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Why Spirituality Is Important: 10 Reasons to Go to Church.

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( Overall well-being involves the whole being. Find out why spirituality is important with these top 10 reasons to go to church.

Do you feel tired or underwhelmed even though you didn’t do anything exhausting? You’re not alone. Some people feel this way after not going to church for a while – there’s a noticeable lack of spiritual nourishment.

A busy week would guarantee but little space to rest and relax. With the time you have available, why should you go to Church?

Today, we will explore the reasons to go to Church and the benefits it provides. Join us for a bit to explore these reasons and see if it is worth your while.

1. To Connect and Enjoy the Community

The Church is not the building with the large steeples and grand halls. It is the people in it, watching over each other and treating each other like family. This is one of the prime reasons to go to Church: you get to connect with the community.

This is not a social club or a cabal of fanatics. It is a community of people facing countless struggles in life. It’s also a community celebrating blessings and joys. 

You have families going to Church for the bonds they have established among fellow believers.

It is with this reason that the scriptures refer to everyone as brothers and sisters. It lives up to that statement as you see genuine people that welcome you and care for you without any pretensions. After all, the Church is one huge family and are children of a loving God.

2. To Help Discover Your Purpose

When you come to Church, you also find out about why you are there in the first place. Here, you discover more of yourself as you grow in both spirit and wisdom. You also discover the gifts that you never thought you had.

When you find your purpose, this helps you in how you view your life. As well as how to make use of the remaining time you have in this world.

3. To Find Accountability

Another key reason to consider going to Church is to find accountability. You get to have someone watch over you, and vice versa.

In the Church, accountability is one of the important things everyone practices. It is all done in love. 

When you make mistakes, there’s someone to tell you what’s wrong. When you’re facing a rough time in life, you have people to help you get through the trials. When you have moments in life where you celebrate, they are there to rejoice with you.

In life, you cannot venture through it alone. This is why you need a community that expresses love and compassion, ready to be with you through thick and thin. You also have the Church Leaders to help you when you have questions or you need guidance in certain moments. 

4. To Have Freedom in Worshiping

Going to Church provides you a place where you can worship with freedom without judgment. Having time for personal worship provides you a moment to be alone and be introspective. 

Communal worship enhances the experience altogether. There are others joining you in the same expression of worship.

By going to Church, you have your fellow brothers and sisters praising and praying. It provides a heightened experience, distinct to personal worship.

5. To Learn and Grow

Aside from meeting with people, you learn and grow in every aspect of life. Aside from learning about scripture, you also learn about how these lessons apply to your everyday activities. You also learn how to grow as a person.

Church leaders, including Pastors and Elders, help you through this process. They can teach you how to become a better person and are also accountable.

Church leaders also provide a set of lessons you can process throughout the week. These lessons build upon the ones shared during the Sunday Service. You can check this link out for more.

6. To Practice and Enact Generosity

The Church aims to live up to be a paragon to everyone, to be a channel of blessing to others. There are various activities and outreaches that the Church organizes to help and give back to the community, providing you opportunities to give and practice generosity.

You can also practice generosity in other forms. This could be by giving financial aid or by offering your services and expertise (more on that later). Whichever fits your shape or gift, you can practice generosity.

7. To Find Opportunities to Serve

Picking up on the practice of generosity, going to Church also provides opportunities to serve. It can be in big and small scales where you can practice being a blessing to other people.

You can choose to serve in outreach programs with your skills. If you happen to be a medical practitioner, you can join outreach programs that focus on providing medical aid. If you have the skill to cook, you can also join in feeding programs.

The possibilities are open for everyone to partake and join. You can also serve in Church in other aspects. If you have the technical skills to work on the sound system or other forms of technology, you can also serve through that. 

Whichever you find to be a natural fit for you, you can give to the Church by serving.

8. To Use Your Gifts

Gifts come in various forms, among which aim to empower and edify the Church. To put it simply, you have the chance to use the spiritual gifts that you discover to encourage and bolster your brothers and sisters in the faith. 

These gifts come in different forms. You have gifts focused on knowledge and teaching. Then you have gifts focused on strengthening through encouragement and prayer. There are also gifts focused on service.

These gifts come up as the situations arise, helping you find a means to serve. Note that these gifts may not work well outside the Church.

9. To Forge Lasting Friendships

The beauty of being in a community such as the Church is that you also end up forming bonds with people. Here, you would find friends who are genuine, caring, and helpful in every way. This provides lasting friendships that you cannot easily find anywhere else. 

10. To Feed the Soul

The main reason you go to Church is to feed your soul. Here, you find spiritual growth in the presence of brethren intent in seeing you flourish as a person. Here, you also draw close to a loving God.

Being in Church also grants you a sense of completeness. It emboldens your spirit and lets you walk through life’s battles. 

Now You Have Great Reasons to Go to Church

Going to Church provides more benefits than it appears to be. These reasons to go to Church show more than it is best experienced when you go there yourself. You find company in kindred spirits intent in helping you shoulder burdens and celebrate victories together.

You are never alone. You don’t have to be.

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Staff Writer; Joe Jackson


2 Responses to “Why Spirituality Is Important: 10 Reasons to Go to Church.”
  1. Ironsole says:

    You can get those anywhere, don’t limit yourself to your SLAVE religion.
    Your ancestors were raped and murdered to a man who died 2,000 years ago.
    He will never return and we will be here in the 2030’s and 2040’s murmuring on.
    Man cannot rise from the dead, Judiasm (not the corrupted Talmud) was sent to deliver us from spook-isms and pictures.’

    Especially the idea god had a family and the “trinity” which is merely a hidden perverted path of idolatry worship, paganism and polytheism.

    If you must then go, then go…but remember these words my friend.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    Nice effort in your article and true in many ways but not exclusive to having to go to “church”. Numbers 2, 4 5, 6 and 8 can and should be done outside of church. We are to go into all the world and spread the news, not just stay in the building. There is far too much inreach and not enough outreach.

    Purpose comes from God and fellowship directly with Him, not from going to a building. We ARE the church and from the time the Holy Spirit left the Holy of Holies then came at Pentecost, we became the temples and tabernacles. So we don’t “go to church”, we ARE the church which assembles in buildings or even people’s homes.

    Accountability should and must come from the Body of Christ, not just the particular place where you assemble. The reason this is not happening is because too many churches are man’s church, not the church Christ created. And there are major differences that tell which is which.

    God did not create any of these denominations. And every one of them can be traced back to when their church started, including the catholic church which is a pagan fake. The church Christ founded began with Him.

    As for #4, you don’t have to go to “church” to have freedom in worshipping. Pray without ceasing. Worship where ever you are. And especially in your home amongst your family.

    As for #5, we learn by studying to show ourselves approved, not just by going to assembly.

    Numbers 6, 7 and 8 should be done to let our lights shine to the world and not just in the assembly of believers.

    Be careful not to elevate the assembly inn a “church” building more than it should be or beyond its purpose. Corporate worship, testimonials, missionary work, training in ministry, counseling, group intercessory prayer etc are all valid purposes for us to assemble amongst believers.

    But be careful that you can differentiate between man’s church and the church founded by Christ which is made of believers, not buildings.

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