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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Google’s Further Pushing Into Gaming With Stadia.

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( Google has been involved in gaming for a moment with their Play Store being a hub for all games available on the Android OS and purchasing VR studio Owlchemy last year. With cloud gaming being the next frontier and battleground for the industry, Google looks to stake its flag with its Stadia platform.

Cloud Gaming Is The Next Big Thing

The entry point to enjoy high end gaming comes from two directions: dedicated gaming consoles and gaming PCs. Without these two you’re looking at mobile gaming which can be wildly hit or miss depending on what you want to play. You have a ton of games on mobile that lean towards a pay-to-win format. There are also the intrusive pop-ups that are either advertising some other game—usually some trash game that also has ads—or promotions for the game itself.

It’s truly a mess. You don’t run into this on consoles and if you do run into it on PC, it’s never as intrusive. So, for the longest these two have been your best bets. Cloud gaming is changing that by allowing you to enjoy console/PC titles on any supported device that can connect to the internet. Do you want to play Fallout 4 on your tablet? You can do that.

I mean, your tablet will like heat up like nobody’s business but the point is that you can play these popular, award-winning games on mobile, smart TV, or tablet without needing any additional hardware. So, you don’t have to sink hundreds into a game console or hundreds or thousands into a PC, put it together, then upgrade it as needed. Cloud gaming knocks down that wall.

Of course, there’s the issue of controls but it’s expected that the cloud gaming platforms coming out will work with the available mobile controllers out. It’s also expected that they will release their own dedicated controllers to ensure you get the best out of their platform.

Enter Google Stadia

So, you have Google sitting there and the thought of building its own console must have crossed its mind several times. There’s definitely room for another proper console but it’s always been a three-horse race. It’s just that competition is always heated when it’s the three horses already on the track. Then you have to invest in a few studios to develop first-party games and exclusives.

Boy are exclusives important. Microsoft should’ve noted that by now for the Xbox and it does have a few exclusives but nothing that will make you want to jump ship to another console. That’s what you would need if you’re going to put your own console out there. Google probably wasn’t chomping at the bit to do that, establish a plant to manufacture the console, a dedicated team to handle all of this stuff in addition to game developers, servers, and so on.

It’s a lot of infrastructure to establish. By going the cloud gaming route with Stadia, all Google is doing is providing and maintaining a platform. Google Stadia will work similar to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live where you can play the game solo or with others, stream, purchase games, or watch others play. You’ll be able to play whatever wherever as long as you purchase the game. Ubisoft will be on board with its Uplay+ subscription service.

Sure, the arena will have its competitors with Microsoft being the most notable entrant with xCloud but with its financial muscle, Google should be able to hold its own given enough users jump aboard. Now to see if Apple jumps in the ring and what Amazon is planning.

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