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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How Could You Start Using Your Time More Effectively?

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( We all waste time in life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody’s perfect. It’d cause you immense stress to constantly worry about whether or not you’re using your time as productively as possible. Still, you don’t have to become a super-efficient robot to make improvements to your daily routine. You just have to think about your goals in life (big and small). Then, you need to think about the unnecessary activities that might be wasting your time and stopping you from achieving your goals. But how could you start using your time more effectively?

Figure out your priorities.

If you want to figure out which daily activities are a waste of time, then you need to figure out your priorities. For example, some people might say that sitting on the couch and binge-watching a TV show is a waste of time. However, that might be immensely enjoyable for you; it might be the perfect way for you to unwind at the end of a long day. So, that isn’t a waste of time. Or perhaps you and your friends enjoy gaming because it’s a good way to bond. In that case, playing video games isn’t a waste of time for you either.

However, if it takes you forever to even boot up your laptop to play those games (or complete work), then that would be a good example of time being used ineffectively. You should do some research on ways to speed up your laptop if that’s the case. You could read more here about Mac cleaners. That would really optimize your Mac laptop. A time-wasting activity is anything that gets in the way of you achieving your goals (whether it’s a small goal such as playing a video game or a big goal such as getting a promotion at work). A good night’s sleep isn’t a waste of time, for example; in fact, it’ll increase your productivity because you’ll be healthier. However, a good example of a time-wasting activity would be the decision to lie in bed and scroll through Twitter for 30 minutes because you don’t want to face the day ahead.

Don’t multi-task.

This might seem like a strange piece of advice in the modern world. Everybody’s always pushing us to be as productive as possible, and that often causes us to try to juggle too many tasks at once. However, multi-tasking is counter-intuitive. It won’t make you more productive. You’ll complete each task more slowly, so it’s an ineffective use of time. Keep tasks separate so you can focus on each of them. It won’t just help you to complete your individual projects more quickly; it’ll help you to complete those projects to a higher standard. Slowing things down will definitely ensure that you can complete tasks properly.

Set aside time for fun things.

We talked earlier about figuring out your priorities in life. Maybe you want to excel in your career so you can finally have the dream job. Maybe you just want to spend more time with your friends. Visualizing these goals is important, but you’re going to struggle to achieve all of them if you don’t set aside time for yourself. You might be able to excel at work by using your time productively and really impressing your boss, but what about your life outside of work? Everybody needs to set aside time for fun things. You need to set aside a chunk of time for yourself. If it’s your goal to finally watch Game of Thrones, then set aside an hour for an episode every night (or once a week if you’re busy). You should also set aside a chunk of time for friends and family. Using your time more effectively is about finding time for the important people in your life too.

Staff Writer; George Love

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