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Top 5 Things You Need For The Perfect Relationship.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Relationships just don’t survive on their own. They require both the nurturing and care of both the adults involved. They must be able to give each other themselves with the goal of creating mutually beneficial connections. There are a few things you’ll need if you want to foster a loving and deep relationship.

With that said, the perfect relationship is something everyone can get, even you. All it takes is a bit of patience and time. Here below are the top 5 things you need for the perfect relationship.

1.    Self-Love

In order to foster a loving, healthy relationship with another person, it’s vital you learn to love yourself first. Learning how to love yourself will teach you how to love other people better as well. It gives you a stronger capacity to allow yourself to experience love without fear. Loving yourself only makes you stronger, and when two individuals that understand self-love get together, they’re able to experience love’s full potential.

2.    Communication

There is a very big difference between talking TO someone and talking AT someone. Healthy conversations between two adults don’t result in vicious attacks nor do they result in raised voices. Learn how to communicate with another human with compassion and love, putting your ego aside, and you’ll be on your way to experiencing a wonderful relationship. Listen, speak and really hear what the other person has to say. Avoid just waiting until it’s your time to speak.

3.    Trust

Okay, this may seem so obvious right now, however, they’re plenty of people in the world that are with “loved ones” they don’t trust. Before you jump into a relationship, first learn how to love yourself completely and how to build your confidence by yourself as well. Strong individuals find it easier to trust. If you’re with someone that’s deeply untrustworthy, then you strongly need to think about why you’re there in the first place.

4.    Connection

Work is now taking priority in many people’s lives, especially in this modern society we live in today. Getting caught up with your career has become so easy these days. However, the truth is, it’s your relationships that should take center stage in your life. It’s your biggest support system and your home-base. Try and always find a way to connect with your partner every single day.

5.    Honesty

Last, but certainly not least, is honesty. Listen, white lies are not okay, even though a lot of believe they’re harmless. Piling white lies upon white lies will only end up in you having a relationship built on lies, plain and simple. Be with a person you can be a hundred percent honest with and you’ll give yourself the chance to experience a truly perfect relationship.


Mastering these 5 things will allow you foster a perfect relationship with your significant other. You no longer need to wade through unhealthy relationships anymore. Don’t settle for less. You deserve more, don’t you think? Hopefully, this piece is what you need to start embracing a healthy relationship.

Staff Writer; Earl Jacobs



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