President Obama Loves America.

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( President Obama loves this country but he also has a balanced, honest and realistic view on the dirt this country has done and the bridges this country has burned. In the wake of personal insults and attacks made by former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani against President Obama, we see just another example of personal attacks, blatant disrespect, Republican scapegoating and attempts to deflect the fact that Republicans have not initiated any real plans or solutions to any of the problems they helped George Bush create. President Obama is not perfect and he has made mistakes. I could give you a list of those because my claim is based on real facts, not opinions or personal attacks and petty insults. But President Obama has also made tremendous effort and set this country back on track in many areas like the housing market, rights for all people, police injustice, economic growth and affordable health care for many people regardless of pre-existing conditions. A balanced and honest view of President Obama’s record is fair game but personal attacks based on personal dislikes and assumptions are clearly inappropriate by public figures and most people know it. Just as with healthcare, where was the Republican solution? I understand that a President can never do enough to please everybody, especially the opposing political party. Let many Republicans tell it, President Obama has done nothing right at all. That is a lie.

When Giuliani says he believes President Obama does not love America, Giuliani insults every veteran, school teacher, police officer, factory worker and other patriot who voted for President Obama. Giuliani’s statement implies that Americans are so stupid that we can be easily fooled into voting for a man who does not love this country – not once but twice. That’s not right either. In the movie The American President, Michael Douglas as President is the victim of an opposing political party candidate’s personal attacks. So Douglas takes to the podium, addresses the negative comments head on. He states how his opponent questions his patriotism but then Douglas states “your five minutes are up and I AM THE PRESIDENT”. President Obama does not have time to address every petty personal attack so I will say it for him. So I say to Giuliani your five minutes of fame are up and OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT. Get over it. Giuliani you lost and you are not even the mayor. Why are we even discussing what you say? And even if the Republicans do not admit it, Giuliani you just lost the respect of a lot of people, impugned your character and embarrassed yourself, not the President of the United States.Obama comments to reporters on the situation in Ukraine before meeting with Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

I recently watched CNN as they interviewed Tom Ridge (former governor and head of homeland security), the former governor of New York state and others. All of them said they did not agree with Giuliani’s comments. All of them said the comment made by Giuliani that he did not believe President Obama loves America was not good. But then they tried to “hijack the conversation” as the CNN commentator put it. They used the issue of Giuliani’s comments as a bully pulpit to launch further attacks on the Obama administration. This negative and subversive strategy did not work in the first election nor in the second. But many Republicans do not seem to understand the American people see what they are doing and their strategy is not working now either. It has often been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

Let’s dissect Giuliani’s argument just a little before we get back to the proof President Obama loves this country. Former Mayor Giuliani says President Obama does not love this country because Obama is always apologizing for it. But the fact is our leader should be apologetic for all the dirt this county has done through its covert, official and unofficial policies. That type of humility and realism builds bridges instead of creating more enemies and making our current ones hate us even more. Giuliani is in denial and I would be interested to hear his perspective on what this country did to the indigenous people of this country as well as the slaves. Giuliani says you have to identify the enemy and call them who they are. He says President Obama will not do that. Wrong again. President Obama, every Democrat in Washington D.C. and every Republican knows who the terrorist group is, how strong they are and where they are. ISIS is clearly identified but it would be foolish to do what ISIS wants and equate them with all Islam. That would feed the holy war scenario ISIS is trying to build support for.

ISIS wants to provoke a war of Islam verses the world and President Obama is not playing into their hands. He is breaking the connection they are trying to make. He refuses to isolate an entire religion that ISIS is trying to hijack. That is wisdom because our country needs the help of legitimate Islamic countries. In the cold war our country did not go to war against communism – the Unites States went against Russia, the old Soviet Union. America could not even afford the appearance of launching a war against communism because we needed China’s help and they were communists. Giuliani needs a course in history and diplomacy.

President Obama has outlined a plan to go after ISIS and even asked our congress for full authority to do it. So I ask, Giuliani where is your plan and what are you doing? Opps, I’m sorry Giuliani, you can’t do anything but talk because you are NOT the President of the United States. Giuliani’s attacks are not against ISIS, they are against the President of the United States. Apparently in this case we have met the enemy and he is us. And it’s very curious that while Republicans never held Bush accountable for starting an unnecessary war in Iraq, they constantly criticize President Obama for discontinuing it and refusing to start other ones. By the way Republicans, no I am not a Democrat, I am a fiscal and social conservative. TO CORRECT AMERICA IS NOT TO HATE AMERICA. Helping anyone face their problems and pulling back the cloak of denial is how we fix the problems at the core.

Have you noticed that the Obama administration refers to the terrorist group as “ISIL”, while the public and media refers to the group as ISIS? That is because President Obama is not acknowledging the terrorist group’s connection to the Egyptian “goddess” Isis who is believed in by many people in the middle east. It is never wise to offend people unnecessarily because it makes enemies unnecessarily. That is wisdom. That is discretion. That is what a President should do.

When the President of the United States subjects himself and his family to fair and unfair personal attacks and public scrutiny or ridicule in order to try and make this country better, He must love this country. When he runs for office not once but twice and comes to work to fix problems that George Bush created (Iraq war, bad economy etc.), he must love this country. When a President reaches across the aisle to build bridges to a Republican party that goes against and criticizes almost everything he does, he must love America. When you go forth every day to do your job the best you know how even with security leaks all around you by the secret service which could actually place your life in jeopardy, you must love America. When you try to build bridges and better relationships with other countries that do not like America instead of bullying them, you must love America.

Somehow Republicans like Giuliani must think personally insulting the President will make people elect a Republican for President. Somehow some clueless Republicans believe tearing down one leader will build up their reputation, even though we teach our children and promote in business that it is of low character to tear down someone else in order to build yourself up. Somehow some Republicans think personal attacks are fair territory. But if President Obama called Rudy Giuliani an old washed up, 5 minute hasbeen Presidential candidate opportunist, every Republican from here to Alaska would be condemning such language and such a personal attack. Republicans you need to police and correct your own or you will lose the election yet a third time. Older people like Giuliani should know how to use wisdom and discretion and his comments have made it harder on the Republican party, not harder on President Obama.


Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony