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What to Expect from Google and Microsoft’s October Events.

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( Google and Microsoft both have fall press events scheduled for October. We know that Google’s focusing on the Pixel 4. Say what you want about Apple and its September Special Event, it was vague enough that the company didn’t have to commit 100-percent to just showing the iPhone 11.

Press Events and “Special” Events

We all knew it was going to be the iPhone 11 and friends based on the iPhone release schedule for a decade. The thing is that it was a special event. With months of rumors and roughly a year of expectations, you can’t just have a whole special event around one product. That’s not special, it’s just an event.

It’s like Sony showing off the PlayStation 5 but without a few first party games to show it at its best. With Apple opening the fall event season, it’s Google and Microsoft’s turn to pass their tests to the front. Pencils down. The thing is, unless you’ve been following Google and Microsoft closely, you’d think these events were just for the one main product they’re showcasing.

Microsoft’s Surface Event: October 2nd

If you’re fan of Microsoft’s Surface lineup then you’re going to want to follow the company on October 2nd. All signs point to that being it: just the upcoming products in the line. The Surface Book, Laptop, and Pro lines will all get their shine. Oh, and we can’t forget Surface accessories. Usually, there’s some kind of sale around the time of Microsoft’s events so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Really, I’m curious about what else Microsoft might pop on us outside of this because the whole event can’t just be Surface. I mean, it could but…like I said, we knew it was the iPhone 11 show but we got other interesting stuff.

Personally, I was expecting something on the next Windows OS. I love Windows 10 but I kind of want to see what’s next for Windows. Even if it’s a teaser and slow build for Microsoft Build 2020. Of course, this isn’t a Windows event.

Oh well, let’s see what Google’s got cooking up on October 15th.

Google’s Pixel 4 Event: October 15th

When Google first dropped the Pixel back in 2016, I was impressed by what I saw seeing and hearing when it came to this phone. It wouldn’t be until the Pixel 2 was released a year later that I actually got my hands on it and got to see what it could do. Needless to say, I was not disappointed at all.

The Google Pixel is probably the only phone that could give the Samsung Galaxy a run for the title of “The Perfect Android-based Phone.” I mean, the company that works on and releases the Android OS has a phone that makes the most of Android. How can it not be in the running, right?

So, we get to Pixel 4 and there’s been some scuttlebutt about its features, the price, and when it will release. Typical smartphone news talk, really. Then Google announces it will have an event on October 15th leading to everyone saying that the Pixel 4 will be unveiled. I will say, that makes the most sense. Why host a dedicated event and have it main evented by your other Google products that aren’t Pixel 4.

While the Google Pixel 4 is the star of the show, you can also expect Nest stuff. Google is big on smart home stuff at the moment so anything involving Nest would be a safe bet. As was the case with Microsoft and Apple’s events, accessories that can be used with the Pixel 4 will also take center stage.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to see what Google and Microsoft bring that is what make these fall press events “special events.” The products and services you didn’t expect or that weren’t certain getting their shine.

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