America's Racist Nazi-Type Detention Camps.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

America’s Racist Nazi-Type Detention Camps.

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( So they gave us a “black” president to pacify us and far too many of us quickly forgot the horrors, treachery and racist history of this country. As Mitch McConnell said, they consider that reparations. But all the while racism was still rearing its ugly head and far less in disguise than in recent decades. Is it history and/or has history began to repeat itself? Has America lost its conscience of humanity or was it only an illusion that America ever had it? Wake up my people, wake up before they come for you.

My message to “white” America and assimilated people of color who live in the illusion that we are treated and accepted as equal in this country is this. If you deny history, you live in denial. If you ignore the treachery of the present, you need to ask yourself why you are so blind. If you have not experienced our pain and oppression, that does not mean it does not exist. If you have not felt it, you cannot relate to it. But don’t you dare dishonor us and disrespect our struggle by denying the truth when we express it. Try empathy, if you have the heart to. But if you can’t or won’t, you are proving that you are clearly part of the problem. We will not forget, no matter how many lies are thrown out and no matter how often deceptive labels are used to cover the truth. Those of us who are awake will always sound the alarm as loud as we can, for as long as we can, to as many as we can.

We should not forget that it was not too long ago that America rounded up all the Japanese from our streets and put them in “detention” camps. We must not forget that it was not that long ago that physical slavery in America was legal and mental slavery still exists. We must never forget that segregation was, and in many cases, still is alive and well. Racism and discrimination have simply changed form from Klan robes to suits and ties, the auction block to the courthouse, the plantation to the prison, police brutality to police brutality. Some things seem to never change.

This time we need to be wide awake and protests, marches, boycotts and vigils are not enough because the powers that be have learned how to neutralize and ride out all of the above. And while there is a new pretend enemy being persecuted by President Trump and his followers, the Hispanic people, we African-Americans would do well to realize the tables could turn again on us just as quickly.

You don’t believe it could happen to us? That is exactly what so many Jewish people once thought and why many of them never left Germany, only to end up in the ovens of the Holocaust. If you study Germany and the holocaust, you will see that Hitler was voted into power, then denied, disabled and disbanded the authority of the German government and completely took over. The process leading to the holocaust happened gradually and here we are in America with a part German president who wants to make America what is was when we African-Americans were considered 3/5 human beings and women were treated like second class citizens.

Today in 2019, even with all the politicians of color in high places, America still separates children from their families, puts them in cages, targets an entire ethnic group, locks them in detention centers under inhumane conditions where they sleep on the floor, have no showers for weeks. They are systematically and repeatedly de-humanized, dying and treated like animals while our border patrol makes racist jokes and laugh about it in secret Face book groups (that Face book allowed, by the way). And what is the most our castrated congress of every color and ethnicity can do? Conduct hearings, go to visit the detention camps and talk, talk, talk about their outrage. But the entire congress seems unable to stop Donald J. Trump. This sounds like the beginnings of Nazi Germany, with the support of millions of Trump zombie supporters. Wake up people!

So this 4th of July realize that when it occurred IN 1776 AFRICAN-AMERICANS WERE NOT INDEPENDENT. And don’t just fire up the grill and forget. The 4th of July was a celebration for European renegades and traitors who came to this land, deceived and killed the indigenous people, discovered a land that was not undiscovered, bought and captured slaves and made our ancestors build this nation for free. That is the history and even though they are about to re-label the African slaves as “migrant workers“, we would be fools to allow the ancestors of the colonizing culprits to erase the blood in the ground that came from their hands. Never forget the real history and educate your children or that history could repeat itself right under your nose.

This 4th of July I suggest you think about, speak about and pray for the Hispanic “illegal immigrants” being detained and mistreated by America in 2019. This holiday and the next I suggest you remember and remind others that this country was founded by racist illegal immigrants who had no right to be here. Illegal immigrants who should have been “detained” by the indigenous people of this land. This 4th of July I suggest you remember what happened in America’s history and how close this nation is overtly and covertly coming to repeating that exact same history.

Wake up and realize that your people could be next, regardless of what we drive, where we live, the money we have and how we are “allowed” to appear as if we fit in. That lesson should be remembered when we think about Black Wall Street. Don’t fool yourself. Jim Crow, Willie Lynche, Adolph Hitler, Margaret Sanger and Donald J. Trump are alive and well. This not the new America, this is the America is always was but without the blanket covering it. Wake up, stay awake and share this article with everyone you know.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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