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Book Review; Ebony Angels: The Angelic Perspective in Black.

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( There are various perspectives on black spirituality within our community. Angels have always been an interesting subject. Some black people have expressed a strong believe in angels and it is often associated with death, or our loved ones becoming guardians on earth. Some feel it was an angel that has been guiding them or giving a much-needed warning in different situations. Some see angels and the embodiment of Gods love and protection. Of course, there is the perspective that outside of the biblical context there are no angels. Our loved ones go to be with the Lord, and if they watch over us it’s from heaven with no direct contact.  As some of our people move towards different kinds of spirituality outside of Christianity the concept of angels can be parallel or change entirely. In the book “Ebony Angels: A Collection of African-American Poetry and Prose” by Faith Jaycox, a compilation from various known African-American writers come together to explore various perspectives on angels.

“Angels, it might be said, attended the birth of the African-American literary tradition and have hovered about it ever since”

Jaycox has done an amazing job of bring together the works of various black authors that cover our time in America from as early as 1761 (Jupiter Hammon) to writers of our current day. Every author brings a different understanding of the angelic presence in black spiritual culture. For as much as they differ there is a commonality amongst all writers. This common ground is a strong spiritual belief in a higher power. This higher power is acknowledged in every blessing even if that is survival; they are also sought out in every space of suffering. The angels are seen in many capacities depending on the space the writer is trying to explore.

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Though the poetry and prose are coming from different sources across a vast period of time this book flows well when reading. One can cherry pick the poems they think will speak to them, but the book can be read from cover to cover for a larger perspective on the role of angels within the culture…and what they embodied for the individual writers. In each piece there is a pressing matter of humanity and having a soul. Each writer contributes to the argument that black people are without a doubt human, they have a soul acknowledged by God, and they are children of God also.

This is a wonderful collection of poetry and prose by some of the best of our authors. You may find, as did I, that this body of work is good for the soul. It speaks of our connection to the divine, and our belief in elements of such. I walked away feeling that the angels are black also in a world that would like me, and you, to think otherwise. I highly suggest reading “Ebony Angels” for spiritual insight on how the angelic present in our literature, or for personal spiritual upliftment and acknowledgment.

Ebony Angels: A Collection of African-American Poetry and Prose” by Faith Jaycox can be purchased on, or anywhere books are sold.

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