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5 Incredible Vape Mods to Expect in 2019.

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( Do you enjoy vaping and are in search of a new, trendy and sleek vape mods? The act of redesigning a vaping tool is quite monotonous. One can easily enjoy all advanced features while using mods. Each year, there’s a super customized model, and this year is no different. Here are some of the most incredible vape mods to expect in 2019

  1. Geekvape Nova 

Are you utilizing vaping as a form of quitting smoking? Then you must try out this astonishing vape mod. It’s a well-designed mod that’s efficient for daily usage. It contains a straightforward menu system which any novice can utilize. It also caters for smokers who’re adjusting to vaping.

Moreover, if you’re a consistent vaper, one can make use of this mod due to its simplicity. It contains fantastic temperature control as well as magnificent battery life.

  1. SMOK G-PRIV Box mod 

Smok brand has been in the market for quite some time now. They’re known for their ability to produce top-notch and cheaper vape mods. The latest brand, G-PRIV, isn’t an anomaly.

It’s a fantasy vape mod as it has current touchscreen features. It has impeccable customization features which include temperature control as well as wattage power.

If you’re in search of a user-friendly mod in the current market, you can hardly pass Smok G-PRIV box mod. Buying it is worth the value for your money.

  1. vaporFi V-Grip 75W TC mod 

Are you searching for a brand new mod at a cheaper cost? You will like having this mod. It’s quite sleek and looks adorable. It’s ideal among vapers who dislike mods that contain distracting specifications.

It’s entirely compatible as well as portable; thus, one can use it while on the go. If you are a hefty vape, you are in luck. The battery life is quite phenomenal. Its mod won’t let down any beginners.

  1. Vaporessorenova zero 

Are you a veteran vaper who loves pod mods? Vaporessorenova is the go-to vape mod. In spite of it being more cumbersome, it has an excellent hand-fell making that you will enjoy grasping while vaping.

It has a fast-charge time in case it charges in within remaining one hour or less. It has an incredible battery life, thus ensures excellent performance. Therefore, it may easily keep it over a more extended period without experiencing any inconvenience. The vape mod has a simple technique of adjusting the wattage. All you have to do is press the power button thrice then set the desired wattage.

  1. Jacvapour Series S22

Here’s a vape mode that’s ideal for all vapers from beginners to veterans. It’s easy to use among new vapors. It’s unique as its features are less likely to be found on other brands or devices. It’s the latest electronic cigarette from Jac Vapour and has a fantastic battery life with a simple to use setup

These incredible vape mods are worth a try this year. You can easily enjoy any electronic cigarette to enjoy vaping at any time they choose. The e-cig liquid has many chemicals that are useful in avoiding smoking and continue living a healthier lifestyle.

Staff Writer; William Shaw

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