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The Power of Thought and How It Reforms Reality…

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( “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” — (John 1:1)

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” — (Genesis 1:3)

“And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.” — (Genesis 1:9)

As conveyed in the above opening sentiments, thought is a dynamic, living force – the most subtle, yet influential and powerful force that exists in the universe. The thought-world is more real than the physical universe, for humans have the ability to create and interpret their own reality based on their subconscious desires and beliefs. Often, when speaking to elders about life and the future, they often reply with “pray about it and” speak it into  existence. In interpreting the latter part of that statement, it means that one can think of a certain situation or thing so much so, that they actually will, or think, that particular thing into existence. Thoughts are living things. Every change in thought is accompanied by vibration of its matter – meaning one’s thoughts tend to surface in and direct one’s behaviors or actions.

“As a man thinketh…, so he is.” — (Proverbs 23:7)

Many decades ago, an unfortunate process of mind-bending and mental trickery was forced upon black slave ancestors. Although many of them sacrificed their lives and fought hard to maintain the independent and healthy self-image, the ancestors were eventually forced to perceive themselves as insignificant creatures – their minds were changed, reformed. Over the past 300 years, much of Black America has suffered from this mental enslavement, and continues to have difficulty realizing that the mind states are warped, misshapen, and need to once again be changed or reformed.

For those who feel mental enslavement no longer exists, Black America should ask, how do those who tolerate use of the n-word by black brothers and sisters come to this acceptance? And does their tolerance for the use of the n-word serve as validation that they are a free and independent spirit? Or does it prove that they have been spoon fed by the powers to be to accept this categorization of their ancestors and self? How did they come to accept the idea that they are supposed to be a n**ga, and being such a thing is “okay“?

The n-word was one of the primary tools used in the adverse re-shaping of the black man’s psyche. Its continual use and acceptance reiterates the image of the negative self-worth; the word was meant to instill and restrict the individual’s mind from reforming into a positive self-image.

For more than 300 years, the n-word tag served as something more than a racial slur. Its initial intent and purpose was for the term to serve as a green light to terrorize, brutalize, maim, rape, kill, torture, castrate, sodomize with hot pokers, boil and burn alive a race of people who were considered to be lower than whale dung, who were considered to be sub-human and only3/5 of a human being, a bestial savage beast branded as a n**ger. And the nauseated rationale for treating black people this way was that in the eyesight of God, such inhumane treatments inflicted upon someone alluded to as being a n**ger would be construed as forgivable acts.

And, thus, any reference to someone as a “n**ger” served as a verbal reminder to their intellectual and physical status. It was a tool used to mentally enslave a race of people, raping and abusing their minds to accept an inferior image of themselves. The separation of classes – human versus n**ger – forced blacks to concretely assume an inferiority complex simultaneously looking upon their slave masters as the supreme race.

This resulted in the black race becoming a group of psychological misfits unable to rise above mediocrity. If the Black race continues to refuse to re-shape their minds and thinking regarding the n-word and other community-destructing behaviors – insisting on continual acceptance and embracement of the term n**ga, then the destiny and fate of the once dignified and truly mentally-free race of people will be assured and sealed.

Of course the n-word is not the word of God and, hence, is a satanic word from hell, a demonic and evil expression. The Holy Bible states:

“For, whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. — (1 Peter 3:10)

“He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.” — (Proverbs 13:3)

With all the inventors, entrepreneurs, scholars, religious and political leaders, athletes, entertainers, teachers, and the inspiration of the rich African heritage, why isn’t Black America making more progress collectively? Why are effective black schools and academies declining? Why does the economic gap continue to widen? Why are black communities in decline — ravaged by crime, high rates of incarceration, unemployment and despair? How is it that the black community’s “spending power” exceeds many nations’, but the majority of the funds are spent outside the black community – not directed at solving internal problems?

For the answer, all one needs to do is look back to 1865 when the slaves were physically set free but [never] mentally freed. The n-word is a permanent link to mental enslavement and until the minds of the collective Black community is liberated from this [evil] word, disallowing the word to flow from their lips in any capacity, none of the aforementioned problems will ever be resolved. In essence, continuing to point fingers at those outside the black community will not help in reviving and rejuvenating the community to its once proud and dignified state.

Rather, the black community must develop some backbone and emancipate their own minds from the tyrant word…n**ga. No other race or culture can, nor will try to accomplish this feat, and quite frankly, the black community does not need anyone else to correct this problem. Typically every man must fight his own battles in life to succeed, so it is the black community’s responsibility, to take up its load and strive for their freedom and self-respect – from [within] and without the community.

Black Americans’ defiant use of the incorrigible, demonic and evil n-word is an abomination to the canonized, sacred and hallowed memories of those who were dehumanized and subjected to genocidal conditions. The sacrifices, ordeals and struggles of our ancestors must not and should not be taken lightly. To do so a heavy price will, and [is] being extracted for such negligence.

Embracing and accepting this word implies condoning all the sordid acts that were executed by those who raped black women and all of the rest of the fiendish, sadistic, vicious and bloodthirsty acts perpetrated upon African-American ascendants. Their memories should always be held sacred and canonized, and if a person has any ounce of self-worth or respect, they will no longer be browbeaten into accepting the notion that the n-word is just a meaningless word.

The newly-enlightened will elect genuine thoughts of truth that allow real freedom of thought, raising the mind power, over the contaminating, false truth they’ve known for so long. The n-word is an evil word that sanctioned the destruction of tens of millions of black ascendants over a 300-plus year interval (the African-American Holocaust), and continues to shackle the black community today.

Each person must re-shape their mind and recognize that word for what it is so that they can effectively reform their realities and assist in returning Black America to a proud, self-respecting, unified and progressive group of people, raising the standards of the community to newer and greater heights.

Written By H. Lewis Smith


2 Responses to “The Power of Thought and How It Reforms Reality…”
  1. wanda says:

    as i continuosly and always enjoy reading the materials of shown comments and published as well, please i hope all who read my thoughts of what i’m thinking, please know that i do not by know means to be a commentator of having being read a constant opinionative pragmatist with correspondants at thinking what’s on my mind, and i think and hope that my comments speak for and at those who agree wholesomely but don’t want to be read as just a plain descalate skepticist……

    thank you

  2. Julius Fann says:

    This is an article from the forum It title is “The Reality Of Thought.”

    Been in conversation the last few day about thought, and the awakening discovered by myself and the other individual in this conversation was men are thought thinking upon thought. Thoughts, what are they, and where do they come from? are the questions men must ask themselves, along with the inquisition are thoughts the essence of life’s substance?

    For myself, after asking these scrutizing questions, what came to me was thoughts are the vision of a “Consciousness which giveth life to the dead, and calleth those things which are not, as though they were.” And thoughts are the intent and purpose of the vision of Consciousness manifested as Spirit substance.

    Spirit is the nature of thought, and thought is life, and the nature of life is the structural essence of creation in its entirety individualized as the singularity of thought beings thinking upon thought.

    Thought life is therefore the plurality of all visions manifested of Pure Mind, yet uniquely individualized as worlds of their own without end until there is an end of thinking about the thought. All individuals live in their own world and experience nothing other than their own thought world and states of being thinking thoughts.

    It is the experience of living the thoughts one is thinking moment to moment to moment which is the umbilical cord which links the nature of the Spirit of thought life in all dimensions, spheres, realms, and levels in the invisible to the nth degree of thought awareness. And it is the nature of Spirit which akin all men to one another, and is the principle behind the commandment: “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    This is also the cause of man’s spontaneous action occurrence which bear no logic of reason to the human intellect, i.e., willingness to sacrifice oneslife to remove a perfect stranger out of harms way.

    And lastly, the Spirit of thought is also the principle which voids free will and choice when the command principle of : “that ye love one another as I have loved you” becomes the reality of why the intent and purpose of creation is Selflessnessly One.

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