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The Face Of Terrorism?.

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( Well, the country is back at war and as usual flag waving and fear mongering is in full effect. As crooked political figures spread propaganda and lies to justify intervention in a situation that was caused by intervention,the masses gather behind blind leaders in effort to show support against “our most dangerous threat”. But is ISIS really a threat to us or to political interest? On Wednesday it was breaking news that the oil field ISIS was in control of was being bombed , my immediate thought was “that’s what they want”. Because the one thing I know for sure is the United States Government has no problems with terrorism for if they did we wouldn’t have to go to far to fight it.

New York, of course we are familiar with the Eric Garner case and stop and frisk aimed at Black and Latin People but what about Sean Bell, Rahmarley Graham, or the brother beaten by the cops so bad they broke his leg. Is that not terrifying to know that the people who they tax you for can kill you with no fear of repercussions because of a system that constantly promotes you as a criminal or savage. Then those same people will tell you to march in Peace, suffer in peace and forget about it.

I had a couple of guys leave comments saying spanking your child was like slavery and punching a racist in the mouth is bad parenting but these are probably the same type to say The U.S. should fight terrorism and say that the looting in Ferguson was appalling, not realising they are one in the same. Like ISIS, the police are terrorist.They patrol our neighborhoods with guns like an occupied Palestine with specified checkpoint at each and every neighborhood you don’t believe me try to drive out of the projects into the suburbs and watch the attention you get.

I find it funny black people  in a country that was founded of nothing but violence and violence towards you can sit back and say that you’re wrong for teaching your kid that sometimes retaliation with words are not enough. How did America gain its independence from England was it by marching? How did America keep us in check for over 400 years?terrorism-globe-word-cloud-2014
How did America become established when it was already occupied by the Native Americans? Simple answer ,Terrorism .

Not the terrorism you see on TV which tells you only Muslims and people who are not white can be terrorist. But in fact the terrorism that has been spread it all over the globe but never talked about, European anglo-saxon terrorism the kind this country was founded on and numerous other ” civilized nations ” run by Europeans. I mean you can start from New Zealand to Australia two countries indigenous to blacks that are now almost totally white. And how exactly do you think that this method was achieved? Do you think it was by marching and singing ” we shall overcome “or waiting for a black person to give them justice?

You can simply look at the way this narrative is shaping up, two white journalist in a country that is not theirs, were kidnapped and  beheaded in a country where they commonly kidnap & behead people and because of that we’re supposed to believe that they’re going to come over here and start killing us so we should go bomb them first to stop them from coming to kill ,us how stupid is that. Then I’m supposed to tell my son he is supposed to stand up for his country volunteering to go fight ,my ass, no black person should ever fight for a country that will not give their children justice. What happened with Mike Brown ,Trayvon Martin ,John Crawford ,situations are shining examples of what Muhammad Ali said back in the 60s “my war ain’t overseas “, my enemy is right here.

How come the murder of two people in a country they probably shouldn’t even have been in is more important than the murder of 8 people who were killed without even having a weapon by people who are supposed to serve and protect them? Why is it wrong to react with strength in a moment of frustration when obviously you have been wronged on more than one occasion and justice seems so far away.

Why is it against the rules to spank your kid when you think he’s out of line and you’re trying to teach him a lesson but you can support the president in bombing little kids? Its not okay to strike out in frustration and revenge unless you’re a white man or a black man who’s in charge of a white man’s country and you’re fighting for a white man. How is it not terrorism to go to another person’s country who did not ask you to come and start bombing them?

How are you not terrified of being shot everyday when you see the cops whether you did something or not if you are black? Is it not inhumane and cruel to erase a People’s History?

Is it not terrorism to spread propaganda through news TV, radio, newspapers publications and phony stats to demonize and dehumanize a group of people to make it easier to kill them? So I’m wrong for telling my kids that I would fight for them?! I’m wrong for telling my kids  not only will I die for them but I will kill for them!? America does have a problem and terrorism has always been a problem but we don’t need to look any further than America to find the terrorists who are tearing the country apart and in the case of the black community we don’t have to look far to find agents working against our better interest.

Last week the murderer of John Crawford was not indicted. John Crawford was a 22 year old brother who was killed in Walmart by police after a 911 call made by Ronald Ritchie falsely accused our brother of  “pointing a gun at women and children”.

The police responded to the Walmart, to find John Crawford with his back turned holding a b_b gun. Without any question or instruction the police opened fire. This all happened you during the uproar of the Michael Brown shooting which should have got equal coverage but was buried in the news. Walmart had surveillance video but refuse to release it until the decision was made to drop any charges and not bring up any charges on anyone. Now I am a fan of group economics and one could say that have group economics was used during this time this would never have happened. But what I am NOT is a pacifist or a coward this unnecessary brutal use of force against other people has been historical and is now getting a little ridiculous.

When will be we be allowed to use self defense against our oppressors? When will we finally learn that you never accomplish anything by begging your oppressor for equality?  We are the longest serving P.O.W.s in human history and our home country isn’t coming to get us our kids are being killed, our women being beaten, and us men are being shot for  trying to give a cop a drivers license, but I need to be nonviolent and worry about a person oceans away who has problems with the same government that has problems with us!?!? Because they are the terrorist?????!!!???

Staff Writer; LeVar Smith


7 Responses to “The Face Of Terrorism?.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    Well, its been awhile since I posted on here. Between actually helping a few black males prepare for college, moving into a new home, and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have been very busy. But let me say this–I couldn’t resemble a pack of wild dog terrorists if I tried on my best day. I’d have to walk around looking and smelling like a bag of dirty, funky trash and my pants sagging off my behind showing dirty underwear. GOES AGAINST MY NATURE! But I bet you know who really fits that description. They are the ones who yelp when shot by a cop.

  2. LeVar Smith says:

    Thanks Brother Robert…..

  3. ROBERT says:


    IT’S the ole saying {when you throw a rock into a crowd of dogs the only one that holler is the one who got hit}!

    KEEP throwing rocks my brother it’s good news to know there’s young fire on the battlefield!

  4. LeVar Smith says:

    Is this Uncle Ruckus…..Rotfl….. Man this guy is hilarious…. Lmao…
    Nigguh lmao…..excuse me Sambo Davis Jr is that supposed to bother me?

  5. LeVar Smith says:

    Lmao… this a joke?

  6. toomanygrandkids says:

    You and cops have so much in common. Just look in a mirror. YOU ARE THE FACE OF TERRORISM, NIGGAH!

  7. Jermar says:

    I hear alot of our own saying the world is coming to an end. No what is coming to an end is a evil, wicked, twisted, immoral structure is coming to an within this society will be ceased and it will be up to us to take control.

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