A Supportive Skeptic of The Tea Party Movement…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) While a proud American skeptic, I find in the Tea Party movement merit to match misgivings. Any group of citizens gathered to protest government overreach will at least get my attention. If such protest becomes a hate fest my attention then becomes tactical, i.e. noting a Enzi100 potential threat to public safety.  Watching the Tea Party Movement at close range reveals few racists but alot of Americans worried that slavery is around the corner. When White folks fret over freedom, what are we ( Black folks ) waiting for.
Thus far, the only Black male beneficiaries of the Obama victory has been the President himself and a few appointees. Most other brothers are either underemployed or worse, unemployed with little hope of new work. There’s alot for the Hood to tea party about, if being around alot of White people isn’t too scary. lol.
Who has suffered from too much government more than we? You name it and some bureaucrat past, present or ( sadly ) future tried to ram it down our throats. Again, we should be having inner city tea parties around the clock. More government and less jobs isn’t progress. More government and less freedom means we’re running backward instead of forward. I’m skeptical of all movements simply because so many seek slave collars to slip over new necks. Perverse integration now adds would-be subjects of all colors to the slave collar list. Engaging in age old racial divisiveness gives aid and comfort to arrogant politicians. The choice is ours, regardless of whatever kind of American we consider ourselves.
I understand why many culturally conservative Blacks are sitting this one out. While concerned about some of the Administration’s policies, they’re caught between a rock and hard place given Obama being the first Black President. They fear applying too much pressure could topple him, which in turn could set our progress back generations. Until we leap this hurdle it’s quite possible we’ll continue being ignored. Getting angry over other people’s attempts to safeguard their liberty is a poor substitute for organizing on our ( and America’s ) behalf.
I’m supportive of the Tea Party movement because it addresses common concerns I have about spending and too much control exerted from DC. Where it or any other movement becomes a platform for anti-Black bias I will oppose such elements. What I don’t support is the unfettered reach of government regardless of the color of its chief executive.
Any Black man making me call him “Massah” isn’t an upgrade over the previous model. 


Written By Nadra Enzi

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