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10 Side Hustles For Extra Cash.

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( Extra money always helps out. Whether you’re saving up the holidays, a vacation, a birthday, a little splurging, or having something extra to put on the bills, having a side hustle can bump you along in your goals. Not too long ago, making extra money mainly meant taking on part time work but now you have a few more options if you have the time. Also, if you have a skill or talent, things really open up for you. Here are ten side hustles and opportunities that can net you some extra cash.

1. Deliver Food for People Who Don’t Want to Go Get It

Always tip your pizza deliverer—or really anything deliverer. At one time food delivery was dominated by pizza chains who mainly used employees who had wheels. This decade has seen food delivery become its own industry as it shares the stage—and drivers with our second hustle on the list.

Within a few short years of each other Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, Postmates and a few large and local delivery services have opened up and they deliver whatever you want: lunch, dinner, dessert, alcohol. If it goes on a menu, on a grill, in an oven, or in a fridge it can be delivered. Not only that but you can deliver it without being it being a part time job.

Those services mentioned above? They all have apps and allow for you to join on as a delivery driver. That means if you’ve got some down time or you just so happen to be in the area, you can run a few meals and call it a day without being on the clock. Sure, you’re technically still on someone’s time but it’s your clock and you decide when to shut it down.

2. Drive Those Same People Around Town

It’s safe to say that in most of the country, taxi cabs are falling out of favor. Depending on where you live, you have to call them, then you have to wait, and there’s no indication on if they’re on their way. This is true even if you’ve called ahead and scheduled them to appear.

That’s way ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft are taking over. They have apps where you can call up or schedule to be picked up and you can see where they are and if any drivers are in the area. All bonuses, right? On top of that, you can be a driver yourself and make some cash on the side. It’s roughly the same as food delivery, you take the chunk of the fee, and you’re on no one’s clock.

Both this and delivering food require you to keep a tidy car, gas in the tank, and probably not smoke but you can make a decent amount in a night of driving. Some have even taken to Uber and Lyft as a full time job and there’s nothing preventing you from using both to have all bases covered.

3. Hustle on eBay and Amazon

This was my side hustle for a while. If you got anything you don’t particularly need but want money for it, do not take it to a pawn shop. Those prices will cut you like a panther and you’ll leave feeling salty. Instead, put that stuff up on eBay or Amazon.

You will set a starting price if it’s a bid or a purchase price on eBay. Over on Amazon, you can just set the price. Both of these are a waiting game before someone bites. Since you’ll pick up more than if you’d taken it to the pawn shop, you can either pocket the cash for what is needed or put it towards buying something else and reselling it.

There are people out there who have turned this into their main job. Buying and selling is something to consider since you could spend a little on a site like Wish to get the items and bulk and resell them on eBay. Now, you might think “Who wants that stuff on Wish?” Plenty of folks.

See, while the prices are listed low on Wish, the shipping is where you get hit. Not only that, but the stuff is coming from China. That’s a wait of a month to two months. Instead, you could do the wait for the items and resell them on eBay for a lower amount and favorable shipping in the States.

4. Letgo For Quick Cash

Now, if you’re not looking to make a side business and just need to sell something for cash then Letsgo might be it for you. The waiting game is shorter than eBay and Amazon and you’re selling locally. All you and the buyer need to do is decide on is how to do the trade. Do you drive to them, do they head to you, or do you meet somewhere in the middle?

I’m not the biggest fan of Letgo but you set the price and negotiate from there. Usually, your buyer will have some familiarity with the price on eBay or Amazon so that makes thing a bit smoother. Ultimately, you’re not going to get rolled by pawn shop payouts.

5. Outside Person? Try Walking Dogs

Sure there are other pets that could be walked but for the most part you’re walking dogs. This is a good way to reel in some extra money. Bonus points if animals don’t freak out at your presence. The best entry into this would be Rover which has an app.

6. Rent Your Ride

I know, people are very particular about who drives their cars. Just imagine some stranger driving your ride about the city. The thing is that services that allow you to rent your car out such as Turo and Getaround. There are safeguards in place by the companies because just giving your car to strangers and going by the honor system is just reckless. It’s just like our next hustle but for vehicles. You won’t have to drive people around and it’s not the worst way to put scratch in your pocket.

7. Rent Your House Out

Services like Airbnb have been around for a couple of years now and people manage to make quite a bit from it. It’s just like it sounds: you allow others to use your home like a hotel of sorts for a period of time. They pay the price you set per night and that’s it. It helps if this is a second home or you’re out of town while they’re using your place, obviously.

8. Sturdy Back? Solid Knees? Help People Move

I’m not a fan of the moving…process. Moving looks great on paper if the neighborhood is nice: new place, decent neighbors, great. It’s the moving of this assortment of belongings that is terrible. No one has time for that and few can be bothered to help with the move. Luckily for you, my moderately-fit-at-minimum friend you can make money from this.

On Craigslist or on gig apps, you’ll always find someone either willing to pay folks to help with a move or they looking for someone to be extra hands on a move. Make a some cash and get in a workout as well.

9. Offer Your Skills and Talents

If you don’t need money in a hurry and you’re good at writing, becoming a freelance writer is a good route to go. There are several gig and freelance sites out there looking for talent and not just writers. Graphic design, website design, vocal work, IT, and sound and vide editing, are  just a few in demand jobs available to freelancers. Bonus points if you can do several of these. While you can do a few one off projects, it’s possible to end up with regular clients for a regular stream of side income.

10. Online Tutoring

There are people out there looking for others to teach them something. Not only that but there are sites that serve as hub for tutors for different subjects and talents. Big bonus points if you speak more than one language since people are constantly looking for English as a second language instructors or want to learn another language.

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