Suicide As Final Dignity…

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( A nation where someone can be arrested for attempting to end that which his Creator gave ( his life ) is a nation that doesn’t respect the individual. Replacing the human body with the body politic  doesn’t change the equation.

The individual is under assault from myriad would-be controllers, the Enzi100largest of which is government. Consequently, liberty lovers correctly observe that the individual dies a death of a thousand cuts as yet another intrusion tries to undermine his dignity.
A two-party system devoted to either fast forward control of the individual ( Democrats ) or slow motion control of the individual ( Republicans ) engages in phony public spectacle ( legislative debates; grassroots ” parties ” etc. ) while secretly laughing at embattled true believers. Cynically, I affiliated with the GOP because it at least was slower in its unholy march toward dominating the individual.
It’s hallowed civic trinity of smaller government; lower taxes and personal responsibility is welcome- but hollow. Sadly, its policies to date have reaffirmed anything but these principles. The individual lover of liberty on this side of the aisle has little comfort as the present GOP lumbers zombie-like toward him. George W. Bush’ homeland security state remains mostly unchallenged by partisans on either side and his economic legacy starves liberal and conservative alike. Little comfort indeed.
Staving off killing the individual on the installment plan ( the two party system ) means either increasing liberty lovers on both sides of the aisle; creating new parties for liberty lovers or accepting political suicide as the final option. Political suicide in this context means doing nothing and giving free reign to those left and right hungry to control the individual.
Much as I am an ” uber-individualist ” according to one source, I have yet to decide. Political suicide, i.e doing nothing in the public sphere as a final act of individual dignity, may be all real lovers of liberty have left.
Time will tell.