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Waiting again; Trump.

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( Many expressions used for describing people of color and how they manage time in their lives. Such as Black time, Native American time, Mexican time, all depicting the time when most folks show up for functions (being late). When Trump was elected, it seems many were too late, had trouble at the polls, or did not show up at all to vote. The changes in voting procedures designed to keep people of color from voting is something our leaders should have known and should have prepared the people for. This was a grave mistake that our leadership should have been prepared for and they were not. People of color, it is time to wake up and do the Right Thing. The Right Thing for those that sacrificed fighting for us to have life and the right to vote. People of color MUST step up and speak for all of them.

The leaders of all of the organizations that exist have a responsibility. NAACP, Urban League, Black Caucus, Tribal leaders and, the numerous Mexican-American organizations. All need to stand up now and work together. Many of these leaders and organizations stayed quiet when President Obama was getting beat up by the Republicans and did very little to support his efforts. President Obama could have
done so much more with the backing of the people of color leadership, but they were too worried about their jobs more than the needs of the people and supporting the first President of color.

So many have died and sacrificed to get a person of color in the White House. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the best choice we had. Many said they didn’t like Hillary and did not vote, well I guess they like Trump now. If we do not correct our attitudes in 2020, then we will
end up with Trump for another four years. Due to the lack of support and backbone within the Organizations of Leadership pushing hard to get people of color voting, Donald Trump is in the White House. The NAACP, Urban League, Black Caucus, Native American, and Hispanic
organizations are worthless. They did not do their jobs to make sure people voted, and they took everything for granted. When dealing with the white power structure, nothing is to be taken for granted, something they should have known. Now we have some people of color running for President, are you kidding? None of them have any right to even think about the presidency. What possibly could make them believe they are worthy of following in Obama’s footprints. They were all cowards and hypocrites when Obama was in office so what has changed now.

As the 2020 election is coming forward again, there has not been a push by any of the groups to assure people get out to vote. We are
waiting until the last minute, as usual. Stop accepting the phrase “people of color time,” again. We, the People, cannot allow this to
happen again or, we will have Trump for four more years. The time to fight is NOW, in actuality, it should have started the day after Trump
was elected. He showed us from the very beginning that he was a racist and womanizer and the Leadership should have been attacking, NOT
WAITING. Cowards.

The Leadership in positions for each group is inept in their duties and need to go. People of color need to stop blaming the whites for
everything and start looking at those in each of our groups who are supposed to be representing us, not themselves. They are not doing are
not performing their duties to take care of us, and neither are WE THE PEOPLE doing what we are supposed to help ourselves. We need strong leaders, not YES leaders. I am 100% sure Dr. King and Malcolm X are so disappointed in us and they should be.

The people who did not vote are just as guilty. Men and women on the first slave ships started the fight for equality and many giving their
lives rather than being enslaved. From the very beginning they started fighting for equality. Those who did not vote are guilty dishonoring
all those who gave their lives and should be ashamed. They are as worthless as our Leadership. There are NO excuses.

If Trump is re-elected, then we get what we deserve again. Churches should be mobilizing now to register people to vote, to get passed any
attempts to deny people the right to vote. Churches should understand the voting areas and make sure things go right. Churches need to get
off their butts and get it done. The letter from Birmingham is about churches today as it was when Dr. King wrote it back in 1963.

For three years, people of color have done nothing; we have allowed Trump to say what he wants. Racial tensions have gone back forty
years. Trump is not a president but a tyrant, and we have allowed this to happen. Republicans, for the most part, know he is a Tyrant, but
put themselves first instead of the people. People of color should be kicking the Republicans butts, and any person of color who is a
Republican is not only a sell-out but cares only about themselves. Unless the masses of people of color start to pressure our so call
representatives to get off their butts and represent us, it will continue. We need to pay attention to them and hold them responsible. Just because they are Black, Hispanic, Native American, or other shade of color, does not mean they care about us. They say a lot in public
but in the back-room sells us out. While we people of color are sleeping, the white power structure is working overtime to keep us down.

Everything Trump is doing is to keep us in check, and we need to open our eyes and see it. And do something. Speak up. We are a nation that
can no longer think for ourselves. Critical Thinking is gone. We are not patriots but selfish people who have quit caring about each other.
Mexicans from Mexico are not taking jobs; they are doing the jobs the majority of Americans won’t do, and that is a fact. If Trump had his
way, he would kick all people of color out of the country, and that does include Black Republicans who I consider HOUSE people.

I implore people of color to wake up and take control of our destiny and force our Leadership to do their jobs or step down. Leadership is
selling us out for their glory. Those running for President are all busting our butts and need to concentrate on Trump. I cannot see any of them leading this country. Again, They are all hypocrites and for eight years of the Obama era did nothing. They are simply out to
further their agenda caring less about the people.

Wake up people of color and do your duty for the many that died to give you your rights to be Americans citizens. Quit being cowards and
cry babies and do something. No More Excuses. It Is Time To Stand Up and Be Heard.

Columnist; Ransom Eddings
Formerly Diversity Resource Coordinator
Idaho State University

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