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Things to Do When You Start Having Suicidal Thoughts.

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( Thousands of people around the world die each year because of suicide. These people thought that they had too much to bear, and the only way out was to kill themselves. Others started to suffer from severe mental health issues, and they couldn’t control their actions anymore.

Most people with suicidal tendencies gradually harm themselves without the intent of ending their lives yet. As they start to entertain suicidal thoughts, they eventually decide to bring their life to an end.

If you also face the same issue, it’s never too late. There are things to do if you wish to survive and be better.

Call a friend

You need to have a confidante on speed dial. As soon as you start thinking about negative thoughts, that person is one phone call away. You need someone you trust to tell you to stop your suicidal thoughts. A good friend is someone who will be there for you regardless of when you decide to call.

Go out more often

It’s when you’re alone and in silence that you start to entertain these negative thoughts. The moment you start going out with other people, you will forget those issues. You will realize that life is good and there’s so much that you can do with it.

Write your thoughts 

Self-expression is important. When you allow your thoughts to get locked up in your brain, it’s when you start having suicidal tendencies. Therefore, you need to learn how to express what’s in your mind, even through writing. You don’t need to post your emotions for everyone to know. Sometimes, being able to write about your feelings will suffice.

Start doing something fun even when alone

When your brain is void, it allows you to entertain suicidal thoughts. Therefore, you have to keep yourself busy. You can read a book, do art projects or start cooking. These simple things will start taking you away from thinking about killing yourself. You will also feel that you have a purpose in life, and it’s not yet your time to go.

Think about those who struggle to survive

In the bigger scheme of things, you have to realize that some people struggle just to live. Some are fighting illnesses, even if there seems to be no hope. Others are running away from war and famine so their families will live. On the other hand, you have a good life, and you still want to end it. As you start to compare yourself with the plight of others, you might repress those suicidal thoughts. You will realize that you’re lucky enough and you have to fight to live one more day.

Your problems are small, and you can survive them. Therefore, it’s pointless to end your life by thinking about them. If you still keep having these thoughts, you need to consult with an expert. Visit website and blog resources to find help as you go through these struggles.

Staff Writer; Ricky Jackson

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