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12 Reasons to Go Back to School.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) More people than ever before are choosing to return to school in later life. Some, head back to college or take a course at their local night schools. Others, take an online course, or even study a higher degree online. Some of these people have taken a small break after their compulsory education has come to an end, perhaps after traveling for a while or trying their luck in the working world. Others, after a much more extended period out of education. Some people even return to school after they have retired, to give themselves something to do, or with the intention of launching an encore career. 

But why would you put yourself through this? Studying, whether online or in school is difficult as an adult. You might be doing it around family commitments or a job that you can’t afford to quit. You may have to fit studying into your already limited free time. If you are already stressed out, tired and struggling to take any time for yourself, why would you add further stress by going back to school?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider a return to education and plenty of ways in which it is possible. Here’s a look at 12 of the reasons to go back to school, no matter how long you might have been away. 

To Set a Great Example to Your Children

We’re our children’s first heroes. The first people that they look up to, and the first people that they learn from. When they are very young, everything we do is wonderful to them. As they get older, this changes a little, as they develop their own interests and ideas. But, we are still in a unique position to show them the right way. 

Going back to school sets a great example in so many ways. You show them the benefits of education, and hopefully, make them grateful that it is readily available to them. You are also showing them that it’s never too late to be who you want to be, to follow your dreams and to make significant changes. By going back to school, you are teaching them never to settle for second best.

To Progress In Your Career

Studying a course at Regis College can be a great way to progress at work. If your career has hit a standstill or you are struggling to progress, or you’ve reached the point where your lack of qualifications or formal training is holding you back, going back to school could give you new options. It could open up the door to promotion, or give you the chance to take on new challenges in your field. This could increase your fulfilment at work, give you greater options for the future, and expand your earning potential. 

To Change Career

It’s easy to feel stuck in your career, especially when you aren’t happy. You might worry that you’ve got no options and that you’ll have to stick with it until retirement. But, that’s no longer true. You can always go back to school. You can always learn new skills and gain new qualifications. This means that you’ve always got career options. You can always make a change if you are unhappy. 

To Help You To Start a Business

You don’t have to be an employee at all. More people than ever are starting their own business and working for themselves. While you don’t need qualifications to do this, if you are moving into a completely different field, studying can make it easier. Alternatively, a degree in business can help to give you a good knowledge of all areas of business, which can be a massive help. 

To Improve Your Skills

Education isn’t just about learning about a particular subject. It’s also a way to improve different skills. You’ll become more organized, you’ll learn how to manage your time, and you will develop your critical thinking skills. 

To Learn Something New

Sometimes, the best reason to go back to school is the most obvious, to learn something new. Sometimes, it’s not motivated by a desire to change career or gain promotions. It’s just because we want to learn. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to know more about or a subject that you are interested in, go back to school and learn about it. 

To Boost Your Confidence

Studying can be a fantastic confidence boost. It’s your chance to do something for yourself. To take time for yourself, for self-improvement. Having new knowledge can be powerful, and you’ll feel great about yourself. 

To Meet New People

If you study in school or take a class at a local library or community center, you will meet new people. This can be important, it’s something that we struggle to do as adults, and life can be very lonely. Even if you study online, you might make connections with fellow students which could one day become friendships. 

To Keep Your Mind Active and Young

When we’re young, we use all of our minds. We’re learning all of the time, exploring the world around us and seeking new information. As we get older, this changes. We stop learning, and our minds close. We only use the portions that we need. This can lead to memory loss and other issues as we age. Going back to school is an exceptionally effective way to keep your mind young and active. 

To Take Some Time Back for Yourself

How much time do you get for yourself in a day? Chances are, not much. When you’ve got studying to do, you’ve always got an excuse to spend some time alone. 

Because You Can

There are more opportunities to study and learn now than there have ever been before. Learning opportunities are easy and flexible. So, why not? Do it because you can. 

To Let Go of Past Regrets

Many of us regret not making the most of education when we had the chance. Going back to school in later life is a second chance and a way past your regrets.

Staff Writer; Rick Adams

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