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Eliminate the Paper Trail with Quality Control Software.

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( Every organization is concerned with quality. Whether you work for a factory that produces chemicals, or an insurance firm, quality of services and products is always of paramount importance. Ensuring quality is met is often performed via a paper-based monitoring system. The Quality Control department is tasked with ensuring that products and services meet all rules and regulations set down by governing bodies, as well as making sure that the supply chain is not interrupted due to changing regulations. For organizations that still utilize a paper-based quality control system, you will want to consider using quality control software if you want to join the digital age, and eliminate unavoidable human documentation errors. So, why should you start using quality control software?

Human Error

Paper-based systems were the only option for quality control in the past, but with the advent of the internet, and the digital age there is no longer a need for this. Quality control software is just one of the tools that can be used to streamline quality reporting mechanisms, as well as being used to update all employees on regulatory changes. Paper-based systems are problematic because the chance of human error is exponentially higher than if software is used. Quality issues reported via hard copy can get lost in the shuffle, filed wrong, or simply not filed at all. This can lead to reporting errors, and noncompliance. Should an audit occur, and the proper hard copy documents not be filed away, an organization could be subject to legal action.

Avoid Noncompliance

Rules and regulations concerning all industries tend to change annually, but sometimes regulatory changes can take some time to come into effect. Complying with changing rules and regulations across industries can be difficult. Employees need to be informed of changes, but a paper-based system, or even an email can be easily forgotten. For instance, safety regulations tend to change rapidly, and to avoid any incidents or noncompliance, trainings may be necessary to make sure all employees are safe. Before a training event occurs though, quality control software can be used to notify all staff of any changes in regulations. This creates an instant notification system which will keep all employees compliant, and avoid any unwanted attention during a potential audit.

Streamline Reporting Processes

Paper-based reporting takes a lot of time and effort. Documents needs to be scanned, printed, and forms filled in by hand. Going digital eliminates the need to print out forms, or have employees fill in compliance forms by hand. They can simply log on to the software, access their personal portal and digitally enter the information needed. In addition, if any regulations have changed, each time they log on to their portal a notification can be created to ensure every employee is aware of changes. Documents and procedures can also be updated as soon as regulations change to ensure that an organization maintains compliance on a daily basis.

Essentially, the digital age means that software is the key to an organization’s continued success in the modern world. Quality control is simple one component that can be assisted with the appropriate software.

Staff Writer; Ron Jackson

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