The Bridge: In Cash We Trust (Part 2)…

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( On a human level, people’s lives and hearts have been broken by social circumstances.  

Initially, it was by design, when crack cocaine was inserted into poor communities, but the worship of Cash found the crack epidemic affecting all levels who then became the new rich and the new poor.

Crack did what heroin could not do, because when heroin came along, the nation still believed in God. By the time crack came around, America had embraced Money as God.

Crack cocaine created fake commerce in the urban communities across the nation, and even changed the pimp game. Where pimps previously preyed on the broken humans who had fallen, crack cocaine broke women and men, turning them into hoes without pimps who began to use their bodies as commerce in exchange for the addictive substance or a few dollars to make the purchase.

And since we have seen that anyone can fall, we celebrate those at the top, simply because they are at the top.

No matter how they come to it, people with money are taught that they are special. They are taught that their success is all about them, not about the backs of people they stand on in order to become what they become. They begin to believe that they have garnered whatever success they’ve achieved as special individuals and that those without success are lesser human beings.

And most of us-with or without cash-believe that garbage as well.

We know that anything is possible in this society, so when someone poor rises, they no longer think about where they came from, they are taught to  hate whoever they left behind.

Where we once aspired to become wealthy without changing, we now aspire to change even before we become wealthy, and/or even if we never become wealthy.

This is why we see poor people pretending to be of means. The goal is not really to work hard to get there anymore, if you can fake being there. Instead of “Fake it ’til you make it,” the motto is now “Fake it.” Period. Even if you aren’t really trying to make it.

That’s also why now we have more people crashing financially and going absolutely buck nutty. It’s one thing to crash and still have something to rely on, but when you crash and everything you have had has been empty, you crash and know that there is nothing left and nowhere to turn to. You lose touch with reality and freak completely out.

And that’s why we now have more Blacks who have become things we never thought we could become-mass murderers, hateful idiots, gangsters without conscience, criminals for nothing and hoes for free. We were once traditionally conservative, but now we’re all over the place depending on what we think we can get.

What was once a community that sought to rise itself has splintered into groups of people who use each other for what they are worth and then blame each other for what they cannot have.

That’s why we see Black women blaming Black men for conditions they have inherited from people who did not care, including Black women who began to believe in money more than self esteem and self respect.

Exotic Dancer” (Stripper) has become a career for women to pimp a bunch of horny idiots and then portray themselves simultaneously as victims of sexual stereotypes and as strong independent women who are making bank, baby.

Video Ho” has become a fake career for women who degrade themselves, often for nothing and then blame the powerless morons in the front of the videos.

But those powerless morons are also looking for someone to blame, claiming that conditions of their childhood environment, or the white man, or lack of opportunities or some other lame excuse “forced” them to sell their souls for a bad record deal.

These same powerless morons use the same excuses when choosing to sell drugs or participate in gang activity.

The bottom line is that too many of us would rather do anything than work hard and risk facing broken dreams.

Broken dreams are the legacy that many Americans from two and three generations ago have bequeathed to their children, having mortgaged the future of those children for their own selfish guilt-free pleasures and Money.

Parents fail to plan for the future of their children, because they are too interested in planning for their own present. In the present, they want to look good and live happily, even though at any given moment, the house of cards they lived in may fall apart and leave their children with no house or home, no real family ties and no future to speak of, because they have been handed a bill for the follies of their parents.

In the age of Money as God, family, friends and anything else previously held near and dear comes secondary to keeping up with the appearances of the Joneses who are faking themselves.

For more than twenty years, Americans have been witnessing the mayhem, destruction and social decay that occur when God and love are supplanted by greed and Money, which are now the American way.

We don’t trust family or friends. “In God We Trust” are mere words on the back of something we truly praise.

Our trust is now in Cash.

Written By Darryl James