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Kanye West: I Can’t Deal.

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( I have been done with Kanye West for quite some time regarding politics and black community. There is too much conflict and misspeaking. I acknowledge that he’s dealing with mental health issues, and that seems to be all the more reason for him to still himself. For many people that space happens via spirituality, and the religion chosen to walk out said beliefs. It seems Kanye West back at publicity again with Sunday something’s, a hit gospel album, and a testimony that’s supposed to glorify God. Let me begin by saying I don’t believe in judgement so I’m not here to say whether Kanye is, or is not, a real Christian. I assume he is, and this makes my concern about how we move as followers of Christ. It’s understood that no one is perfect, and we all fall short. This isn’t about perfection…It’s really about order.

It’s about ego, possibly misleading folks, leading without healing, not having one’s own house in order, and it’s about following those with amenity against God. Before you assume that this is unfair to Kanye because he’s just trying to bring people to Christ…remember the scrutiny and rebuke that pastors and gospel artist endure. Because Kanye West is putting himself in front of the people, he will meet the same scrutiny…the energy must be kept the same lest we be hypocrites.

I’d decided I was going to refrain from commenting on Kanye West and this supposed righteous zeal until he was showing up in a church to do more than perform. I was waiting for him to stand in front of a congregation and speak about his faith. He chose Lakewood Church, where he chose to take his stance could be a different kind of story for another day, and I must say I was disappointed. If “Jesus is the Superstar” how did Kanye end up making the moment one that satisfies the cockiness and arrogance he seems to speak against. “Jesus has won the victory,” he said. “I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him.”

First and foremost, this is problematic in the sense that the statement could very easily be taken out of context. Jesus has the victory, and Kanye, nor any of us, are apart of that victory that he won FOR US. In listening to him he told instructed someone, and the audience, to silence so that God could flow through him. Kanye this isn’t a football game Sir, if God is flowing through you nothing is going to stop it. Please know if I were sitting in church and a minister of music did spoke as Kanye did, I would have the same issues.

As for him believing God orchestrated a 68million dollar tax refund on his behalf…I won’t speak on whether that is true or not. I will say he might need to understand how taxes work. Furthermore, before he begins to discuss sin in any space, he might want to make sure the love and order of God is flowing in his own home…yep we go there with folks in the world of church. Kanye is still supporting a President that is the anti-thesis to everything he claims to stand for. How does he reconcile this great disparity? This isn’t about being a democrat or republican (no Kanye all black people are not brainwashed…we just can’t back a racist administration) it’s about being a decent human being by acknowledging the humanity of others. The president he supports doesn’t acknowledge the Americans he is supposed to serve, and that even extends to Americans that fight for this country. How can anyone with a moral conscious support this administration? I can’t deal with Kanye because he’s a walking contradiction.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Kanye West: I Can’t Deal.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Good article. Kanye is an opportunist and a fake with mental problems. Anyone who has taken Psychology 101 can see that. He married a whore who rose to fame because of a porn video with Ray J. Now somebody has told Kanye there is an untapped market of suckers with money in the church. Joel Olsteen’s dad must be rolling over in his grave. And the concert was not free at Lakewood when Kanye came. Joel should know better, then again not really. So Kanye is now working the church circuit. Kanye your mental problems won’t keep you from facing God and what you are doing.

    Kanye is about as fake as a 7 dollar bill.

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