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How Bad Career Choices Are Ripping You Off.

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( Many people are falling into the traps of bad career choices. Following the herd has become the norm these days. While choosing a career path, many of us do not know where they are headed to and what they want from the offering and what we don’t want.

Graduates and other students are given a golden opportunity to carve their career paths in their own way. But with all the peer pressure, monetary causes, and alluring salary packages, people today are choosing their career based on what others want them to be instead of asking themselves what they actually want to do.

The key factor in determining the success and happiness we achieve in life is the satisfaction level that is directly proportional to the career choices we make. Bad career choices will not only lead you towards a sad and miserable life but also will rip you off of your identity.

Thus, here are the reasons as to how some bad career choices are making you feel stressed, anxious, and unhappy every day.

You stop taking risks at work or in life

Taking risks is what makes your life an adventurous journey and makes it exciting. If you are doing what you love, you will take as many risks as you can to become the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams and goals. Taking risks makes you ambitious. It inspires you to wake up and make the best out of every single day.

On the other hand, if you are in a job that you hate to the core, you will always avoid taking risks that will show its effect in the long term. It will make you feel restless and helpless. You will not want to improve and will get stuck in the same position for the rest of your life. So, choose a career that inspires you to take risks and makes you a bold and strong human being.

You never speak your mind

Choosing a bad career eats you up from the inside. No matter how much your earnings are, you are not happy and satisfied with what you are doing. You prefer to keep your head down and you accept everything that is going on around you. At work, you become the ‘yes’ employee. You do not speak your mind when you find faults or if someone is quoting something wrong, you just go with the flow and don’t bother speaking your mind. This attitude slowly develops and takes the form of depression. You start overthinking and fill your mind with all the negativity and pessimism.

Choosing a career of your interest will keep your mind active and instill creative ideas in your head, making you perform well at work and in life.

Socially unhappy

A bad career choice makes you a loner. You start shutting doors around you and become unsocial. You feel like avoiding everyone and staying in that dark corner where no one can see you. Why is this? This is because other people around you may have found what they love to do and might be happier than you.

When it happens, we start disregarding social life and activities and owing to this we develop a trait of jealousy towards the other person for his or her success. You start comparing your career with theirs and become unhappy with yourself.

Making a sound career decision will lighten up your life and change your mindset. You will be moving forward and focusing on your life, making it better day by day.

A bad career road will lead us to where we become less of a human being and more of a machine, with no emotions and instincts. We start making decisions that hamper our present and future. The ill-effects of a bad career make it hard for us to survive happily and peacefully.

Therefore, we all should find what we love and then give our best to become the best version of ourselves.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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