkage in the minds of our audience. People won’t be able to listen to Democrats without associating words like “censorship” to their causes if our messaging remains singular and focused. With CPAC on the horizon now is as good a time as any to start.

Republicans must be savvy if they’re going to lose an opportunity of a lifetime to go on offense against Democrats. Now isn’t the time to shrink back from Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s words, but rather it’s time to use them as a clarion call-a springboard to address what Americans instinctively know, our president and today’s Democrat policies are tearing this nation apart.

A person that loves this nation wouldn’t say he wants to “fundamentally change America.” President Obama’s view of America can be likened to a woman who finds a good man, marries him, then proceeds to tell him everything he needs to change about himself in order to make her truly happy. Before you know it they’re in counseling and their marriage is on life support. The woman doesn’t realize what she had until he’s gone. Liberals don’t appreciate America’s greatness and it’ll be too late by the time they do. Therefore, it is incumbent upon those of us who do get it to lead the charge to save America.Giuliani-2015

In the words of a former mentor of mine, Brad Bright (son of Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ), “Never react, always reframe!”

If the President were on trial for loving America would there be enough evidence to convict him? Can you recall heartfelt speeches or accolades attributed to America by this president? I can’t. Would a man that loves America take cheap shots at its Judeo-Christian heritage, while attributing make-believe contributions to another religion for our founding that simply didn’t occur? Would a man that loves America relegate the poor to perpetual poverty by sucking money out of the non-government working class that could’ve been used to employ them? Does a man that loves America nearly double its national debt thereby weakening our financial credibility and national security?

Furthermore, does a man that loves America send our bravest defenders to war with suicidal rules of engagement and dare not name their enemy, or clarify their mission? Would a man that loves America stack the Federal judiciary with activists intent on usurping the votes of everyday citizens? Would a man that loves America provide money to organizations like Planned Parenthood that are killing off future generations of Americans, especially minorities? Would a man that loves America invite strangers across our borders who don’t care to assimilate? Would a man that loves America demand that our watchdogs-the media, pledge their allegiance to him rather than remain adversarial for us?

Would a man that loves America destroy the best healthcare system by presuming politicians know how to practice medicine better than doctors? Would a man that loves America embolden our foreign enemies, including those that potentially are an existential threat while simultaneously emasculating our allies? Would a man that loves America seek every opportunity to divide its inhabitants among racial lines? Would a man that loves America attend Jeremiah Wright’s church for more than a week? I think you’d agree with me that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding “no!”

Right or wrong, in the political arena whomever frames the debate and controls the messaging typically wins the argument. Accepting the left’s premise on any given issue can lead to a second place finish for the GOP in 2016. Frankly, I’m not sure if there will be an America if that happens.

Written by Carl Jackson

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5 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Was Right, Of Course President Obama Doesn’t Love America.”
  1. Marque-Anthony says:

    President Obama does love America. When you love someone, you correct them because you want them at their best, not at their worse. If America cannot stomach what it has done and cannot even be reminded of how it should be corrected, AMERICA SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE MANY OF THE THINGS IT DID.

  2. J. Russ says:

    If you don’t believe the Republican Party has become the refuge of the angry haters, intolerant, and the supremely ignorant look who’s leaders started and support this absurd “Obama doesn’t love America ” rant. By the way if the un or non-informed in the 17% not sure were required to make a choice, the split would follow the do or don’t percentages or about 55% do. However, it is chilling to think the large majority of the Republican hard core base are that ignorant. No wonder they could not manage and collapsed our economy just 6 years ago and control both house of Congress and are in disarray and can’t govern now. The Republicans are going to have to trade their clown car for a clown bus.

  3. Marque-Anthony says:

    By the way, Medicare and Medicaid are government run healthcare programs. And when big business is not treating the citizens fairly, it is the responsibility of the government to do something about it. Of the people, by the people, for the people – REMEMBER?

  4. Marque-Anthony says:

    As for destroying the healthcare system, you are wrong again. Many many more people are now insured regardless of pre-existing conditions. WHERE WAS THE REPUBLICAN HEALTHCARE PLAN? NON-EXISTENT. It is very weak to criticize a plan then never put forth a better one. Again, I am not a democrat and the plan has it’s problems, some bad ones. Bu but it is not all bad and you should learn not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    It needs revisions but without it, many people would be refused by insurance companies.

    President Obama was right to apologize for the atrocities this country has done. Why do you think so many others dislike America? I hop you don’t actually think it’s because they envy our freedom. Give me a break. The President is not emasculating our allies, he is speak facts. And rather than criticize him you need to check your history. Likewise what Jeremiah Wright said was correct, again you need a history lesson and to take a break from riding on the Fox News Jock Train.

    I will debate you anytime on these issues and you will lose badly.

  5. Marque-Anthony says:

    Carl you are so wrong. And by the way, I am a conservative, neither democrat nor republican. If President Obama does not love America, Bush Jr must have loathed, hated and despised it and so must have Reagan, Bush Sr and Clinton, according to your standard. All of them sent troops into harms way and Bush Jr started a war based on lies. We found Sadam, the great threat, hiding in a hole.

    You, like most others, need to stop playing partisan politics. There is nothing in our constitution that says we have to have two political parties. The republicans yet again have no plan so they and you criticize Obama at every turn. THAT DID NOT WIN THE REPUBLICANS THE WHITE HOUSE IN THE LAST TWO ELECTIONS AND IT WON’T WORK NOW. A has been former mayor who did NOT win the presidency needs to attack ISIS, not the president.

    Giuliani embarrassed himself and the republican party. READ MY ARTICLE ABOVE YOURS ON THIS SITE ENTITLED “PRESIDENT OBAMA LOVES AMERICA”. Your opinion is biased, very much so. Mine is based on even more facts. Republicans like you appear to bee criticize Obama when he send troops then call him a weak leader when he does not. He cannot win with you but he does not have to because President Obama IS the President of the United States, like it or not. Your party should have lost gracefully but they didn’t.

    I find no biblical theology or spirituality in your reasoning nor personal attacks against President Obama. His record is fair game but not with biased partisan animosity and scapegoating. I could objectively answer every one of your points but you would likely stay in denial just like too many war-mongering republicans. Your points only show one side of the story. I told democrats the same about their descriptions of Bush. LEARN BALANCE IN YOUR APPROACH, YOUR WRITING AND YOUR RESEARCH. Grow Up!

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