Monday, October 22, 2018

In The Midst Of A Lakers-Rockets Brawl, LeBron James Solidifies That He Came To LA Mainly For His Hollywood Ventures.

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Tweet ( In the words of Damian Lillard, “When a fight happens, you see who’s with you for real”. During Saturday night’s Lakers vs. Rockets match-up, a whole lot of reality was revealed during a fight that broke out between Rajon Rondo, of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Chris Paul, of the Houston Rockets. Irritated with the flopping... [Read more...]

Voting Against America, Means Voting Democrat!!

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Tweet ( The midterms are coming up in a couple of weeks, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m living out here in California, but I’m sure the same thing is going on across the country. All the Democrats in federal and statewide races are not running for anything, they’re all running against Donald Trump. It’s... [Read more...]

Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer: 10 Things You Missed.

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Tweet ( Generation Zero gameplay trailer landed in late August and gave us a glimpse of what Avalanche has been doing. Here are ten things that excite us about this upcoming open world action game. Its similarity to Simon Stålenhag’s Art Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios showed off the Generation Zero gameplay in a video... [Read more...]

NBA 2K19 Tips and Tricks: How to improve Offense and Defense.

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Tweet ( If you’re struggling or trying to score more, we have a handful of NBA 2K19 tips and tricks for you. This year’s game has plenty of new features along with some of the old features with major improvements. Here’s a list of all the tips and techniques you can use to improve offense and defense in NBA 2K19. On offense, pass... [Read more...]

Michael Giuffrida – Preparing For Your Surgery Means Doing These Things.

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Tweet ( Surgery is stressful and very scary to anyone going through it. It is in fact so stressful that the average person cannot concentrate on the things that are important to make sure that things go monthly. This is why you need a great surgeon like Michael Giuffrida and why it is always good to have a list of things to focus on... [Read more...]

Hating On President Trump Could Help Carry The House for Democrats?

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Tweet ( “I have some thoughts on ‘enthusiasm’ and the election,” tweeted Amy Walter, the Cook Political Report’s ace analyst of House races. What I and, I suspect, others expected to follow was a discussion of how voters’ enthusiasm, positive or negative, tends to determine who wins elections, especially... [Read more...]

Jamaica; Resilience of People.

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Tweet ( Every year during hurricane season, I think back to the summer of 2007 when my family and I vacationed on the Caribbean island of Jamaica and witnessed the resilience of people there. As we planned the trip, I paid little attention to the fact that we would be traveling during potentially treacherous hurricane season. The days... [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Against Men.

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Tweet ( A woman slaps a man’s face on TV, in the movies and in real life. The man is expected to simply be the bigger person and walk away. He is expected to be strong enough to take it. But people forget that strength of the male is not the determining factor as to whether or not a crime of domestic violence has been committed.... [Read more...]

Grow Your Wealth By Reducing Spend On: Transportation, Housing & Food.

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Tweet ( Regardless if you are a Doctor, Physical Therapist, Landscaper, etc., the average American spends almost 70% of after tax dollars on just three items: Housing, Transportation and Food. We save on average, four percent. This lack of savings is a recipe for future Titanic size disaster.  You will struggle to help your kids attend... [Read more...]

The Battle to Focus.

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Tweet ( Work, school, home, relationships, and school is just a few things many of people have to juggle on a regular basis. Each area requires its own to-do list, and areas of immediate attention. Sometimes you an find yourself feeling like you are on mental overload with no viable outlet. A lack of focus and concentration can make... [Read more...]

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